Ten great songs from ten master lyricists. A playlist by Tom Hickox.

Tom Hickox, who’s new album ‘Monsters In The Deep’ is the Society of Sound release for April, shares a playlist of songs that, for him, epitomise the essence of great songwriting.

“A song achieves true greatness when the marriage of words and music is equal, and both elements are so good that it is elevated into a different stratosphere. This happens rarely in my opinion, and usually it is because the lyrics don’t measure up to the music. Great lyrics should tell you something about yourself, the people around you or the world around you. They should challenge you, they should shock you, they should make you laugh, they should move you deeply. And above all, they should make you think. So here are 10 great songs from 10 of the best lyricists ever to have lived. Enjoy.”

– Tom Hickox

Tom Waits – Poor Edward

PJ Harvey – On Battleship Hill

The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby

Randy Newman – God’s Song (That’s Why I love Mankind)

Nick Cave – The Lyre of Orpheus

Bob Dylan – Ballad of a Thin Man

Regina Spektor – Grand Hotel

Leonard Cohen – Suzanne

The Gothic Archies – When You Play The Violin

Scott Walker – Two Ragged Soldiers

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