How do you play your 24-bit FLAC files?

The 24-bit FLAC files we offer full members of Society of Sound are proving incredibly popular. They are close to being the most popular of the three formats we offer, which is both reassuring, and a little bit surprising. Reassuring because we feel that they offer the best sound quality possible, and we know that like us you care about sound quality. Surprising, because they are a little trickier to handle than the other options – for example, Apple Lossless, which you can just dump them into the massively popular iTunes and listen to them.

So we’d like to ask you a question? How do you play them? On your computer, streamed to your hi-fi, copied to DVD or some other way?


  • Andrew Levine says:

    I play FLAC (+ DVD’s & dts-encoded audio) with VLC (

  • John Z says:

    I use a Squeezebox served wirelessly by an iMac, and connected to a Pioneer A9 amp/Wharfedale Diamond 9s + PSB subzero i.

  • Vladimiro Macedo says:

    I play them with Foobar2000 on the PC, connected to an external DAC – Headphone Amp – Headphones.
    I intend to install some kind of streaming solution later this year though.

  • Christopher Owens says:

    Has anyone successfully burned such files to a DVD as a DVD-Audio disc using a current Mac? If so, pray tell?

  • Jeremy P says:

    Does the Squeezebox only output 24/48k?

  • Chris Connaker says:

    I convert them to AIFF and play the in iTunes on a Mac.

    Chris Connaker

    Computer Audiophile

  • Mark Sparx says:

    I play them back using Winamp on my PC. They sound amazing though my XT4s :)

  • Christian Unger says:

    I stream them to my LINN Majik DS (on SSP-800 and the 802D)

  • Dirk Siegel says:

    I convert the FLAC 24 Bit with the software Max under Mac OS X to Applelossless with the same bit depth and sampling rate. I use iTunes for the playback. My iMac is connected via optical Toslink to my Bose Homecinema System where I can listen to the superb quality of the B&W Music Club music.

  • John Baker says:

    My Onkyo TX-NR906 home cimena amp has a network audio feature (and USB)

    The USB supports FLAC 24bit, and I use dbPoweramp to convert the FLAC 16/24 to lossless WMA (16/24bit 44/48K) as the Onkyo will play WMA lossless from the network. I have all of my music stored in WMA lossless on my Windows Home server.

    Its sounds awesome. I would like the option for WMA lossess as a download… will same me time in converting the FLAC files. Also the WMA files are smaller, but less portable.

  • Andreas says:

    no idea how to burn the files on a dvd

  • Arne Kolstad says:

    I convert them to AIFF and from there to

    1) 24 bit Apple lossless to play via optical digital out from MacPro > DAC > Preamp > Poweramp > Speakers

    2) 16 bit / 44100 lossless for streaming to my iPhone via Simplicity

    3) 256 kbps (VBR) to keep on my iPhone/iPod)

    Then delete the AIFF files.

    This is much quicker and more efficient than it sounds when you have made the scripts.

  • John Lee says:

    I don’t use them because I don’t know what to do with them. John

  • compoone says:

    VLC on my mac (i hope that iTunes 9 will work with FLAC…)
    B&W 683 speakers

  • hp says: 24/96 flac > 24/96 ALAC > iTunes > Audio Out > Stereo.

    So, it would be easier if the flac files were posted as ALAC right from the beginning.

  • Mike C says:

    Currently using Squeezebox Duet streaming at its top 24/48k but someday will implement a way to stream at full 24/96.

  • JayDee says:

    I stream them from my PC using Media Monkey and the Sonicweld Diverter. I’m thrilled with this service and wish there were high-quality FLAC downloads from more sources.

  • John says:

    I play them from my Mac through Airport to my Zeppelin.

    For Christopher, I havent burned them to a dvd but I have to cds

  • Mervin Pearce says:

    Played through Squeezebox into Mark Levinson 35 DAC, 380S Pre, ML335 Power amp and finally B&W N802’s… absolutely riveting.

  • Ken says:

    I convert them to mp3 at 128 kbps and play them on my Dell Axim; but the music choice is not really to my tastes so I’ve only listed to a little of the music offered.

  • Mike says:

    Play with Apple’s AirPort Express to my Marrantz reciever+B&W

  • John W says:

    I a laptop on battery power and a Trends UD10.1 audio convertor, listening on headphones on the Trends or feeding coax signal to a Benchmark DAC1 for my Hi-Fi.
    I use Foobar 2000 and ASIO4ALL bypassing the computer volume controls

  • Geoff says:

    Convert to WAV and play on Mac Mini to external DAC via firewire (into Hifi system)

  • Tim Takacs says:

    I play them box on a Squeezebox receiver served wirelessly by a Linksys router. The SBR feeds its digital signal to a Musical Fidelity V-DAC which is connected to a Musical Fidelity A300 integrated amplifier — driving a pair of B&W Nautilus 804 speakers and a Sunfire Jr. Subwoofer!

  • Dave W says:

    Convert them to aiff. Play on mac with iTunes
    to a USB DAC (e-mu 0404 USB) then
    to Bottlehead preamp and amps. LaScala
    speakers. The music sounds great!

  • Mark G says:

    I use different methods, decode to other formats for use in portable devices, record to cd/dvd, or stream from pc to my Arcam amp. – and I’ve discovered at least two more ways to use the files from this blog…

  • R68 says:

    VLC for 24 bit FLAC
    –> Mytek 192 converters
    –> David Berning amp
    –> Hornshoppe Horns w/Hornshoppe cube.

    or –>Sennheiser 650’s

  • curtis says:

    I always download the 16 bit flac, as that is what my Apollo will play. It still sounds pretty good, though…

  • Dag Henrik Bråtane says:

    I play 24 bit FLAC files through a Logitech Transporter.

  • Bruce says:

    I import the FLAC file into a laptop running J River MC14 and use that player to send via USB to my USB to spdif converter.

  • Larry G says:

    I convert them to AIFF or ALAC with xAct or MAX on Macbook, and listen to them via optical DAC into a high end headphone system through iTunes.

  • Thomas Neuroth says:

    I convert them wit “Max” to Apple Lossless and play them from my Mac via a RME Fireface 400

  • Thomas Nielsen says:

    Mainly through Foobar2000 and an RME HD soundcard. A Town Called Addis went in the car as well :-). We aspire for something along the lines of NaimUniti or some such delcious gadgetry. Not quite there yet, though.

  • rufrothy says:

    mostly through my PC and Mediamonkey with an outboard USB DAC. Also through my squeezebox and occasionally burned as DVD Audio discs….


  • Simon Coughlan says:

    I use FLACs because they are open source and lossless. I avoid proprietary codecs such as Apple Lossless, because I don’t wish to be locked into a format that other companies don’t support and might lose popularity over time. On the computer, I play back using MediaMonkey software (free, and surprisingly good). More usually, I stream the files from a Windows Home Server to a Squeezebox.

  • Jeff Mayzurk says:

    Streamed to my hifi through a Slim Devices Transporter. I prefer FLAC.

  • Bob says:

    I convert the flac files to AIFF and then play them through itunes with a Mac Mini.

  • Bjorn Gran says:

    I play 24-bit FLAC on my PC using Media Monkey and Grado SR 325i. I only manage to burn a CD with two tracks. The sound is very good!

  • Kurt W says:

    First thing I do is look at the notes to see if they say this, as is too often the case: “These 48k 24b files were created from 44.1k 16b files using Digidesign Tweak Head conversion.” If I see this then I just convert them to Apple lossless files. Otherwise I convert them to AIFF and play them through iTunes on the Mac. I use a Apogee duet for headphones or another external DAC when I want to use speakers.

  • Rolv-Karsten Rønningstad says:

    I play my FLAC music files – both 16 and 24 bit – through either a Squeezebox Duett in my living room, or via a simple Vista laptop PC solution upstairs. On the PC I use Media Monkey. All files are located on a common XP Pro machine.
    Some 24/192 input capable DAC is foreseen.

  • Jorge Bogossian says:

    Old school (The ritual). Burn a CD and play it in a CD player plugged into a 706 Onkyo receiver with a pair of Jamo C607 speakers.

  • Paul H says:

    I play them through my hifi using a Linn Majik DS player.

  • Mario Poirier says:

    I stream them FLAC to a HTPC or I burn them to a DVD-Audio an then use my Linn Akurate CD

  • CJ says:

    I play them through my Prism Sound 8-channel AD/DA converters on my Pro Tools HD rig.

  • Adrian says:

    I burn them on to CD and then play through my ancient Pioneer rack hi-fi (it’s over 20 years old). If I like them I keep the CD otherwise I throw it away. The hi-fi has better speakers than the PC.

  • Marc Kiopini says:

    I use Apple lossless codec and listen to them with Itunes ( on my my computer, my 2 airport express and an Apple TV.

  • Trond E says:

    I grab the 24 bit FLACs, convert them to AIFF and then to Apple Lossless and put it in Itunes. I listen to it on an Apple TV connected to my receiver and speakers… this loses the additional quality, but the quality is preserved in the file – and hopefully, a new AppleTV with 24 bit support will arrive someday. Or a 24 bit squuezebox that can send a digital signal without costing a fortune.

  • Ken Wale says:

    I play them through my Zero dac to a QED expander then through a Pioneer VSX-9300 to Wharfedale E-90’s and a Yamaha VSX-2400 and Bose 901’s.

  • Alex s says:

    I also play them on my PC with WinAmp. One thing that might be obvious – PC to AMP connection could virtually kill the quality. I also started using external USB based audio converter and quality is amazing!

  • Isabelle says:

    I have not found an easy way to listen to them.
    I use iTunes and have not found an interface to it.
    So I only download the Apple Lossless files which I import to the iTune library.


  • Mike Anderson says:

    I play my flacs through a Squeezebox using a Duet Controller and a Beresford DAC into a Pioneer amp which outputs to SD Audio (now sadly defunct as a company) speakers. The flacs are on my Home Server.

  • Mervyn Davis says:

    We have a house full of Macs so I only use the apple loss less format. The files are retrieved often from a laptop and streamed via i-tunes to an airport express which is then optically coupled to a Linn system. Alternatively a Mac is optically coupled directly to on of the Linns. The Linns are hardwired together using CAT5 cables to distribute the sound throughout the house. I generally burn the files to a CD and archive it.

  • Ian says:

    burn to CD, also stored on DVICO TVX

  • Lars Ole says:

    Most often through my M-Audio FW-1814

  • iiaudio says:

    I play FLAC files with my Squeezebox.

  • Dirk says:

    Sonos soundsystem and Winamp on laptop

  • Sean McPoland says:

    I use FooBar2000 on he computer. Sounds good.

    Have also advised Mark Levinson that their most recent CD player was a little behind the times having just introduced SACD. I was hoping for more digital capability such as streaming FLAC 24 bit etc…


  • Lee Nixon says:

    Erm… not sure what to do with them so haven’t downloaded in this format.

  • Jeff Ivers says:

    Convert to AIFF and play through iTunes.

  • Luis says:

    I do it in 2 ways: 1- Windows media player 11 64bit with K-Lite codec pack, Asus Xonar Essence STX and Dynaudio monitors.
    2- windows vista media center 32bit/K-lite codec pack, Asus Xonar D2X (SPDIF out) into TAG AV32R DP, TAG 250x3R, TAG Calliope speakers with bass modules and Revel B15a subwoofer.

  • Enrique says:

    I burned it on dvd with AudioDVD Creator and listening with my Home Theater. The quality is very good but I don´t like the offer of music. I would prefer something more jazz rock, jazz fusion, where they can better appreciate the instruments in 24-bit.

  • cmcc says:

    Stream them from my nas to laptop/dac and foobar 2000 or winamp.I also make dvd-audio discs and play them on my pioneer all format spinner.Worth every minute in the making.

  • Eric P says:

    I stream them off a PC to a Logitech Transporter and an external DAC.

  • Nick Okasinski says:

    The Mac Mini has a 24/96 dac on the headphone output. I use Play ( to read the files (it understands 24/96) and connect analog to the rest of my system.

  • petert says:

    Linn Akurate DS

  • Roger Corman says:

    I play all digital audio files through a squeezebox, output digitally to a Bel Canto Dac 2 and into my preamp. The squeezebox plays 24-bit 48khz flac files natively. It doesn’t support 96khz playback, but the newest SqueezeCenter (the squeezebox server, which I run on a mac mini) automatically downsamples 96khz content to 48khz for the squeezebox. The 48khz/24-bit (or 44 khz/24-bit) files from SOS are ideal for me. The only thing I didn’t like was recently one of the SOS 24-bit downloaded albums had a text file included that indicated the 24-bit files had been upsampled from 16-bit. That’s a big waste of bandwidth and disk space (and I think borders on false advertising but I don’t want to sound too critical). I deleted them and downloaded the 16-bit files.
    I think the SOS is great–please keep it up!

  • Stuart says:

    I convert to AIFF and play on a MacBook via Amarra Mini, and fire the signal out via USB to a Offramp then dac

    I started with Slimserver, moved to Foobar when I got the Offramp, and finally trialled Amarra and JRiver. Amarra is far superior to the other three. Not cheap (and Mac only) but the sound is stunning

  • Timothy Harnett says:

    via a Squeezebox Duet albeit downsampled. Occasionally from the laptop via USB in to my Beresford DAC.

    The next generation of Squeezebox should play the files in full resolution so where possible, I’m downloading in as high resolution as possible in advance of this.

  • Neil says:

    Mostly streamed via Squeezebox Duet through Cyrus DACXP/MonoXs and out through the B&Ws. Occasionally, I burn to disc. Sound great.

  • simon says:

    I managed to get my first file onto my itouch and then lost it and now can’t for love nor money get it back on. So guess next step is to try burning to cd for best listening option.

  • Maurizio Bolgiani says:

    Currently, I play them via Foobar 2000 from a share on my Mac. When I will dump my old Sony Laptop and get a Macbook Pro, I will have to convert them to AIFF and play them via iTunes… hence… if you read between my lines, 24 Bit Apple Lossless would be great. By the way, I use a Weiss Minerva as a DAC to my Conrad-Johnson.

  • Paul Riordan says:

    I listen to them on a Linn Majik digital streamer through a Theta Gen Va DAC. There are quite a few people over on the Linn forums that also use the Society Of Sound music on their Linn streamers.

  • Daniel says:

    I play FLAC in foobar2000 using ASIO connected E-MU 0202. Playing Apple format would be trickier for me ;)

  • Evert Smit says:

    Transcode to 24 bit 96 kHz ALAC files with MAX, load in iTunes, and play via SlimServer/Squeezecenter, ethernet (wired from a MacMini) through a SlimDevices Transporter.

  • Sheridan says:

    Not found a way to play 24-bit FLAC files yet.

  • Daniel Fuchs says:

    I convert them on a Mac with xACT to AIFF and import them to iTunes. As I have connected the Mac via S/PDIF with my Mark Levinson system I can listen to this great music on my B&W Diamond Signatur. Even I can sync them to my iPhone, as there are still 48k only, and can listen to them on the run.

  • Daniel Fuchs says:

    I convert them on a Mac with xACT to AIFF and import them to iTunes. As I have connected the Mac via S/PDIF with my Mark Levinson system I can listen to this great music on my B&W Diamond Signatur. Even I can sync the to my iPhone, as there are still 48k only, and can listen to them on the run.

  • Sebastien says:

    I also play them from my Mac (iTunes) through Airports to my Zeppelin, my hometheater and living-room sound systems.

  • Dennis says:

    I stream from a Mini ITX computer to a Linn Majik DS connected to my hi-fi

  • sbulack says:

    I play them using either Winamp or Foobar2000 to one of two DACs: through optical digital to a DAC which can take up through 24/192, and through USB to a USB DAC which has a limit of 24/48. So, I’m actually glad that the 24-bit files are 48KHz sampling rate (instead of a higher 96 or 192) so that I can use them via USB as well. The added bit-depth of the 24-bit samples adds a nice dynamic depth to the sound that my ear appreciates.

  • steve says:

    FLAC file -> Mac mini -> FireWire -> Apogee DAC – > Macintosh Amp -> B&W 701 speakers (1 pair) + “Frankenstein” NEC powered subwoofer.

  • CJ says:

    I use TwistedFLAC to convert them to 24-bit WAV files so that I can play them using iTunes on my MacBook Pro via the USB input on my Peachtree Nova, which is an external integrated amp/DAC hybrid.

  • Ed says:

    I use Nero Showtime to listen to the files on my PC and I use Nero Burning ROM to burn them to CD to listen to the CD’s on my audio system.

  • Mathias Uhlan says:

    I use my Logitech Squeezebox Duet, it works perfect. I have the Duet connected to a laptop in one end and a Denon Receiver with B&W Speakers in the other.

  • Rune Berntzen says:

    Streams the music over Ethernet from a HP Media Server running Twonky Media to my Linn Sneaky DS. I love the format (and the music) Keep up the good work

  • Willem says:

    I burn them to DVD-Audio (you can find some free tools on the internet) and play the disc on my hifi equipment. For me this gives by far the best sound quality.

  • danny71 says:

    Play them with a PC, using foobar2000, connecting directly to my DAC etc..

    @Jeremy P:
    Yes, unfortunately the Squeezebox classic, boom and duet are capable only of delivering 24/48 even using the digital outputs. (I have posted a case with them to allow for 24/96 but so far that has not happened.) The squeezebox transporter should be able to deliver 24/96 though..

  • Kurt Kraus says:

    I download apple lossless and never tried 24-FLAC. I`m so happy to have it on iMac iTunes, burn on excellent CD`s and on iPod touch. Never burnt on DVD. Should i try 24-Flac? Okay, i will do. I live on the landside with 384 KB/s and that makes me tired……believe me.

  • david says:

    I burned them to DVD and play it through my PS3 -> receiver -> B&W speakers. Very good.

  • chemania says:

    PC side -> PC running mediaportal, 1 Terabyte usb SATA drive, firefly remote, Rockfish Soundcard with toslink out.

    Audio Side -> MSB Tech DAC-Link, PASS Bride of Zen, McCormack DNA-1 to Hawthone Duets.

  • drvolks says:

    I use VLC on a (old) Apple powerbook 12″ connected to a USB MAudio Transit. The Transit is connected by toslink to a Zhaolu D3 DAC. The high quality society of sound FLACs are then converted to analog…

    Certainly not straightforward but works like a charm!

  • K.Choi says:

    I burn them to 24 bit 96 Khz LPCM dvd’s with DVD-Audio Solo on Windows 7 sometimes, then play the discs with a Linn Unidisk SC.

    Alternately, I will play them from a 13″ MacBook Pro (Win 7 or OSX) toslink to the UnidiskSC, or stream them from a Windows Home Server via Airport Express (downsampled to 16/44.1) to the Unidisk.

    One day, a Linn Akurate DS will do the playback directly from the Windows Home Server.

  • Andy B says:

    Another VLC user here for FLAC although player of choice is itunes so also rip FLAC to apple lossless via WAV to get around the 16 bit restriction… Stream everything these days to the DACs on a Denon AVR 4306 – am hunting for improvement here if anyone’s got a recommendation?, will try a CA Dacmagic later this week.

  • Christopher Gillespie says:

    Convert to Apple Lossless via XLD, store in iTunes, listen at 24/96 (upsampled or not) on local Mac and automatically downsampled to 48 kHz on remote Airport Expresses.

  • Rik Watson says:

    I play them through my Linn DS player(s).
    Sounds fantastic – thanks B&W for making hi-res downloads available at a great price.


  • Justin Spooner says:

    I play mine using a Squeezebox and external DAC. If I’m playing them in my office then I use Winamp.

  • Martin says:

    I play them through Plex on my mac mini to my receiver.

  • coleb13 says:

    I play them on my Windows computer using MediaMonkey.

  • Juan Factor says:

    I play them with Music Player Daemon on the PC with Linux, conected throug S/PDIF to an external DAC and then to HIFI

  • Valdis says:

    The main source in my audio system is an absolutely quiet computer from Hush Technologies (the cooling is fully based on heat pipes; SSD) with control also by the infrared remote. For purposes of cataloguing of files and their playback the program Media Center 13 (J. River, Inc.) with ASIO drivers is used. DAC – MSB Platinum DAC III, which also serves as pre-amp, is connected to reference class mono blocks and excellent B&W 802D. The storage of musical files is several terabytes in size, it is connected to the local network and physically stored in another room, as to ensure that it works absolutely silently, is very hard task. I regularly shop at, Linn Records, and other sites which offer high-resolution files.

  • oskar says:

    i play them back on pc/mac/xbox with XBMC (, imho the best foss media center around. all systems hooked up with optical to an onkyo receiver and b&w 600 series speakers.

  • Peter Ubbe says:

    I store the files on my NAS NV+ and stream them through my Transporter (wired) to Classe CP500/CA2200/802D – Nice sound!.
    I missed the 24 bit on the last album.

  • Earlyriser says:

    I play them on a Linn Klimax DS based system.

  • Dru Masters says:

    Sound Grinder Pro on a Mac Pro through Digidesign 003 Rack into Adam P33A powered monitors.

  • Carlo T says:

    I store the files in a common external HD, to play them I use my PC (with the player Foobar) connected to a USB DAC aqvox.
    The sound is amazing.

  • Pete Wilson says:

    I’ve avoided downloading them, since I play stuff from an AppleTV connected wirelessly to my Mac network, and the machine doesn’t seem to know what to do with them.

    Am I missing something, or does converting to AIFF work fine?
    And an equivalent of Apple Lossless would be very very attractive.

    Mac-iTunes/ReadyNASNV+ -> AppleTV -> Integra DTC 9.8 via HDMI -> dual Behringer Stdio 500s (!) -> a pair of B&W 810 Matrix IIIs

  • Pete Wilson says:

    Oops. That should be “B&W 801 matrix Series IIIs”, not 810.

  • Bruno Weihs says:

    I have not tried downloading Flac 24 yet but use Apple lossless with itunes. I listen to the music on a KingRex T20U with JB3s, through the USB output of my MBP. Would there be any benefit for me to use Flac 24 with a player like for example Vox, knowing that the DAC of the T20U is specified for a 16 bit, 41Khz signal? Does anybody know how the Flac 24 is converted to match the DAC’s word length and sampling frequency?

  • TD says:

    I convert them using MAX software to play using ITunes on my Mac book.
    Take the optical or USB out to the Chord QBD-76 DAC and all is well.

  • Luis Conte says:

    I listen in my IPOD with the speakers of Apple, in my car with Ipod, and in my Hi Fi Denon with B&W speakers 600 series. A stunning sound. Congratulations for your project.

  • Shaun K says:

    I convert everything to ALAC and play them using iTunes on my mac connected via Toslink to my DAC, which is connected directly to a pair of Sennheiser HD650’s.

  • Chip S says:

    I burn the files to a CD on my MAC, then in my family room I play it on a McIntosh MCD500 SACD/CD player through a McIntosh MC402 amp out to my Signature Diamond speakers. Almost no discernable difference between a true SACD and the copy that I can make on a MAC. Having great files is only half the way to having great music.

  • Simon Ferrari says:

    I stream them as Apple Lossless from my Windows Home Server using Squeezecentre to a Transporter and then through my Cyrus system.


  • Jean-Pierre Moretto says:

    I used my WICKED B&W ZEPPELIN through a ipod classic. It is remarkably brilliant. I don’t burn them to cd. Will eventually use an airport from my mac.

  • Linus Larsson says:

    I play mine either through Foobar2000 on my PC (with external DAC and headphone amp, both Harmony Design top models) or the Squeezebox to my Primare I21 & Klipsch RF-63 system.

    Since my DAC is quite portable (oh well, everything is relative), it happens that I move it to my stereo and connect it to the Squeezebox.

  • Les U says:

    I use Squeezeboxes networked from a PC and then connected through to a Yamaha amp + Focal Speakers and to Audioengine 5’s.

  • Brett says:

    I store and listen to them on an Olive Opus 4 with a Cambridge DacMagic. I also convert them to AAC (m4a) for use on my iPod.

  • Terje says:

    I play them from Squeezecenter 7.3.3 (which I believe use Sox to convert them to 16bit?) to my Squeezebox receiver via a Cambridge DacMagic to my Naim/B&W system. Sounds awful(ly good) ;)

  • Gary says:

    I run the FLAC files through Cirlinca DVD-Audio Solo to burn them to a DVD-R at 2x creating a DVD-Audio disk. Then I use a Denon DVD-3930 to play the disk through my Hi-Fi. If I want to take a closer listen with some private time I use my Stax electrostatic headphones. Like the turntable days I guess I am holding on to optical technology?

  • Neil Bolton says:

    Um . . . I’m actually not listening to them yet – a bit of a music pack rat, I’m afraid.

    But I am watching this forum for hints on the compromise between the best and the simplest way to do so.

  • Peter Lurowist says:

    I burn them to DVD Audio disc and play them, using a universal player, through my audiophile system.

  • Jamison says:

    Transfer to my Ipod and play through my avr Ipod dock.

  • Paul F says:

    I store on my Netscape ReadyNAS 2Tb Duo (in a “soundproof and ventilated cupboard), into my Squeezebox Duet (love to hear the Transporter) and through my MF X-DAC v3, X-10 v3, and into the stereo. Excellent sound, altogether more detail, wider soundstage, less fatigue, etc, etc.
    Easy to use, endlessly fascinating, great music.

  • Russ Reed says:

    I’ve been burning the 16 bit flac to CD, but am still unable to burn the 24 bit to DVD. I presently have Media Monkey, Vista, and Windows media player. Any advice on a program that will burn an audio DVD with what I have available?

  • Pedro Masi says:

    I don`t use FLAC cause I don`t know how to handle it on my Mac. Therefore I use to download using Apple Lossless format and burn a CD to listen on my home teather using Itunes.

  • davew says:

    I described earlier how I listen to the 24 bit flacs.
    My entry got deleted.
    I guess I shouldn’t have mentioned the LaScalas. ;-)

  • James says:

    Apple Lossless works on iTunes, iPod & iPhone, FLAC requires me to jump through hoops. Please keep offering downloads in Apple Lossless!

  • David Vanmanshoven says:

    I convert them to wma lossless 24 bit (just an encoding change, no change to the music data, so no quality loss). Then I store them on my Windows Home Server. I have several Windows Media Center PCs in my home and they all connect to the same Windows Home Server. Those PCs are each connected to a DENON DRA-295 receiver. Which on its turn is connected to B&W inwall speakers in every room.
    The media Center PC in the livingroom has a dedicated audiophile soundboard that connects thru HDMI to my denon surround receiver and B&W surround set.

    I enjoy it every day, keep up the good work !

  • Simon says:

    At the risk of being branded a Luddite … I have no idea how to burn them to CD (iTunes doesn’t seem to handle them), let alone to DVD, and I’m not even sure if the equipment I have will play them back. Therefore, I’ve so far stuck with the ALAC files. No doubt someone here can set me straight on what I should or could be doing …

  • Stuart says:

    I use Foobar2000 on my pc. Use dBPowerAmp to convert to Wav for my Denon DVD2200/NADT785/B&W683’s setup. Next upgrade to deck I would like to think will play FLAC directly. Pretty sure that dBPowerAmp will convert 24bit flacc for dvd; not sure about DVD-A though.

  • Mark Jenkins says:

    Convert them to AIFF, resample/redither to 24/96 if necessary using SampleManager, Play them on a custom-built Mac with no moving parts using Amarra/iTunes software, output via USB to an Empirical Audio Offramp 3 before streaming to the DSP/DAC/Pre device.

  • Jim says:

    I use PC (Vista), connected to E-MU 0404 USB playing through tube pre-amp and power amp. Software is MediaMonkey. Sound is super, particularly Tom Kerstens and Potico.

  • Stacey says:

    I store the files on an old computer I keep in the closet and stream them to a Transporter that connects to some good ol hi-fi. Personally, I am really enjoying these 24bit files, please keep them coming!

  • Dave says:

    I save them to a TranquilPC AVA RS3 NAS running Asset UPnP and Twonky, play them back through the network to my Linn system – Akurate DS streamer, Kinos DSP pre-amp, Audyssey MultiEQ Pro room equaliser, AV5125 amps, and Akurate 212 speakers. Can use Sony MDR SA5000 or AKG 701 headphones through a Graham Slee Solo amp. For other rooms, use a SqueezeBox SB3 and SqueezeBox Duet. Controllers include Linn Kinsky Desktop on laptop, SkweezyDS via Duet Controller, Leia DS on Nokia 810, and Songbook, PlugPlayer, iPeng, & Squeemote on iPod Touch.

    I also copy the FLACs to MP3 for portable listening.

  • david weightman says:

    I convert them via Max ( freeware) into AIFF and straight into iTunes on a MacMini music server…listening via Benchmark DAC, Krell KAV 300i, Martin Logan Vantages….they do sound good but I havent done extensive ALAC / FLAC listening comparisons….life is too short for such stuff!….keep up the good work……….

  • Ryan Hall says:

    I connect my computer straight to my preamp using the Blue Cirlce USB Thingee. I use the Thingee to send a digital signal to my Bryston BP26DA preamp which can decode 24 bit.

  • John G says:

    I decode to AIFF and play through iTunes. Has anyone had luck with a FLAC decoder plug-in?

    Does anyone know if ALAC supports 24/96? If so any chance we can get HD ALAC files in the future? This would make iTune users life a little easier!

  • wow says:

    I just burn to a CD.

  • Enco says:

    I store the FLAC files natively on my external HDD as an archive.
    The played files are converted (via XLD) to 24bit Apple lossless into iTunes, then;
    1) iMac (via firewire) to Apogee Duet, ARC D250, Apogee Duetta Signature.
    2)iMac-Airport Express-Sony receiver.
    3)iMac -Headphones.
    4)iMac – iPhone for car and personal (at 24/44).

  • ironbut says:

    I download them in flac and store them the same way.
    I use Play from on my Mac then through firewire 400 (power bus disabled) to a Metric Halo ULN-2 which is powered with a car battery.

  • Brett Marchant says:

    I listen to them through my LINN Sneaky Music DS which is 24bit capable. I havent done a comparison on the same songs over 16bit, but they sound great.

  • Deane says:

    I burn them to DVD and listen through my home sound system (Meridian G98, Aragon 8008×3 and B&W 802’s.

  • Sam says:

    I don’t know how to use the 24 bit FLAC files. I’ve been downloading as Apple Lossless and streaming through an Apple airport express to my DAC and my Creek amp. The sound quality is excellent, but I’d still be interested in the 24 bit files which might be even better.

  • Jeff C says:

    I use Apple DVD Studio Pro to create a DVD and play the 24-bit files on my set top DVD player.

  • Benjamin says:

    I play them through a Squeezebox Boom and a Squeezebox 3.

  • Dirk says:

    I convert the FLAC files to Standard formats and use them in my DVD or CD system respectively. The advantage of the FLAC16 are that they are playable on my in-Car system (Linn Audio) too. At home, I use a combination of Denon’s A1 series with Piega speakers in either stereo or up to 7.2 configuration. Files are stored on NAS for backup purposes only.

  • Peter G says:

    I play them from my HTPC using Winamp connected to Tag Mclaren AV32 or stream them via Airport to the Zeppelin.

  • Bjørnar S J says:

    I store the files on a simple WD My Book World Edition and stream them wireless to a squeezebox (Duet) connected optically to my Denon AVR 3806 receiver.

  • Trond E says:

    BTW, I’d love it if 24 bit was made available as Apple Lossless too – it would save me a bit of work converting them.

  • Paul Riordan says:

    I stream the files to a Linn Majik DS/Theta Gen Va DAC. There are quite a few people over on the Linn forums that also stream using the Linn digital streamers.

  • Marcus says:

    I play all my Society of Sound FLACs (24-bit and otherwise) primarily on my HTPC and also my office computer – both Vista-based and using Songbird. Both use external DACs and high-quality down-stream components (B&W and Martin Logan) to reveal the extra quality. The PC-age of audiophiles is upon us, and that’s specifically why I joined SoS. Who needs shinny spinny things any more? BTW, kudos to B&W for soliciting some voice-of-the-customer on this issue.

  • Marcus Schneider says:

    PMO: streamed by my QNAP TS439 to my squeezebox receiver and then decent amplifier + speakers. FMO: exchange squeezebox for transporter.

  • Geert Bevin says:

    I use Play ( on MacOSX to listen to them over a Metric Halo ULN-8 interface through either RCF-22A speakers, Adam A7 monitors or Etymotic ER-4 earphones.

  • Valery Leushin says:

    I’m not expert, but well, I don’t use 24-bit FLAC. I always thought that that you need higher-than-cd quality (16bit/44kHz) only when you create music (mixing various tracks into one) to get good result, which will be converted to 16bit/44kHz.

    Actually, well-recorded CD quality is very, very good. On most non-studio hardware (player+amplifier+speaker for $50000) there won’t be difference. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Allan says:

    I play them on the computer with headphones connected directly to the sound card.

  • Ralf Henze says:

    I store the files on my NAS Lacie, stream them through my wired network to any computer and play on my HIFI equipment using an USB DAC.

  • Johnm says:

    Off QNAP 209 NAS with Twonky to Linn Majik DS

  • WilB says:

    I play them through iTunes on iMac, via toslink to a B&W Zeppelin. Sound = good, anyone else has experience with such an interface? Any suggestions on high quality toslink cables with mini 3.5 mm connectors?

  • Roger says:

    I just store them as i’m not sure how to play them. I play the apple lossless on my PC via iTunes and on my iPod. Ideally i would like to stream my music around the house and access it anywhere. Unfortunately i am neither a milllionaire or have a PHD in electronics so for now i may have to wait until it becomes simpler and financially more reasonable (as well as being acoustically excellent)

  • UomoPN says:

    I make a DVD audio and listen to it with my home theater

  • BOE says:

    At home I use a Pro-ject USB DAC-converter between the PC and my stereo equipment. At he office I use a Creative X-fi extreme sound card as a pre-amp. This is then connected through a Cambridge Audio power amp to a pair of B&W LM-1 speakers and a B&W 8″ sub-woofer. Needless to say, I don’t share office with anyone.

  • Sauerball says:

    I convert them to AIFF and listen to them on either a) iTunes on a Mac; b) Transporter in my bedroom; or c) Songbird on Ubuntu laptop (through external DAC).

  • J Brown says:

    I have a high quality CD player, so prefer CD’S . Therefore, I use Apple Lossless and don’t bother with the 24 bit Flac files. I wish that I could load them straight into I player or WM Player and burn to CD.

  • Richard Wright says:

    Stored on Tranquil PC server. Played back using Linn Sneaky DS. Controlled by SongBook on iPhone.

  • Magnus says:

    I play them on my DAPs with Rockbox (open source replacement firmware). Iriver H120 & Sansa c240.

  • Sean D'Arcy says:

    I stream them from my Mac via Airport to my Hi-Fi. I use my iPhone with remote app to control the Mac. Works GREAT…..

  • Roberto Amling says:

    i stream them wirelessly to a Squeezebox (supports up to 24bit/48kHz) then into Keces DA 131 Mk2 Converter, then EARMAX headphone amp with Sennheiser HD 600 connected. Sweet!.

  • Søren Rasmussen says:

    I play the tracks on my Squeezeboxes. Either in kitchen on Audio Engine speakers. Incredible sound for $200 or I play squeezebox on my Zapsolute Class A amps with Martin Logan SL3. Love the sound Regards Soren – keep up the good work Peter

  • MariusHN says:

    Have tried burning audio DVD (do not have DVD-A player) without much success (problematic). Now testing via Playstation 3 and PS3Media Server on PC. Can not yet hear quality diff between MP3 and 24/96…. A/V receiver Yamaha RXV3800, B&W 703 speakers. Still hope to get sound quality improvement otherwise what is the point?

  • Steve Conner says:

    I used to play them through my hi-fi (a restored Crown valve amp with Tannoy speakers) from my old laptop, which had a M-Audio Transit soundcard, running Winamp with the ASIO plugin.

    Unfortunately, I just got a nice new Macbook and Itunes won’t play them :-( I’ll try VLC, as a previous comment suggested, and choose Apple Lossless from now on.

  • Dave says:

    I store them on a Tranquil PC NAS server and stream them via HomePlug to my Linn system (Akurate DS). Also stream wireless to Squeezebox SB3 and Duet for other rooms.

  • Magnus says:

    …Oops! Damn, I am a fool. No. I only play 16-bit flacs on my DAPs. Doesn’t work with 24-bit. The 24:s I play on my Mac with ‘Cog’.

  • Casi says:

    I use a Logitech Squeezebox that access my music library wireless stored on a NAS (Thecus N5200, 2TBytes).

  • Steve Crowe says:

    Not quite got this right yet. I burn the files to DVD-Audio but my CD player is far superior to my DVD-Audio player so end up playing the CD. I’ve just purchased a PCMCIA 24/96 sound card for my Vista laptop but can’t get it to work yet! Incidentally CD quality FLAC downloads sound excellent through the USB port of a CA DacMagic.

  • Ian H says:

    I have been sticking to Apple Lossless because I am G5 Mac-based and at present with a MyBook NAS feeding AVI Duo speakers via Airport Express and an Onkyo CR 515 stereo receiver so I presumed this set-up would not do justice to 24-bit but if I will follow Chris’s example and convert to AIFF, and keep the FLACs for the future when I upgrade to AVI ADM9s? Does that make sense??

  • Yoss says:

    i use apple lossless as it is the simplest via iTunes and appleTV to play :(
    Is FLAC playable via other MAC audio programs that I can easily stream to AppleTV or I need to burn onto CD/DVD?
    Thanks for your feedback.

  • stephane r says:

    I store them on my pc , stream them thru squeezebox to the living room with nice big Canton loudspeakers

  • Pete Maher says:

    Interesting question from Jeremy P – I was hoping to play them through my Squeezebox with digital output to my Chord DAC64 but all I get is silence.

    Also tried the analog outs on the Squeezebox direct to my amp – also silence with this configuration.

    The Apple lossless files are fine through the Squeezebox – I haven’t tried the 16bit FLAC files.

    If anyone has succeeded in getting 24bit FLAC files through a Squeezebox I’d love to know how / more about the config – does it need some additional plugin software on the SqueezeCentre server?

    Presumably B&W have succeeded in getting sound out of a Squeezebox or they wouldn’t have posed the question as to whether anyone uses this approach – If so please post some help/pointers.

  • Chris AC says:

    Convert to WAV store on HDD.
    Play using Media Monkey from PC to DAC to amplifiers and speakers

  • Gwadapan says:

    The FLAC 24B/48Khz are convert in 16B/48Khz WAV on a USB HDD pluged to my PS3 opticly connect to my HiFi amp with CABASSE EOLE2 or on my PC with VLC in FLAC 24B/48Khz or MediaPlayer in WAV 24B/48KHZ my soud card is a CREATIVE X-Fi Xtreme with a 5.1 sound system. like that I don’t need to use the CRYSTALYSER or other setting it’s not mp3 files, only the CMSS-3D for the Stereo sources. I Love FLAC ……..:-)

  • Wolfgang says:

    On my desktop Mac, I play them with “Play” thru a USB-attached E-MU 0202 to my ATH-700 headphones.

    In the listening room, I have a Squeezebox3 reading the FLACs directly from the Mac download folder and playing them thru a E-MU 0404 (as standalone DAC) on my Hi-Fi.

    @Jeremy: as far as I understand, the Squeezebox is being served maximum 24/44.1 rsp. 24/48 by the SqueezeCenter software, it may not be an inherent limitation in the box.

  • Peter McK says:

    I play them on my Linn DS system (MajiK DS/Majik I Amp/Keosa), FLAC files stored on NAS, absolutely great music playback. I really appreciate the fact that you have made 24-bit files available.

    Love the music you are offering as well :-)

  • Laax says:

    Does somebody use the Squeezebox Transport? It got a good review in Stereophile but is expensive. Does the Squeezebox handle Apple Lossless, ALC files, as well?

  • Mauricio says:

    I use my zeppelin with a ipod touch or my M1 soundboxes plugued into a Onkio receiver.

  • steve says:

    FLAC -> Mac Mini -> Firewire -> Apogee DAC -> Macintosh Amplifier -> B&W 703 speakers (1 pair) + “Frankenstein” NEC powered sub-woofer

  • Kelvin C says:

    I burn them to DVD-Audio using DVD-Audio Solo running on Windows 7, then play them on a Linn Unidisk SC.

    Or, I play them from a MacBook Pro running either Windows 7 or OSX, toslink to the Unidisk SC at 24/96.

    Eventually, a Linn Akurate DS will be my streaming client.

  • MWL says:

    All my 24bit Flac files are stored on a Tranquil Home Server, played via a Squeezebox and Cambridge DAC. The system is Naim XS and 805s. The squeeze box is a marvelous piece of equipment. It just gets better and better with new releases of the server code delivering new functionality.

  • Norberto says:

    The truth is that I it want to burn FLAC files into DVD, in DVD-A format, but I don’t know how can i do this, to play it in my DVD-A player. I need help, please.
    I have a Mac.

    P.S.: Sorry for my English!

  • Bodo Streich says:

    I store my 24bit Flac files on a Netgear Server and play it via a Linn Majik DS. The Majik DS is a fantstic piece of HiFigear and the sound of your 24bit Flac files is outstanding. Though I find also your 16bit files are playing in the top-league of soundquality. Thank you and go on – it is the right way!

  • MarcDB says:

    I must confess that I do not download the FLAC files as:
    1. Can’t listen to on my iPod Touch (I know….)
    2. My home hifi is not networked to listen to computer stored music and cannot play recordable CDs. It does however play SACD very well indeed!

  • Matt says:

    I listen via external DAC using foobar.
    Generally I only to CDs in the car so to
    do this I covert to wav files and burn

  • Trino Ascencio says:

    I am in the minority that still do not know what to do with them. I want to buy a valve pre-amp and then pass the signal from my Mac to a mixer, then amp, then to my B&Ws. I hope it works.

  • Simon Pritchard says:

    I stream them wirelessly via Squeezecenter through to a Logitech Squeezebox (in the bedroom) and B&W 705s, and to a Logitech Transporter hooked up to B&W 804Ss in the living room.

  • Dimas López says:

    My final format is Apple Lossless. I convert FLAC to WAV, via Foobar, and WAV to Apple Lossless, via iTunes. The resolution rate is maintained via this process. My music server is an AppleTV connected, via TOSLINK, to a Benchmark DAC.

  • Jo T says:

    I always battled downloading and converting the Flac files to use on itunes or my ipod, so stuck to AAC. Any ideas?

  • Vidar Waagbø says:

    Playback of 24 bit DAC files is done in compatible PC players like foobar2000. The output is routed digitally via a 24bit Edirol UA-25 soundcard to a X-DACv8 from Musical Fidelity before it enters my Rotel/BW system.

  • Wolfgang says:

    @ Chris Connaker (in case you return to this page):

    Is there a specific reason for you to convert to AIFF rather than 24-bit Apple Lossless?
    … and …
    I find Play to sound a little finer than iTunes – without seeing a good reason for that: both programs *should* ideally deliver the same bits to the USB port. Any experience on your side?

    (I remember some not-so-fruitful discussion about iTunes not being “bit-perfect” – was that on your website?)

  • Dufcug says:

    I store them on AVA RS3 home server and play back via Linn Majik DS, Majik Kontrol, Tri-Aktiv Chakra C6100 and Ninkas. Controlled by iPOD Touch or PC. Looking forward to the arrival of Kinsky for the PC bacause Linn Gui is a bit pooey!

  • Andreas says:

    PC : NuForce Icon set up through Foobar

    Hi Fi: Squeezebox Ver 3 through Music Hall DAC 25,2


  • P.Barrow says:

    At present AIFF through i-tunes but would be interested in transfering 24 bit Flac files to DVD if this is relatively simple?

  • mike redman says:

    I play the 24 bit files through a Squeezebox to a Cyrus DAC-X and it sounds very very good indeed.

    Alternatively from my computer through various methods. It’s a bit of a challenge getting the computer system to actually play 48khz rather than it transcoding to 44.1 but it’s interesting.

  • Karl says:

    I convert the files to Apple lossless and play them on my MacBook Pro with a attached DAC/Headphone amp using iTunes.

  • AM says:

    Linn Klimax DS
    Served from SqueezeCenter (which also runs a few Squeezeboxes around the house in lower-fi rooms) using SkweezyDS to make the Klimax intercept commands to a Squeezebox.

  • Lee Killington says:

    I listen via computer, iPOD & also burn to disc (best) & listen back through my Meridian F80. Great service really enjoying..

  • Jan says:

    I play 24-bit FLAC from NAS (Synology) to squeezebox duet to CA Dacmagic to stereo amp and speakers. Download with MacBook Pro.
    Sounds excellent!

  • Willem says:

    I copy them to DVD-Audio and play the disc on my DVD(-Audio) player. For me this gives by far the best sound quality.

  • JotaEmeEne71 says:

    I Play them at home with with my PC (Windows 7RC1 + Foobar2000 player + soundblaster X-FI Platinum {96kHz master resampling, x-fy cristalizer at 15%-25%} + a basic old stereo amplificator {Pioneer A307R….} + a pair of B&W 602 S3).
    At work, I use my Samsung NC10 (Windows 7 RC1 + Foobar2000 player + Creative X-Mod USB + Sennheiser PX 200

  • armin says:

    actually the 24 bits don’t really offer any improvement over 16 bits apart from about 40dB more SNR (16 bit already offers more than 100 dB SNR) but the 96KHz sample rate (f.ex. from vinyl rips i make) makes a world of a difference.

    i use amarok under linux to play 24/96 material. i have all my music on a fileserver and i play the files on a client computer with a rme multiface2 interface. from there the signal goes into the amp. nowadays it is not so hard anymore to find hardware, that can do 24/96 :)

  • Horst says:

    I convert the 24bit FLAC files with dBpoweramp to Apple Lossless 24 Bit or AIFF 24 bit and play it over Mac, iTunes and Apogee Rosetta

  • Bryant TREW says:

    Convert to AIFF, import to iTunes, play on my MacMini via SPDIF to my processor for D/A conversion.

  • Rob Redford says:

    I burn them to CD then play them thru my 2 piece Accuphase Transport and Dac. Then into a Celest amp and Vandersteen 3a speakers. Great sound!

  • Jack Greene says:

    I would like to listen to 24bit FLAC files on my Sonos system, but it won’t hand these files yet. Now I listen from my computer using MediaMonkey and a Benchmark DAC1 with Grado headphones. Great sound! Digital files are the best, I doubt I will be purchasing any more SACD discs.

  • John Livesey says:

    I use a Squeezebox: served via cat5 from PowerBook G4 /external firewire drive in den, to Audio Refinement Complete / ProAc Tablette 2000s in living room. Sounds very nice — hardly use my CD player any more.

  • John B says:

    I burn them to DVD-A discs. I also use VLC to play them on my PC, but I have better speakers on the system with the DVD player.

  • Chris Angell says:

    I convert them to AIFF and play in iTunes through a MAC. I use the audio digital output on the MAC to an Audio Research DAC7. I have 804S speakers and Rotel preamp and amp.

  • Johnny Stork says:

    All my music (FLAC) along with many high-bit-rate files frpom 24/48 to 24/192, are stored on a 2TB NAS, connected with GB ethernet to a Squeezecenter server running CentOS (Linux) and streamed to multiple Squeezebox players as well as a Transporter connected to a Musical Fidelity Trivista DAC. On Windows PC’s I use Winamp or MediaMonkey with the ASIO plugin to get the highest supported bit-rates.

  • Bruce Thomas says:

    I manage all the files into itunes. I use an ipod with my Zeppelin. If I like the album I will burn a cd and listen through my 703’s (Rotel stereo).

  • Henrik Garde says:

    I import to iTunes, burn a cd, play it on classé cdp-5, luxman co2+mo2, infinity ren 90 – sounds brilliant. Intend to do the wireless mac-to-zeppelin in a another room.

  • Magnus T says:

    I use VLC on my PC when listening at home or convert the files to WMA and burn them to a CD for playing in my car.

  • Dougie T says:

    I stream the files to my Transporter, wirelessly.
    As a music server I use a Mac Mini together with an external LaCie hard drive. This set up fills all my requirements brilliantly, and the Transporter is just great for handeling such files, no hiccups at all.

  • Bettina says:

    I don’t use the format as I don’t know how to play it. I need to know how to burn a DVD or CD to use the format. I would like to use the format to benefit from the maximal quality.

  • Bern W says:

    I burn them to CD with Foobar listen on my Unison setup and also rip the CD onto Zune.

  • Ronan says:

    I play in amadeus pro with Apogee Ensemble soundcard to Focal SM 8.

  • Mark Prince says:

    I generally convert them using the max application to apple lossless to play through an iphone if on the move, or if at home, out of a macbook pro through a fubarIII DAC into a headphone amp and a pair of senn reference headphones.

    it’s worth a little faff to know i’ve got the source quality i need for whichever media i want it down on.

  • Kim says:

    Lyngdorf TDA2200 (using Squeezebox as streamer)

  • Thomas says:

    We are developing streaming clients .. :-).
    I am using a Bridgeco chipset which is in use in many high end streaming devices.
    Last year we have extended it to FLAC 24/96 … and we are probably going for FLAC 24/192 soon.
    We do offer a complete module/SDK which handles everything from UI to decoding.
    DA conversion to be done by our customers.

    2nd option is my notebook and a USB DAC box from terratec – excellent sound and supporting very high sampling rates with 24 bit.

  • Olaf Barthel says:

    I admit that I never tried playing the 24 bit 48 kHz files until today. But I was curious…

    My SACD/DVD-A player supports high definition audio playback, so I tried to create a DVD-A (on a Mac).

    A program called ‘DVD-Audiofile’ did the job, and the resulting DVD plays back just fine in my SACD/DVD-A player. It does not, however, play back on the Mac (neither with ‘DVD Player’ nor with ‘VLC’). But this is likely an issue caused by the programme I used.

  • david says:

    From the B&W team,

    This is a two-fold message; firstly an apology for not approving all the comments earlier. We had a small technical issue now sorted. We weren’t ignoring everyone.

    Secondly, we are amazed by the response, so thank you all, and those who are less in the know we hope you can find some ideas here that might help with trying out 24-bit FLAC – the sound is amazing…

  • Fredvik says:

    The flac files are kept on the PC. Then I use foobar to send the data via the asio driver (juli@) to an external dac (cambridge dac magic). The dac tells me it is recieving the music at the same sampling rate as the orginal.
    I’m happy with the setup.

  • Dirk says:

    For the time being I have to down-convert them using Audacity to 48khz-16bit to be able to play/stream them on my SONOS system. Me, like a few other Sonos users, are hoping that Sonos will be handling 24bit natively some time in the (near) future.

  • Matthias says:

    My answer is “not yet”. I’m considering a 24-bit audio card for my next PC (due soonish) which might then provide proper quality output.

    More importantly, I believe in proper mastering of 16-bit material — more often than not, the 16 bits aren’t nearly exploited to their full capabilities, so that 24-bit just adds 8 bits of noise, but no real information…

  • Denny Andersson says:

    I am using my Popcorn Hour 110 thru HDMI to my Denon AVR 4308 and B&W speakers 683 to listen to 24 bit FLAC. The Denon reports that audio is recieved with 48 Khz, at the moment I have not verified the Popcorn capabilities regarding 24 bit Flac. It sounds quite OK though. My Denon does not support 24 bit FLAC (hopefully there will be an update available soon). By the way I have a local network with servers to provide the service to media players like the Popcorn Hour etc.



  • Wayne says:

    So far I’ve just listened to them on the PC using my Sennheiser headphones – very unadventurous I know!

  • Giuseppe Nale says:

    1-downlaod to PC the FLAX file 24bit/48KHz
    2-convertion from FLAC 24/48 to AIFF 24/48 with the program MAX
    3-import in iTumes of the AIFF 24/48
    4-conversion from AIFF 24/48 to ALAC 24/48 inside iTumes to avoid waste of space
    5-copy of the ALAC 24/48 from PC to iPod Classic 160GB and to Apple TV

    iPod is able to reproduce ALAC 24/48
    Apple TV is able to reproduce ALAC 24/96
    to listen to music wurh the iPod I’m using an earphones ULTIMATE EARS TRIPLE:FI 10 PRO
    to listen to music wurh the Apple TV I’m using an amplifier SONY DG910 driving 5+1 JBL speakers

    When I compare a music sample in ALAC 16/48 with the same sample in ALAC 24/48 with the iPod-eraphone the difference is evident
    the same thing is not true using Apple TC-amplifeir-speakers
    the reason could be the great transparence of the earphones OR the downlaod conversion to 16/44 made by the Apple TV in ouput to the amplifier

  • Jerry Cross says:

    I play all my digital music including B&W 24-bit FLAC files via my SqueezeBoxes. I have several around the house, plus one hooked to an audio distribution system that currently servers the back yard and one room in the house.

  • fabhund says:

    I play 24-bit FLAC from NAS (Synology) –> squeezebox duet –> CA Dacmagic –> stereo amp and speakers.

  • Raimondo Di Bella says:

    I burn a DVD Audio

  • Ianpascal says:

    Through squeezebox which is linked into (sorry) Cyrus amp and Spendor speakers. Sennheiser headphones as an alternative. I got the squeezebox specifically to stream high quality audio files through my hi fi. I don’t try converting them to my Ipod.

  • Adrian B says:

    I use JRiver Media Centre -> Lynx AES16 via AES -> Bryston BDA-1 SPDIF -> Beolab 5.

    B&O Beolab 5 speakers accept 24bit / 96KHz SPDIF.

  • Elwyn says:

    To Bern W – How do you find the Zune? I haven’t yet invested in this kind of thing so just wondered.

    To Bettina and others eventually managed to find a free download “Switch Sound Converter”, saving my Flac files for alternative listening but using switch to burn an mp3 cd for in the car etc.

    To lots of people, everything went completely over my head, all this technical knowledge and expertise, really impressive but sorry don’t understand it i just listen.

  • alper a says:

    I converted couple of 24-bit Flac files to alac using max. I use a mac mini hooked up to CA Azur 540A with CA S30 speakers and also macbook/iphone with iGrado headset. Anyway, I compared them with direct alac downloads and to be honest I don’t hear much difference. Is that because I don’t have a DAC, I don’t know , but I am planning on buying either e-mu 0202 or pro-ject usb box. Any ideas? Also 24bit alac files don’t appear on itunes shared music, any one has the same issue?

  • B O E says:

    I stream them from my laptop through a USB DAC to either a Ming Da tube pre-amplifier and Martin Logan Purity speakers or through a Rotel amplifier and som old Stax Lambda headphones. Sure beats MP3. Later on I will invest in a streamer solution between the home network and the stereo.

  • Jem Hayward says:

    Current system is iTunes on Mac mini, files on local network hard drives – I keep flac and apple lossless – output to Behringer DEQ 24/96 used as DAC. Naim amp, and Martin Logan speakers. Use itunes mainly as I can control it via iPod touch. When I have enough flac files to justify it I’ll buy a Linn DS or Naim DAC

  • Ingmar says:

    I store all my flac on a Netgear ReadyNas, play them on a Squeezebox Duet via Electrocompaniet further through B&W CM1. Very satisfied! Music made accessible! Listen to much more music than before I “went digital…”

  • schoeppi says:

    Through a squeezebox attached to my stereo system which is equiped with B&W
    CDM9 NT speakers.

  • rsspin says:

    I’m one of these folk that wasn’t interested in computer based music until recently. My audio funds have been spent on my hi-fi. As I have a very old computer (early ninties!!)I don’t have the up to date sound card and DVD burner to make use of this stuff. Also iTunes seem fairly easy to use with flac an all together more difficult to figure out with different players and burning software and long download times and the like. When it is a bit more user friendly I’ll investigate more.

  • Ian S says:

    After converting to AIFF I Play my 24/96 files through a Mac mini connected to my Cyrus DAC/XP, Mono X amps and Dynaudio Contour speakers. Sounds fantastic, will probably never buy a CD Player again!

  • Kanabeanz says:

    Linn Klimax DS > Klimax Kontrol > Kaber Aktiv system. 24bit really engages the senses. Struggling to get Max to convert FLAC to AIFF to use via iPod & Zepplin

  • Hans Vereecken says:

    Playing the files with the NAIM HDX, which is capable to stream up to 192 kHz/24 Bit.

    I would like to have the opportunity to download even higher resolutions.

  • Frank says:

    Buy CD, digitize with foobar2000, tagged with mp3tag using cover art found on the internet or scanned, transferred to a ReadyNAS Duo equipped with 2 1TB drives in RAID 1 mode running SqueezeCenter, streamed over a wireless connection to a Squeezebox Duet which is digitally connected to an Audionet MAP I, amplified with an Audionet AMP VII driving a pair of B&W 802D in Bi-Amping.

    The Squeezebox Duet is targeted for replacement by a Logitech Transporter or something similar (hopefully Audionet will at some point in time offer a solution). Otherwise I am perfectly happy and would never ever use a proprietary or lossy format in that chain.

  • TonyF says:

    I copy them over to 24bit uncompressed wav files and then there are a lot more options for replay with or without processing using various software and hardware(dither, upsampling, etc.)

  • Andrew says:

    I rip CDs to WAV using EAC. I then use Media Monkey to tag and add meta data and stream using Linn or Naim. WAV rules.

  • Tim N says:

    Downloaded to an AVA RS3, FLAC streamed over wireless to a Logitech Squeezebox with the digital out going to a Naim AV2 and analogue onwards to a FlatCap/NAC112/NAP150/NAPV175 combination.

  • Dave Griffin says:

    I dowload the 24/96 Flac files from Linn, transfer them to my PixelMajic media box which is connected via coaxial SPDif to a Perpetual Audio (1/2 of Audioi Alchemy)P3A DAC and then to either Earmax Pro headphone amp Sennheiser HD650 headphones or Arcam Alpha 8 integrated to B & W 602s.

    I rip my CD’s to wave format using EAC.

  • Andi says:

    Foobar with ASIO component upsampled to 24/96 > M Audio Audiophile 2496 soundcard > Cambridge Audio Azur 540a V2

  • Robert Sloan says:

    I download to my PC and play through my B & W 610’s via Winamp. First played was Hey Eugine by Pink Martini, which did not disappoint me. long live the lossless.

  • Martin Virgo says:


    I convert them to DVD files & burn them to media.

    I play them back via a Meridian 596, which outputs 9624 via the spdif, into a Benchmark DAC1.

  • Basim S says:

    I download from LINN and Tag using Media Monkey 3.0. Or Rip & Tag FLAC from CD also using MediaMonkey on to my NAS (QNap Ts209 running squeezecenter,) and stream wirelessly to my Squeezebox.

  • Matthias says:

    24-bit FLAC files are streamed to my Logitech Transporter (which handles up to 24bit/96khz just beautifully).

    FLAC is the way to go for high resolution audio files – please keep it! The format is non-proprietary, mature and has multichannel support. 24/96 B&W releases would be even nicer, but might exclude some listeners as they lack true 96khz playback capability at the moment. (Current Squeezebox products offer realtime downsampling from 96 to 48khz through the server software, which is a good compromise.)

  • Vincent van S says:

    I play flac 24 bit (& multi-channel) through my Netgear 9150 hooked up to my Yamaha RX-V2700, with 5.1 B&W speakers.

  • Michael Bishop says:

    Thanks for providing FLAC format. When I first subscribed (before FLAC was available), I feared I would have to install iTunes on my PC (shudder). But no! Now I play FLACs from MediaMonkey with an ASUS Xonar Essence STX sound card. This either drives my big old HiFi from the line output, or Denon AD-H2000 headphones from the dedicated headphone output. And MediaMonkey can convert to Ogg Vorbis for listening on my iriver Clix 2 8GB through a headphone amp and Shure SE530 earphones. Or even to MP3 to make a mix CD for the car. I did try burning a CD DA (wav) and playing it with a fairly expensive CD player into the HiFi, but it didn’t sound as good as FLAC direct from the PC, so I won’t bother with that again.

  • JCW says:

    I store in FLAC and play them from a TranquilPC R7, running JRiver Mediacenter V13 through an EMU 0404 USB which passes the 96/24 (or 88.2/24) s/pdif through a Meridian 562 into my Meridian DSP3100 speakers

  • Rolv-Karsten says:

    I have recently added anAbrahamsen DAC V6.0 to my setup. I am playing FLAC files from the server via a laptop over USB to that DAC. Sounds great, but not 24/96 via USB.

  • Swat69 says:

    I play them trough a squeezebox classic with a Rotel preamp RC1070 and Rotel amp RB1070.

    Also a Musical fidelity DAC because it’s better then the Burrow Brown DAC that comes with the Squeezebox classic.

    The records that i play are only Audiophile quality.

    The loudspeakers are the 685 from Bowers and wilkins equiped with the Kimber Kable PR8 and BWT next gen connectors.

  • Peter Sanders says:

    I store the 24-bit files in FLAC format on my NAS and stream them to my Transporter, which plays 24-bits FLAC files natively.

  • Ramallo says:

    I’m using a Mac Mini as media player connected by Firewire to an Apogee MiniDAC, I’m using as well the program “Play” for do the job

  • Stevew says:

    I play FLACs through my SB3 Classic, streamed from a NAS server. Cambridge Audio DacMagic to ARCAM amp, connected to Rogers LS3/5a speakers. Fantastic sound, have replaced most of my collection with FLACs now. Use EAC to rip my CD’s to FLAC.

  • Stacey says:

    I store the files on my PC and the stream them directly to a Logitech Transporter, through a Roksan Kandy K2 intergrated amp, and out a pair of B&W CM9’s. Sounds great, I love the 24bit files.

  • Mike Banner says:

    I stream 24 bit FLAC files from a Logitech Transporter to AVI ADM9.1 speakers. I find hi res. files streamed to active speakers with a built in DAC a great solution with lower cost, fewer boxes and better sound.

  • Pete Kane says:

    I store my flac files on a ReadyNas box which connects via a Linux server to a Logitech Transporter – the playback is through my Meridian integrated amp – and lastly outputs through a pair of Monitor Audio gold speakers

  • Raul says:

    I download them on a WD My Book, keeping FLAC format, connected to a Yamaha RX-V2700 through a Western Digital WD HD TV, and at the end the B&W 602S3. Simply amazing…

  • Sylvain says:

    I store the files on my Linux PC and the stream them directly to a Logitech Transporter, through a Sherwood A/P965 amp, and out a pair of B&W CDM7.

  • Cagatay Afyon says:

    I store FLAC files on regular PC or storage. Most of the time I play FLAC files (16bit or 24bit) by converting back to WAV (downsample if 24bit) and burning as CD-DA, then play them on my usual stereo system. Rarely I plug my notebook’s line-out to my stereo and play the 24-bit FLAC files via Win Mplayer.

    I would like to try in future:
    – A standalone multi-format hi-fi/end player.
    – A CMP with low energy, low heat, low noise components with a low latency OS. Player will be Foobar2000.
    – A notebook with an outboard sound card.
    – Possibly with a MAC.

  • tanzo says:

    Thanks for starting this discussion – I’d never know the difference. Now I re-downloaded 24bit files and burned them to DVD. Fantastic!


  • Pascal says:

    I use Nero 9 to convert and write FLAC files on CDs via an old but excellent LG 1x writer. Then I listen on Musical Fidelity A.5 with B&W 705. I tried a 24 bits file burned into DVD ; while comparaing 24 bits and 16 bits files of the same music running at exactly the same time, it was clear that my Gutwire/VDH/Musical Fidelity A.5 combo was sounding way better than my Audioquest/NAD T562 DVD running 24 bits. So until I have 5000$ to invest, I will use FLAC on CDs. The moral of this story : 24 bits is fine but keep in mind that if you invested a lot on a CD player and wires, you will have to pay the same amount on a decent DAC and wires to get the very best of 24 bits…

  • Andrew Marchant says:

    Streamed via wired Cat5 network from a PC server to (multiple) Squeezebox 3’s – both main systems run digitally (coax) to Cyrus DAC/Preamp then to various amps and speakers. Almost all our CDs have been ripped to FLAC using EAC – I rarely use CDs now.

    I even have a car computer which plays the flacs (through the standard soundcard and a line-in headunit) using WXMusic player. Beats changing CDs every few days, and is much better quality than *cough* MP3. It’s a useful way to back up the home server too; I wouldn’t want to have to rip all my CDs again if a hard drive died!

  • Tapani says:

    I do not know if flac is going to be the file format of the future, given the hype around the inferior formats that date back to the days of Napster, dial-ups and 4GP harddrives.

    With the transfer speeds and and cheap storage we have today, there is no reason not to use flac, except… the portable player manufacturers stubbornly refuse to support it :(

    Christopher, I don’t see the point of burning them to DVD audio if they have been extracted from a CD. There is only a CD’s worth of data.

    I listen to them by hooking my desktop to my sound system through a Delta Audio Audiophile card. Thinking of retiring my old laptop and make it a dedicated music server, though. Problem: It does not have FiWi. Any suggestions on quality USB soundcards?

    Was going for the corresponding Delta audio one, but it has been discontinued.

  • Rory says:

    I have been thrown into the wonders of pure pleasure with your FLAC files, especially the 24bit. I have an optical link from a MacPro to a Lyngdorf 2200 with Room Perfect, I use a Cog palyer. The results are three dimensional sound that I have never experienced before. It is like sitting in the studio right there with the artists, so clear at times that a breath can be heard, I even hold my breath to make sure it is not mine I am hearing. If this isn’t the next format to take us into the next century then there is something very wrong. Tell me something though, surly it costs more to go from original recording to CD quality, rather than just straight to FLAC? When is the world going to wake up and see what they are missing? Thank you for waking me up to what is a little piece of heaven on earth.

  • Paul Hammond says:

    MP3 and itunes sucks! Flacs @ 24/96 or higher is the way to go, if you really appreciate music!
    I play my flacs on the PC in my home office with winamp usually, but there are other media players just as capable of playing 24/96 flacs. I believe you can even do it with windows media player if you have the right add-ons/codecs installed. My PC has a 24/96 capable sound card from MAudio and it’s connected to a Denon stereo amp., with Acoustic Energy speakers.
    For the best playback experience I burn the flacs to DVD-Audio and play them in the comfort of the living room on a Pioneer SACD/DVD-Audio player, through a Denon multi channel reciver out to a full range 5.1 surround speaker system.
    I often use a VST Plug-In to create a surround recording from the stereo flacs. It gives a better surround sound that the hardware player’s ‘virtual’ surround sound.Having backups on disc is good in case of PC problems.
    I noticed someone comment ‘why record to DVD-Audio when there is only a CD’s worth of material in the flac download?’ Well you can’t get a CD’s worth of flacs @ 24/96 onto a cd without downsampling them to 16/44.1. So then the question is why get good quality 24/96 flac downloads if you are then going to mash them down to CD quality?

  • Sarasota Joe says:

    I play them with Cog on my MacBook, which I plug into the Aux input in my Linn Classik using a USB-RCA converter. I use the Classik primarily as a pre-amp. I have a 4-channel Linn Amp (AV5125) driving Linn Ninka speakers in an Aktiv configuration. It sounds beautiful: better than CD’s and approaching a vinyl record played on my LP-12.

    Thank you for the music.

  • Thomas Beckmann says:

    I am using FLAC as the only reliable format for hifi’s nowdays.
    Recently I got my hands on Bower & Wilkins Collection released in 24 Bit format and I really must say. WOW.
    I do play it in my Ferrari laptop and my speakers are A pair of Maggies + a sub.
    I am deadly in love with this combination.

  • Audiman says:

    My music is partly ripped from CD`s with dBPoweramp CD ripper and partly downloaded all in FLAC stored on a QNAP NAS streamed by a Linn Majik DS into a full Linn system — sorry no B&W.

  • PASTY says:

    Your 24-bit FLAC files remain on the hard disk of my Computer PC (Windows).
    (and they are saved on external mobile hard disk Freecom)
    On this PC I have the software “MediaMonkey Gold” which is 24-bit FLAC compatible.
    And my PC has a top-level audio card : its exit is connected to a Hi-Fi stereo.
    I choose the wished file on the 1920*1200 pixels screen of my PC, thanks to the software “MediaMonkey”: that is much more practical that the 5, 6 or 7 lines of the “Media Centers” . . . (NAIM “Uniti”, YBA “YS201 Encore”, . . . )
    Bernard PASTY

  • Dave says:

    I listen directly from my PC, which is connected to my stereo 2.1 system (2 B+W bookshelves + 1 Yamaha sub woofer). I also have a Sansa Fuze portable media player (much like an iPod but handles FLAC files). For my portable player I have to dither the music down to 16bit.
    I tend not to listen to music from this site though as it is invariably mastered far too hot (loud and compressed) for my liking. What’s the point in using a true audiophile format such as FLAC24, if the source music sounds like it’s been mastered for 128kbps MP3? I don’t get it.

  • Dave says:

    Oh, to add to my last comment: my soundcard is an M-Audio Delta 66 which handles 24-bit.

    My media player of choice on my PC is Foobar.

    And did I mention Steve Hoffman rocks?! Maybe this site could release its own ‘virtual gold CDs’ (i.e. mastered in a beautiful way, instead of the common over-compressed wall-of-sound way).

  • Gerald S says:

    I store all of my CDs as music files on a dedicated low cost Vortexbox linux server primarily in Apple lossless format unless I can find higher quality FLAC files (mostly from B&W and Linn). I selected Apple lossless for compatibility with my iPods.

    The files are streamed to a Logitech Squeezebox 3 in the lounge connected to a Quad 66 series hi-fi with B&W 804 speakers.

    In my study I have a Logitech Transporter connected to a vintage reference series Pioneer amplifier powering two pairs of Audiomaster LS3/5a speakers.

    I also have a Logitech Squeezebox 3 hooked to a Tag McLaren Aphrodite powering a pair of Silver Signature 25 speakers.

    The 24/96 files are brilliant.

  • Ian Joyner says:

    As I understand it the Zeppelin DAC doesn’t support 24 bit, so there’s no benefit in playing a 24 bit track through the optical connection or direct from an Ipod?

    The only room for improvement on the Zeppelin would be playing 16 bit lossless instead of MP3.

  • audiomuze says:

    My entire CD collection has been ripped and FLAC encoded. It is housed on a NAS and playback is via a Slimdevices Transporter powered by Squeezebox Server. The sound is fantastic, but ability to interact with one’s library needs work.

  • Shaun says:

    Dear Ian,
    the Zeppelin doesn’t support 24-bit but a well recorded 16-bit track sounds infinitely better than an MP3,


  • Ray says:

    Hi. I’m sure everyone already knows this but the iPod cannot handle 24 bit audio.

    It unfortunately has to resample back down to 16 bit, meaning the whole process of downloading 24 bit for iPod is pointless.

    24 bit FLAC works great in the Media Monkey player which is better than iTunes anyway. iTunes itself will handle 24 bit audio but as it doesn’t apply to the iPod it seems a waste of time.

    I’m sure it won’t be too long before affordable 24 bit iPods come along.

    Then we may finally see a move away from dreaded mp3s. It seems so stupid that we have the best technology these days but consumers are happy en masse with the worst quality format!

    Roll on FLAC and consumer friendly 24 bit audio devices!

    PS. 24/44.1 and 24/48 is very very similar to 24/96. The bit rate is far more crucial to sound quality than the sample rate.

  • dibber says:

    Best way to do it is with firewire connection from a Mac to a high quality preamp/DAC like the prism orpheus. A number of media players can handle 24 bit files, but itunes doesn’t.

  • Laszlo says:

    I have a dvico tvix 6600 media player that can play FLAC files. I download the 24 bit FLAC files to the dvico from my computer. The dvico is connected to a Yamaha rx-v1800 av amplifier with a HDMI cable. The sound is really good. I tested the difference between 16 and 24 bit files (I think Dengue Fever can be downloaded in both formats) and I hear the tiny differences.

  • Michael says:

    I play albums in the original 24FLAC through Media Monkey for serious listening in my office and then convert using dBpoweramp into ALAC for my family’s itunes library so we can play through Apple TV in the lounge.

    Office output is to a Bencmark DAC1 HDR via USB and then into ADAM A7 active studio monitors. Very happy with the sound – vocalists appear in the room with me and the individual instruments are easily identified.

  • Richard Cote says:

    I convert the FLAC files to Apple Lossless (.m4a) using XLD (which nicely parks them in my hi-res playlist in iTunes). Playback is through iTunes, then out through Apogee Firewire DAC into my EarMax tube headphone amp.

    I don’t know if Apple will ever support FLAC over their own formats, but who knows — DRM is less of a concern for them now. It sure would be nice if iTunes’ format converters were more stable with 24-bit; sometimes files are cut to 16-bit without notification. And where’s that 24-bit iTunes store???

  • Dufferdan says:

    The FLAC files I have used, I have converted to the same bitrate/depth Apple Lossless, import to iTunes.
    Plyer is a Roku Soundbridge M1000 or M2000, coax digital audio out to
    Beresford Cainman DAC,
    Analog RCA out to Cambridge Azur 640 v2 integrated amp
    Played via headphones (Etymotic ER 4P/4S)
    Rotd Minstrel speakers.

    I am looking at getting a set of the B&W 683 towers though….

  • Wayne J says:

    Played in winamp either on pc via usb to external 24bit/96khz soundcard /headphones or laptop via usb to external 24bit/96khz soundcard to Chord SPM2600 & nautilus 803s.
    I find the additional’depth’ to the 24 bit FLAC amazing. Wish you could buy all music in this format.

  • Steve says:

    I play the B+W hi-res flac files two ways:

    1) Burn to DVD Audio using HD Audio Solo Ultra – now through my newly acquired Cambridge Audio 650BD.
    2) Direct from an Xtreamer to a Cyrus DACXP, if other hi-res files then 24/192 then via a Denon 2310 AV receiver which can handle the “192” through HDMI.

    Still evaluating which sounds best but I think “1)” above produces the better result by quite a margin.

  • Mansoor says:

    Hi, On my laptop I play flac 24 bit files with winamp. For my home audio system I have been trying to burn them onto cd. Finally now I am able to burn them on cd, first using winamp to convert flac 24 into wav file and then burn them on cd using CDBunerXP. It sounds great !!! though I am not very happy with the selection of albums by SOS. In my opinion they should select more popular music or classics.

  • SImon says:

    I always go for the best quality possible. I am a mac user and until itunes can play FLAC files (It probably never will), I convert all FLAC 24bit files to Apple Lossless using MAX software on my imac. I convert at the same quality and automatically import to itunes. My itunes library is stored externally on a Western Digital hard drive connected via USB to the imac. My current music library is over 200GB. My imac outputs at 96KHz 24 bit and is connected optically to a Cambridge Audio DAC. This then connects to my MC 7r Valve Pre amp, power amp and speakers. I love the quality of converted FLAC 24 bit files, knocks the spots off itunes downloads. I still prefer Vinyl from my LP12, but most of my listening is via itunes for ease of use.

  • Bink says:

    Lovely simple: NAS -> Linn Majik DS-i -> speakers

  • Brad Jensen says:

    For now, I play FLAC files in Foobar2000. I use a toslink cable that is connected to my Yamaha Receiver and then to my Sony tower speakers.

    It really blows when I go to a friends house and have to listen to their mp3s on crappy computer speakers.. haha

  • peter says:

    I’m using a sonos zp90 to play digital music and as such limited to flac 16 or apple lossless.
    The sonos is connected via the digital optical link to a Marantz SR7001 with a pair of Linn Komponent as mail speakers.
    Last week I recalibrated the levels of all speakers with a sound pressure meter. This really made a difference.

  • peter says:

    Forgot to mention that I store all my music on the hard drive in my sat receiver, so I do not need to have a PC or fileserver powered on all the time. I keep a complete copy of all music on a fileserver as a backup.

  • Martin Cope says:

    I listen to music through an active Linn system in the lounge which is fed FLAC files through a Logitech Squeezebox 3 (soon to be replaced by a Linn Akurate DS). I am still very impressed by how good the SB3 is when one considers that it is essentially badly matched cost wise in the above system. It’s a superb bit of kit.

    In the attic, a SB3 feeds a home cinema system consisting of a Musical Fidelity HTP/Power Amplifier and Monitor Audio speakers.

    For those of you that are interested in detail, the systems are:


    Logitech SB3*
    Linn Kairn Pre-amp
    Linn Klouts x3
    Linn Kaber (active) Loundspeakers
    All Linn cabling
    Files stored on a Terastation and fed to SB3 on a wired LAN

    *I use the SB3 as the DAC however the system also includes a Linn Numerik I could use as the DAC instead though this is 20bit, not 24 bit


    Logitech SB3*
    Musical Fidelity Home Theatre Processor
    Musical Fidelity HT600 5 Channel Power Amp
    Monitor Audio Gold main (GS60)* and centre (GSLCR)
    Monitor Audio Silver rear (RS1)
    Mordaunt Short Alumni Sub (MS339)
    Files stored on a Terastation and fed to SB3 on a wireless LAN

    * signal conversion (DAC) done by SB3 and only main speakers used for music playback

  • hamish says:

    I have a spare Macbook Pro as a media server with 2 external drives, about 1.5 TB. Optical out to a 192/24 DAC, kind of home made, slightly old components but good ones. I play only FLAC if I can through the best sounding player for Mac called, quite simply, “Play”. from It uses 32bit floating point procedure for all files (most formats). So even 16bit files sound better than through itunes. Much better detail and soundstage. Trimmed software, no artwork and I like the chance to load up play lists as I go. Sounds rather great through the Quad ESL57’s.! Plays 24bit/96k flacs very well. But not 24/192 files, for that try Cog.

  • himar99 says:

    I listen directly from my toshiba netbook nb100 with Ubuntu 9.10 (linux), The player is Rythmbox. Netbook is conected to a Rotel Ra1520 amplifier with a pair of B&W 805.

  • Matteo says:

    after the conversion in wave play them with my onkyo and jamo. i think often to buy a multimedia player to connect it with my amplifier

  • OMas says:

    I convert them to AIFF using xACT, then play them using Amarra and Sonic Studio’s Model 302…very nice!

  • St says:

    less moving parts. lacie harddrive wireless to hplaptop running media monkey usb to musicstreamer 2 24bit dac to audio quest interconnects into nad 375bee out solar wave to pbn montana or cdm 1nt speakers. very nice in 24 bit. really opens up your music catalog. I try to play everything in flac if possible.

    I love sacd but flac is great and less moving parts. My sacd player is getting less and less use.

  • pete says:

    Squeezebox Server streaming over Ethernet to Squeezebox Duet and Classic players. All my music (downloaded or ripped from my CD’s) is in 16-bit or 24-bit FLAC files stored on a USB HDD attached to an Acer Revo 3600 microPC running Ubuntu (uses less than11W of electricity and sleeps when not required). I use the digital outputs of the Squeezebox players with external DACs. If I want to play on a PC or Laptop then I use Squeezeplay or Softsqueeze.

  • Kevin Allen says:

    I play them on my PC using Foobar2000 via USB speakers which bypass the computers soundcard. (I’ll be using the MM-1s as soon as they become available).

    Using Foobar also enables me to transfer music straight to my iPod without having to mess around with iTunes.

  • Mark says:

    At the moment I put them on a USB stick and play the 24bit FLAC natively through my Onkyo PR-SC5507 network controller. In the future I’ll play them over the network from a NAS.

  • A.J. says:

    On my computer i run them through WinAmp with an ASIO plugin to a Terratec 6Fire USB feeding sound to Tascam studio monitors and a Fostex studio sub.

    In my living room i have a HTPC with an Asus Xonar HDAV 1.3 Deluxe driving a setup of Denon 1909 receiver and Yamaha 5.1 speakers. All speakers are used when playing 24-bit surround flac files from 2L (Lindberg Lyd) releases.

    The rest of the FLAC files (16-bit) are usually played through a Squeezebox Duet with a coax cable to the Denon receiver.

    On the road i use Starkey SA-43 IEM’s and a Cowon S9 to play my FLAC files.

    Thanks B&W for pushing high quality files to the public!


  • Adrian Walker says:

    I use an audio server running squeezecbox driving a Logitech Transporter with a Deltec external DAC. Rest of the system is Deltec ( CA1 pre amplifier and MA1 power amplifier with a pair of WB Arc speakers.

  • G.F. says:

    On my Windows PC I use HD – Audio Solo to burn a DVD-A. Sounds great. There is an option to upgrade the sample rate. Note sure if there is an improvement but my Denon 3801 can handle up to 96kbs

  • JimMN says:

    Olive 4HD > Brystron 4B SST2 > Canton Ref 3.2 DC. Not many moving parts although I’ll be adding a Berkeley DAC when it arrives.

    This set up has been flawless on all the 24bit music I’ve found but I’m currently chasing a problem with distortion on my SoS downloads.

  • moiDeb says:

    They’re streamed from the laptop using Media Monkey with an M2Tech hi-End S/PDIF Output Interface (digital audio up to 192kHz/24bit S/PDIF audio format ) an rca cable and a YBA WDA202 dac.

    All the audiophiles we know are anxious for more real 24 bit / 96 and 192 kHz music. Your site is one of the few that offer good 24 bit.

  • Peter C says:

    I stream them wirelessly from my PC to my stereo via a Logitech Transporter (using its internal DAC). I also convert them to Apple Lossless 16/44.1 files (using AVS Audio Converter 6) to play on my iPod Classic on my hour long commute to and from work.

  • Nathan P. says:

    2 Methods:

    1) Most commonly, I burn them to a DVD using the freely-available Burn application on my Mac and play them on my Arcam DV27A DVD-Audio player.

    2) I less-frequently play them in Songbird on my Mac, output via toslink to either an Arcam AVR280 receiver or Musical Fidelity A3.24 DAC.

    I generally prefer the sound of the Arcam DVD-Audio player to that of the toslink signal straight into one of the DACs.

  • Paul Vernon says:

    On the move, I play them direct through my Nokia N900 with FLAC support added by installing the “Extra decoders support” package using either headphones (wanting to try out some P5’s at the mo), bluetooth streaming or FM transmitter in the car.

    At home, I can stream them over bluetooth from the phone or laptop or over a wired Ethernet connection into the home entertainment stack eventually coming out through some old but beautiful, pristine stand mounted DM601 S1.

    As an aside, I’ve seen people comment elsewhere about hearing a high pitched whistle when streaming bluetooth and I’ve heard it myself on occasion. After much experimentation, it seems that the whistle is introduced by the on the fly BT compression routines when compressing already heavily compressed data. I’ve not heard any track whistle since I switched to using FLAC files over Bluetooth :-) Yet again, source is paramount!

  • Kevin says:

    Download to home media PC>VLC media player>Asus Xonar Essence ST>HllY MKII Tube pre-amp>Lepai TA2020 tripath amp>Klipsch La Scalas.

    Sounds absolutely awesome, plus I love the absolute crazy mix of past and present HIFI gear.

  • Sebastian says:

    I am using MediaMonkey and the aperion audio wireless Home Audio Link with pretty good results.

  • Sebastian says:

    Forgot to mention when I listen to CD’s I use my new Cambridge Audio azur 840c upconverting CD player and the sound is music to me ears :)…ohh so sweet!

  • bassato says:

    download via mac leech-download-manager ( store it on qnap 419p nas afterwards, change the picture name into Folder.jpg ;-) and let twonky media server search for it.

    afterwards i stream it via linn klimax ds, dartzeel amp and acapella speakers… it’s nice!

  • kenni says:

    Via PC to Linn Majik DS/Conrad Johnson Classic Pre/Krell KSA300S Power/Martin Logan Sequel II speakers all with Van Den Hul wiring.
    Utter magic!

  • Mac User says:

    Audiophiles interested in B&W SOS need to has access to at least one 24-Bit lossless file sample (either ALC or FLAC) in order to debug their local decoding method. The free sample(s) are limited to 16-Bit and so do NOT provide the opportunity to test a potential decoding stream. I would like to join SOS but need to be able to verify my ability to decode the 24-Bit files first.

  • Susanna says:

    Dear Mac User,
    We do provide a track by the Mercury-nominated Portico Quartet as a 24-bit FLAC download for anyone to try out. You can download it here:

    Kind regards,
    Bowers & Wilkins

  • Faye Pearson says:

    AudioGate on the Mac (only available with Korg DSD recorder hardware AFAIK) to play or convert FLAC->DSDIFF or 24Bit WAV. Listen anywhere on Korg MR-1 upgraded to 64Gb SSD and (in about 30 mins time) P5 headphones or on Mac directly or burn to DSD Disc (Homebrew SACD) for PS3 (with cover art)

  • Wolfgang says:

    Streaming flac via a Squeezebox Duet to a Marantz PM7003 to KEF IQ90 and take great pains over the power supply and cables. At the moment its all wireless, but in the future i want to have it with CAT.6 wires. And it sounds great, amazing. Wait for the Sqeezebox Touch with 24/96 feature.

  • DeinLakai says:

    I download the 24 bit FLACs, convert to AIFF and then to Apple Lossless. I put into iTunes and synch to my Apple TV, which I connected via optical cable to my Panorama soundbar. I am not fully happy with the result. I feel it sounds a bit muffled. Would a better D/A converter help? What DACs is the Panorama using? I looked for the tech specs but did not find …

  • rodry says:

    I use Squeezserver to serve flac to a squeezbox and a squeezplay.
    Often I play flac on my pc with foobar.

  • David Shickle says:

    I have a Linn Kilmax DS -> Naim 552/500 cmbo -> Pair of B&W 800’s

    Doesn’t get much better than this.

  • Andy W says:

    Stored on HP Media server and streamed via Asset to Linn Majik DSI & Totem Sttaf in lounge, very compact and awesome sound. Squeezebox Duet in kitchen to Beresford Caiman DAC to Arcam Mini Solo and Muso/Logo speakers, streamed via Squeezecentre on the HP Media Server. Also converted to MP3 for streaming via Twonky on HP Media Server to Monitor Audio Airstream into Epoz Aktimate speakers in bedroom. Waiting for another Squeezebox receiver to replace Airstream for full flac set up.

  • Orson says:

    Use Toslink out on Airport Express in combination with ESS Sabre DAC32 streaming from iMac G4 using iTunes 7.7.1. Am unfortunately limited to 24/96.

  • Stonecutter says:

    Convert to Aiff and into iTunes (as database only) via XLD, then via mac mini ( using Pure Music Player as software interface to manage bit rate etc ) and Hi-Face usb interface to Naim Supernait dac to Spendor A6’s. All music stored on WD NAS raid 1 accessed by iMac and families macbook’s (5 of them) and the PS3……

  • Roger Davis says:

    I download 24 bit flac play from laptop via good quality usb lead to music fedility v-dac into a quad 2/40 valve system and wilson Benesch discovery speakers. Sounds fantastic wis I could get more music like this.

  • Axel says:

    24bit on Mac OSX: Download FLAC to Harddrive – play with VLC (free open-source software, multi platform compatible) – output optical or USB to DACMagic from Cambridge Audio (affordable Digital to Analogue Converter, around 350 Euros) – connect analogue to regular stereo amplifier or home cinema receiver. All other 16bit files more conveniently download as Apple Lossless to iTunes (store files on Time Capsule) – update Sonos Music Index to that location – play out from Wireless Controller or iPhone to Sonos Multi Room System.

  • Oliver says:

    Solaris server (huge benefit of ZFS) running the squeeze server software, wirelessly sent to a squeezebox classic which then uses optical out to a zeppelin. I also use a squeezebox radio but that’s just for music while cooking, not for serious listening.

  • Lucas says:

    On Windows platform you can use AIMP ( It supports a wide variety of formats and the sound quality is superb. On the other hand, it comes with a converter that allows you to even to rip CD’s to FLAC. On my desktop I use it along with a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio and it really sounds great when paired with a 5.1 system.

  • Davide Yachaya says:

    24 bit flac version -> 24 bit 48.000 Apple Lossless with MAX software -> iTunes on a macbook -> optical link to a DAC Bryston BDA1 96Khz 24 bit -> Preamp Am Audio -> 2 mono final A class Am audio -> MIT AVT-1 bi-wire to the speakers -> B&W 802.

    The sound is nice.

    i prefer playing SACDs on a Teac Esoteric UX-3 Pi.

  • John says:

    24 bit flac, converted to Apple Lossless using Max, played with Amarra/iTunes on MacBook Pro, firewire to Weiss DAC2 (with Naim Powerline), via Naim HiLine to Naim 282/Supercap/200; speakers are DeVore Gibbon 9s.

  • TS says:

    I’ll try again. Three ways: 1) Transporter -> main audio rig, etc. etc. 2) Foobar2000 / WASAPI on Win7x64 -> iBasso Cobra D10 via USB -> headphones (Senn HD595s). 3) Windows Media Center on Win7x64 HTPC -> A/V Reveiver via TosLink -> 5.1 (this method is not bit-perfect; it upsamples to 96/24 in advance of the DAC). No conversion of flac24 files. I use Shark’s codecs for WMC/WMP; Foobar and the Transporter play flac natively.

  • Birgir Freyr says:

    I make DVD-audio disks and play them on my universal player. But I also have the flac files on the computer to listen to via headphones when working on the pc.

  • Rami says:

    Flac 24/48 from USB drive or from 3TB NAS plays perfectly on Onkyo 5507 + monoblocks to KEF or from Onkyo to Musical Fidelity amp to HD800 Headphones.

  • Meng Vang says:

    First convert flacs to 24-bit/96khz WAV, use Audio-DVD Creator to make a DVD disc containing the 24-bit WAVs, play from my DVD player connected by coaxial cable to a Xiang Sheng DAC-01A, then output by tube outputs (Raytheon Windmill Getteto JRP 5670 tube) to my Little Dot 2 tube headphone connecting to a pair of Sennheisser HD-600 cans. It can be a long and time consuming process but for high quality sound, it’s all worth it.

  • Chris says:

    Stream via Java PS 3 Media Server to PS3 then through optical cable to Arcam Movie Solo 2.1 which outputs to Monitor Audio RS1s and Arcam Logo sub. Sound is stunning.

  • John says:

    Stored on a QNAP NAS > Selected by I-Pod Touch -> Played back through a Linn Majik DS > Linn amps and speakers.

  • deckarep says:

    1: (24-96 and 16-44) Stored as flacs on external HD(s), played with foobar 2000 via Audiophile Delta 24-96 soundcard to my Denon AVP-A1HDA.
    2: (24-96) Use Lplex to make a DVD-Video (LPCM) and then play on my Denon DVD-A1UD via analog XLR to my Denon AVP-A1HDA.

  • Ian says:

    I convert the 24bit FLAC to 24bit 48k Hz WAV (as this is the only format I find is supported by Itunes. I use a free download called “Advanced MP3 converter”. Once the tunes are on my ipod, I can play through my Zeppelin or through Yamaha dsp-z7 to B&W CM9’s. Attention yahama users, you need the Yamaha ipod dock. I found that although my Amp supports WAV and WMA files by USB, it will only play the 16bit not the 24bit by USB. Apart from this the only other way it would seem is by steaming or direct pc to Amp. I also tried playing through the PS3, again although it supports WMA files, it will not play the 24bit versions.

  • Johnny says:

    I convert the 24 bit files into AIFF and imort them into Itunes, then i connect my Macbook to my Dac and play the files over my stereo. Works great, please keep the 24Bit files coming!

  • lemack-j says:

    Files are stored on my 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo iMac and streamed to Airport Expresses in 2 locations:

    Location 1: Living room, Airport Express connected via optical cable to a pair of AVi ADM 9.1 active speakers, which convert the raw data files thanks to their in built DAC and amplification (250W for woofer and 75W for tweeter). Incredibly detailed sound and much better than anything else I’ve heard in my 40 year interest in Hi-Fi. Also so much more tidy that the unsightly, traditional collection of electronics and cables.

    Location 2: Dining room, Airport Express connected via phono cable to Harman Kardon AVI 100 A/V amplifier and a pair of KEF Ci50R ceiling speakers. Sound isn’t fantastic but perfectly adequate for background music whilst eating.

    I’m extremely unlikely to go back to a traditional set-up.

  • Randall Stroud says:

    Burn them to DVD-A with Cirlinca. Glad to see at least one other fellow here doing the same.

  • Carlo Biancolini says:

    Streamed directly from my NAS to Western Digital HD TV live , digital link to Yamaha HT Amp.

  • Rob says:

    I rip all my music to flac using EAC and play the through Foobar which i love as you can taylor it to your own needs.
    If i download flac files i burn to disc using Burrn then convert to apple losless to play on my Ipod and Zeppelin.
    Flac is the only way to go though.

  • David says:

    Several people here said they play the files via Airport Express to their sound systems. How do you use Airport Express without using iTunes? (I have used Joystick software, but I think that diminishes the sound quality).

  • Vasco Fontes says:

    I stream my FLAC files on my WD Live TV Box connected with via LAN/USB with External Disk and connected to my Pioneer AMP VSX-919AH-K via HDMI…
    Speakers : Focal J M Lab Chorus 816 V

    Very, very nice sound …

  • Hans Koster says:

    Simple Conceptronic NAS (RAID) -> Music selection (wireless): Laptop or iPod Touch (using Songbook or Plugplayer) -> Linn Majik DS (streamed through wired LAN) -> 23 years old Kenwood 990V amplifier which must be replaced soon -> Linn Katan speakers.

    I also listen flacs using SongBird on my Laptop when the livingroom is used by other members of the family.

  • Phil Jones says:

    Play 24bit flac on an iMac in the windows partition using windows media player 11 with xiph codec output to a Sony DA3000ES amplifier…..still trying alternatives, but this is the best so far…started on 24bit flac yesterday.

  • Jon Stine says:

    I have converted all my existing CD’s to digital format. All were converted to 16-bit WAV, FLAC, and ALAC at the same time (thanks to dBpoweramp’s Multi Encoder).
    All “legacy” CDs and new 16 and 24-bit FLAC downloads are saved on a Synology DS-209+II NAS with 2.0TB of RAID 0 storage and GigEthernet connectivity.
    I use Windows 7 Ultimate and foobar2000 with the Kernel Streaming plugin for bit perfect playback.
    I am outputting to the wonderfully quiet and clean M2Tech Hiface USB S/PDIF converter. That feeds a Stereovox XV2 digital cable connected to an Arcam AVR-300 A/V Receiver. The Arcam in turn feeds my LSA1 Statement monitors (phenomenal speakers) via Signal Cable Silver Resolution speaker cables.
    The best I’ve ever had in my home. With 16 bit FLAC/WAV/ALAC the system sounds amazing, but when I cue up a really good 96/24 recording, it just blows everything else away. I have SACD and DVD-A capabilities as well, but I believe the sound from the 96/24 and the M2Tech Hiface are superior. Good stuff!
    I’m chopping at the bit for some 192/24 material, but my Arcam can only convert up to 96/24. An upgraded DAC to replace the ARCAM’s onboard DAC is coming soon.

  • Tom Rich says:

    Burning 24bit Flac files on dvd its very simply
    First read FAQ on
    it will explain the principles

    I have used on WIN System the open source program LPLEX to make a dvd image
    (LPLEX is easy but you must care about that you get the latest version for decoding also the latest version of 24bit FLAC files – use the LPLEX Forum – also its a little bug inside but it gives a workaround.
    To burn the DVD with the image i have used ImgBrn.
    I recommend it to everyone listen with a dvd player.

    Kind regards

  • Andrew Henry says:

    I download FLAC24’s, burn them to DVD-Audio with dvda-author, then play on Pioneer DVD-Audio player to my Denon 2310 receiver.

  • Andrew Henry says:

    I store a combination of 192kbit OGG albums–is that punishable?–and 16/44 FLAC albums on an Ubuntu Linux server, but have not yet completed my setup…

    I have a Denon 2310 with B&W M1s/ASW610 in living room and I currently burn FLAC24 files to DVD-Audio disc using dvda-author on Linux and play them on a Pioneer DVD-A player with TOSLink to the receiver. Intention is to buy a CA DacMagic II and connect my laptop to dacmagic then to denon to play networked files… Just need the dacmagic now.

  • Andrew Henry says:

    By the way, why are the B&W FLAC24’s only sampled at 48Hz? Could they not have done 96Hz as standard?

  • Anthony says:

    I would like to play them on my MM-1s that i just purchased but unfortunately according to windows 7 the usb input only accepts 16bit up to 48khz.

    The words joined up and thinking spring to mind – or were the mm-1’s designed by steve jobs?

    Shame really as even 16 bit 44.1 khz sounds fab on them.

    Firmware upgrade please!

  • Luis says:

    Another one for XBMC (Linux), and 602 B&W speakers. I don’t know if it’s the 24-bit Flac, or the higher quality recording, but when listening to some random music, I suddenly feel ‘surprised’ by the music quality, take a look at the now playing song, and it’s one of your albums’ song. Great job!!

  • Nick says:

    Audacity (free) on the Mac plays back the original files beautifully, one at a time, but Apple Lossless is far easier with iTunes.

  • SusannaGrant says:

    Hi Andrew,
    We have regular discussions about offering 24-bit 96 as standard but we are conscious that, amongst other reasons, the files would be too large for many of our members not all of whom have the benefit of fast broadband connections.We wanted to make the downloads as accessible as possible while compromising the sound quality as little as possible. We may well offer larger files in the future.

    Kind regards,

  • Bill C says:

    I play them on my “Blacknote” DSS (digital static streamer). First I download from the internet, then save them to a memory stick which goes into the front (or back) of the Blacknote device.

  • Kerwood says:

    I use Songbird when I listen 24bit FLAC on my Laptop + P5 Headphones when on the go.
    It looks and feels a bit like iTunes, but FLAC it seems does not offer all the metadata options that Apple Lossless seems to offer, especially for sorting options.

    I stream 24 bit FLAC from a Synology NAS to a Squeezebox Duet connected to my trusted HiFi when listening at home.

    I use the Apple Lossless version for my iPhone, though.

    I do not transcode, I simply download both versions.

  • Jim Mitchell says:

    I transfer 24-bit files to my Olive Opus No.4 and play them through a DacMagic connected to my home stereo. I get occasional “sound burps” (drop outs and static-like noise, mainly), but 99% effective.

  • thx says:

    i play my flac files in windovs media player it sounds beter then vlc and im never going back to mp3

  • Pedro Mata says:

    I play them with VLC connected to a Cambridge DAC Magic, then to a Pathos Classic One, out to Proac’s D18

  • Bob Fernandes says:

    I play them through a LINN DS. The files are downloaded to my PC. I copy them to a NAS that is accesible to the DS over a network. I use an iPad as a controller.

    I’ve owned my B&W 805S’s for about two years but just recently set up a home network, installed the LINN DS and ripped my entire CD collection, about 250 CD’s, to FLAC files. I had learned about FLAC from your website and determined that is probably the best way to go. I rip using dBpoweramp and have software to convert them to another file format if I need to..say to make a CD to play in the car.

    I just joined the Society of Sound today. You’re website was helpful in educating me. It just took a while to figure out what to do and get the system built to take advantage of these changes including the potential for recordings with higher sampling rates, which I understand you are considering. I also have some of the LINN titles at higher sample rates.

  • Richard says:

    I play them directly through an Olive.

  • Jasiano says:

    Convert them to Apple Lossless with Max, then transfer onto my iPhone (via iTunes) and listen with my P5 headphones (that arrived this morning!!!).

    The difference between these and ‘normal’ MP3’s on standard headphones is huge!!

  • RyanDVD says:

    Setup 1: Mac Laptop > VLC Playlist > USB or Optical to AMB Gamma 2 DAC > AMB M3 Amp > Denon AH-D7000 or AKG K702 or Senn 650 headphones

    Setup 2: Mac Desktop > VLC Playlist > MOTU V4HD (Firewire 800 D/A Balanced Audio) > 1000 Watt Class D Monoblocks (Custom) > Magnepan 1.7 or SMG/Sub combo

    Thanks for the great sounding tunes! We care what music sounds like :)

  • thehague says:

    I burn the files to DVD and then play them on my Denon DVD Audio player (which is a multiplayer that plays SACD also).

  • rxlogic says:

    I started out with a squeezebox duet. and then upgraded to a (much better) transporter once I had generated a flac library from my cd and dvda collection (no joy from the sacds).

    As for the rest it: Classe peamp and amp (finally making use of the balanced connections), Piega speakers w/ matched Ruark subwoofers.

  • Eloise says:

    Not really a “what do I play back my FLAC files on” more of a request…

    On the details of the recordings pages on the SoS Musc – can you provide details of the orginal recordings and how the recordings have been downsampled to 24/48. For example it’s my understanding that most of the LSO recordings are done using DSD recordings so these obviously need downsampling . converting to 24/48 PCM before the FLAC files can be created.


  • Ira G says:

    I download 24/96/2 flac files. Then I convert them to 24/96/2 pcm files via “LPLEX” and burn them to a DVD-Video disc. That disc is played on my Oppo Blu-Ray player via coax digital audio into a MacIntosh MHT-200 receiver. This allows the MHT-200 to use the special 24/96 decoding function of its built-in DACs and bypass all the internal surround sound processing and eq circuits. Finally, played out into Gallo Reference 3.1 speakers. Ahhhhhhh………

  • B-Wst says:

    using a Moshi Mini DP to HDMI Adapter to connect the macbook pro with my marantz receiver HDMI input. than use Songbird to play 24 flac files. sounds surpisingly nice with the B&W XT4’s!

  • Colin Sumby says:

    Custom built shuttle PC using Ps3 Java Media Server
    Powerlan (ethernet over the house mains) connection to SONY PS3
    Fiber Optic cable from PS3 to Denon AVR.

    But the future is a ReadyNAS+ to Squeezebox Touch to Denon AVR

  • Kevin says:

    I use my ASUS Xonar Essence STX RCA outs to my B&K preamp, Parasound A23 amp to B&W CDM 1NT’s and Velodyne Sub. I use the Headphone out on the STX and a Cute Beyond HP amp feed from the Tape Outs from my preamp and use either AKG 701’s or Grado 325i’s.

  • Neil McGrath says:

    I convert my FLAC to Apple Lossless, and then use the Orb software ( on my laptop to wirelessly stream my Lossless files to my xBox360 which is connected to my 5.1 system via a TOSLink optical cable…

    P.S. LOL @ being able to play Apple files on a Microsoft console :)

  • Neil McGrath says:

    Sorry forgot this was the 24-bit thread…xBox can only handle 16-bit

  • Trica says:

    I play them with my favorite music player Amarok!
    Amarok just needs a little configuration to get them working flawlessly, see for a howto.

  • Nick says:

    I convert to AIFF using Switch for Mac and then play vie iTunes. Would prefer to be able to download Apple Lossless files directly.

  • crashnz says:

    Get yourself a hardware interface like an MBox capable of 24bit true playback

  • Kevin Mills says:

    I have no idea how to play them because I’m not a fucking sound engineer. The idea of having to download yet more stuff just to play songs, and having to make a choice between a squillion different methods, just puts me off the whole caboodle.

    I mean look at this: ‘Custom built shuttle PC using Ps3 Java Media Server
    Powerlan (ethernet over the house mains) connection to SONY PS3
    Fiber Optic cable from PS3 to Denon AVR. But the future is a ReadyNAS+ to Squeezebox Touch to Denon AVR’

    The headphones are great, the attendant bollocks is just nauseating.

  • Chris Hatten says:

    I save 24 bit FLACs to an external hard drive and from that via my Naim HDX.

  • Andy McGhee says:


  • Neil Foweather says:

    My system is Macbook Pro>Amarra 2.0/iTunes>Weiss INT202>Devialet D-Premier (Integrated Hybrid Analog/Digital Amp + DAC)>B&W802 Diamond speakers (2 weeks old).

    I convert the FLAC files to AIFF (up to 24bit 192KHz) with Max and store my main files on Vertex SSD’s. I use a G-Drive for back-ups.

    The D-Premier and 802D’s are a match made in audiophile heaven.

  • Johan says:

    Synology 410 storage -> dedicated music pc with Lynx soundcard -> Berkeley Alpha DAC -> Pass Labs XA100.5 -> Magico V3, all wired with MIT Magnum = yum

  • Setanta says:

    With the announcement of B&W and Denon/Marantz support for Apple’s new AirPlay streaming protocol this will be the way to go..

    That is, as I hope and assume, AirPlay will support 24/96 for digital music. It’s predecessor AirTunes down-rezzed the stream to 16bit to send to the Apple Airport Express.

    Hopefully somebody from B&W can answer this. There are no details that I can find confirming 26/96 support.

    On that subject now that all the newer AVRs from Denon and Pioneer etc support true FLAC HD, when will the Society of Sound be delivering their offerings in FLAC HD. My understanding is that the highest fidelity today on this site is 24/48.


    btw, I use 803Ds in one room and Sig-8NT in-walls in another. Fantastic !

  • Mike says:

    Simple conversion from 24-bit FLAC to 24-bit Apple Lossless using Max (which can even auto import into iTunes). Completely painless. Playback on MM-1 while on my Mac, or streamed via AirPlay to other devices in my home. Even though I’ve bought into the Apple ecosystem, I still think FLAC 24-bit is the best choice for distribution.

    I’m really pleased B&W aren’t catering to the lowest-common mental denominator, despite the remarks of some (looking at you Kevin Mills).

  • Leroy_Skalstad says:

    I convert them to 24 bit wav and play them on my Viewsonic VPD-400

  • SusannaGrant says:

    We don’t know yet whether Apple’s AirPlay will support this format. We’ll let you know when we find out more.
    Regarding Society of Sound, we don’t currently offer a higher quality file than the 24/48 FLAC version but we this is an option we plan to reconsider.
    Kind regards

  • blessingx says:

    Play FLACs either through Squeezebox Touch (which passes on correct mHz automatically) or optically from Macbook (using Play player and manual MIDI adjustments). Both attached to an external 24-bit DAC (Lavry). Download the ALAC versions also for iPhone/iPad/Airport Express support (instead of converting myself). Would encourage all to download both as you never now what equipment you’ll end up with (though lossless coversations are far less problematic as lossy ones) or when SoS will pull an album.

    Would love to SoS to support 24/88.2 or 24/96 (though I know that would make the sizes even larger – hell 24/176.4 would even be nice like RR).

  • Simon Roberts says:

    I play FLACs using Songbird on my MacBook Pro, into a Nuforce HDP DAC/headphone amp driving my Grado RS1i headphones.

    Simply fabulous sound.

    I’d also welcome a change by SoS to 96KHz.

  • Ataylor says:

    Recently upgraded my system from away from Squeezebox due to it’s 48K limitations.

    Now using a highend Windows 7 HP workstation Running J River Media Center via USB to an Ayre QB 9 24/96 DAC into my home system which is comprised of fairly high end audio seperates.

    I still favor the sound of albulms even over 24/96 but it sure is close and of course Computer Audio is so much easier to search and combine music.

  • David Grant says:

    I convert them to AIFF using XLD and play the in iTunes on a Mac.

  • Erwin says:

    I convert the 24-bit FLAC album folder to AIFF using XLD. XLD is for Mac’s only, free to download and very simple to set-up, even cover-art is embedded fine. Converted items are auto-added to iTunes. I play with Amarra MINI software because this auto-changes to the correct sample-frequency (unlike iTunes) on the fly. Hardware is a Mac mini with 2TB Iomega MiniMax. With a Oyaide d+ FireWire interconnect to a Weiss DAC2 (with manual digital volume control) and then straight with XLR interconnects into a pair of Emotiva XPA-1 monoblocks. Speakers are Jamo R909 (don’t worry, my surround system is B&W CM). I hope to find more Jazz and Rock here instead of Classical! Later… Jools is what I like and I don’t think I am alone!

  • Erwin says:

    info about XLD (for Mac users!)

    Developer of XLD website:

    There are various tutorials if you Google.
    Keep in mind: if you stream wifi, Mac reduces the spec to ALAC. That’s why I use a dedicated Mac (a mini)

    More? Here:

  • BrianMW says:

    I play a mixture of FLAC and Apple Lossless using an Apple TV front end with 8TB storage that then connects to a Musical Fidelity DAC and Valve buffer before heading to the Arcam Pre/Power AV Amplification.

    I am a vinyl lover and love relaxing with the LP12 playing through the Ear/Yoshino to my 803’s but, I cant ignore the convenience and fun of playing the digital formats, when it was just MP3’s convenience was the only thing they had to offer but now Quality can be there also then Digital is a serious consideration for even high end AV/HiFi imho.

  • Andy says:

    I use Twisted Flac from Apple on an MacMini to define the flac file folder, Twisted makes the flac file appear as a .wav file, which iTunes will plaback without and conversion,
    I then have Pure Music ( tied to iTunes, this firstly loads the file into RAM before playback, this audibly reduces jitter, the usb signal is then sent to my Belcanto3.5VB DAC.
    Resolution changes on the fly depending on the file resoluiton, the BelCanto confirms the change in resolution on it’s display.
    Then balanced out to an EAR-Yoshini 868 Pre, 890 Power and 2 Pairs of Quad ESL 2905’s connected in series.
    Without doubt the best digital I have ever heard, I had a DCS Puccini before I went this route.
    Have also used Media Monkey on the PC to convert the FLAC to AIFF then transfer, is tidier as it has the tag for the cover preview and stacks the album better in iTunes, te reuslts are basically the same.

  • Andrew Henry says:

    I’m a bit put-off by the whole 24bit thing: Yes, it’s great, I appreciate it, and the effort SoS is putting into this, and I wish it was more mainstream.

    But the hardware and setup required to make the most of 24bit is prohibitively complicated to most beginners.

    I bought a new Denon AVR2310 with my B&W M1s anf thought I was sort of future proof for a while. Turns out the you cannot transfer 24bit files over optical cable ot coax digital becuase there is not enough bandwidth! The files, which play at 24bit 48Khz in the status window of my Pioneer player (I have no 24/96’es), display as playing at 16/44 on the Denon due to this limitation.

    “Ahh, but I’ll buy a NEW disc player”, I thought,” and it’ll have HDMI and the bandwidth shall sufficeth”. No. Because there are digital copy limitations to the quality one is allowed to play over HDMI: thanks RIAA! So you have to get a player that is Denon Link 3rd enabled, and my brand new Denon AVR-2310 has no DenonLink, cause you’ve got to buy their top of the range AVR-4310 for that luxury. DenonLink gets around the copy protection facility of HDMI due to them having licensed the technology probably. So, if you have a DenonLink 3rd (or 4th generation) enabled player, and a DenonLink enabled receiver, then you can connect 1 single HDMI cable and play back digitally at 24/96 to the receiver from a player.

    The alternative, which is what I currently do, is to do the decoding in the Pioneer player using it’s DAC and output music over analogue connectors to my receiver. Many may now gasp in horror at using analogue links, but apparently, the DAC in most DVD/SACD players is on a par if not better than in the receiver, so you lose very little. The noise that may appear due to the analogue link can probably not be discerned by the human ear. It’s just a pain in the butt to have 5.1 analogue wires instead of one neat little HDMI.

    You think playing from a PC is any salvation? Well for starters you’ve *got* to have an external DAC that cleans the signal (most go with DAC Magic II) because the electronic interference can screw things up quite well. But you’re not out of the woods yet! Your sound cards driver is limited to 16/44 in most cases unless you have a professional grade sound card. You can download the ASIO 4 All driver that is a replacement audio driver for Windows XP/Vista etc, and then the audio application you use has to be able to output to that ASIO audio driver (like Foobar2000 with the asio plugin: good luck finding many other applications that have ASIO output!). Then, and only then, with ASIO enabled app >> ASIO driver >> DAC Magic >> receiver, can you play FLAC24s at top 24/48 or 24/96 quality. Personally, I don’t like a PC in the living room setup, and I have not yet been able to find a media streamer that has true 24/96 support, AS WELL AS support for all the other stuff I require: some players have 24/96, but then I have to sacrifice other features I want.

    Tell me playing a 16/44 CD in a disc player is not simpler!

    Rant over. But keep up the great work!

  • Basim says:

    I store and my flac files and othermusic on a qnap network attached storage box running squeezecentre, stream to squeezebox, digital coax output to perpetual technologies p3/p1a DAC, analog signal to musical fidelity x-a2 amp then to b&w 603s3’s. Works beautifully.

  • Eric says:

    I have a SlimDevices Transporter digital player, as well as two of their SlimBox devices. The Slim devices play FLAC natively and I stream them via SPDIF to my receiver or D/A convertors. I have encoded all of my DVD-A and DTS discs to FLAC, as well, and also play them on the Transporter with decoding done up to 96k/24bit and 5.1. It’s a GREAT to listen to all of my music.

    As a side note, I’ve been in the recording biz since 1971 and have always been on the cutting edge of technology because of my job. However, since I’m a Mac user, playback of FLAC files on my computer has always been a challenge. I usually convert FLAC to some other format that is more Mac friendly when I need to.

    Thanks for Bowers & Wilkens for their great site and selection of music to share with their users!!

  • Simes_pep says:

    Squeezebox Classic, through a Pink Triangle Ordinal (which surprisely works with the 24/48k stream), Sim Audio i5 and B&W 805Ns – gives CD through the same DAC, a good run, but still not vinyl!

    I also convert the flac files into ALAC format for an Apple TV, which plays though an Toslink connection to a Tag AV32R (as it more of a Media Server) and then back through the HT input on the i5.

    I let iTunes down-convert them to ACC 128k for the iPod, as this is an old 20GB one and lives in the car. For the iPhone I would only have a selection of my library, so they can be a higher format and selected by playlist.

  • Joé says:

    Linn Majik DS-I

  • Brian (Dublin) says:

    I play them from Songbird via Optical from my Mackbook Pro to my Cyrus Preamp/Dac – stunning sound.

    Why do we not see files with a sample rate much above 48K? Wouldn’t 96k be better?

  • Philippe (Brussels) says:

    I run the FLAC 24/96 files on pc (VISTA) with J River Media Center
    linked to AYRE QB-9 DAC(usb)
    linked to PASS Preamp and Pass monoblocks
    linked to BMW 802D

    Fabulous sound !

    But “ordinary” FLAC files 16/44 on th same system make excellent sound too…

  • sam says:

    can i burn flac files to cd and play it using my cambridge 804 cd player?

  • souren says:

    i play them directly from my pc.
    software – winamp/gom/power dvd.
    speakers – tanashi 5.1 speakers

  • Joao Godinho says:

    I play them with my Denon AVR-4308 through USB and with my WD TV player

  • nella says:

    I’m using wInamp or my PC….. The sound is amazing!

  • Allan says:

    After doing much research, I settled on a WD live hd media player. It will play 96/24, but down samples to 48/24, it wil have to do for now. It still sounds great, and works well until someone comes out with a solution that offers the full resolution.

    I simply copy the files onto a usb notebook harddrive, then plut that into the WD tv usb port. Fast, easy, and it integrates into my system seemlessly.

  • Nicola says:

    I listen to FLAC with VLC,of course (

  • François says:

    Mediamonkey (kernel streaming mode) – Sound card M-AUDIO firewire – Spdif to Dacmagic – XLR to NAD 218 THX – JBL 250 TI : very great sound !

  • cinematic says:

    I use XLD to convert FLAC to Apple Lossless. That way, I can play via itunes and sync with my iPod

  • Hugo says:

    Use my laptop with Realtek HD Audio card connected to my Kenwood THX using an optical output. Depending on the file resolutions, it can be on 48khz or 96Khz / 24bit FLAC files. VLC Player.

  • Hernan says:

    For 24 bit Flac I use iMac (chek Audio Midi to 96 kHz 24bits 2 ch) – mini Toslink -True Colours Industries Coral optic cable – Cambridge Magic DAC – Mit Avt Proline balanced – Primare I30 –
    Audioquest Midnigth – Pro Ac Studio 100
    Not very expensive, sound Uhh!!!!!!

  • Dirk Muehlenbein says:

    I play them with foobar2000 (WASAPI-Output) connected to my external Thorens DAC.

  • Rob Kendrick says:

    On a media PC via TOSlink directly into the back of our audio processor. Eventually, through a S5P6410 embedded CPU, doing four-times oversampling and then out via a couple of WM8741 DACs, if I get this circuit finished.

  • Guy Waterbley says:

    Not a comment, but a question:
    Up till now I download in Apple Losless on my mac, I play the music via my ipod connected to my NAD Master pre- amp to my Rotel power amp to my B&W 804’s and it sounds great.
    Can I improve this by downloading in 24 bit Flac, using this configuration?
    If so, how do I do this, as I am a computer geek (almost)
    You can also e mail the answer:
    I would appreciate any help.
    (This site is wonderfull, I shall renew my subscription forever)

    a B&W fanatic


  • Jan van Broekhoven says:

    Flac’s to ALAC’s
    Playing in iTunes on a Mac
    Streaming on WIFI to Apple Airport Express
    Optical out to Beresford Caiman DAC
    Audio out to Rotel RA 980-BX
    Audio out to KEF 104/2.

    Mix of modern times and vintage. Good enough for me!

  • Steve says:

    Convert to lossless->stream from MacMini to Benchmark DAC via apple airport-> parasound JC2 -> JC1 MonoBlocks -> Speakers

  • Daniel Genesee says:

    I drop the 24-bit FLAC onto XLD decoder for Mac, which is set to convert it to 24-bit Apple Lossless. After the conversion is complete, the files are automatically added to a playlist in iTunes.

  • mike barrett says:

    This is way off-topic, but I feel I must comment on this excellent post , as I am trying to find out what and how other similar minded folks are doing about listening to music in HD.

    Andrew Henry -congratulations and heartfelt thanks for the most informative and amusing (and constructive) “rant” I have ever read on any site I have visited in over 15 yrs. of lurking!!!

    I am an ancient “hi-fi” geek from the days when vinyl was the ONLY way to replay music and Quad ELS speakers were less than $100 each (£57 actually), so I was completely ignorant of all the little (lol) irritations I may experience in pursuit of “the closest approach to the original sound”.

    Incidentally, B&W even then were in the forefront of speaker manufacture.

  • Alexandre Tsoukalis says:

    All digital experience 24/96 : Squeezbox Touch > TACT M2150 > BW802
    Digital amplifiers prove their virtues loosing nothing from 256 bits more per step (16 to 24 upgrade) and 3rd harmonic of 16KHz (3*16=48 KHz sinus got from 96KHz sampling).
    2L free 24/96 flac string quartet shows what is the path for realistic violin sound.
    It proves in practice how wrong was decision not to give digital output from SACD.
    I strongly suggest to everybody to put all the money on speakers, Lyngdorf is sold at 1800Euros and Touch at 266.

  • victor says:

    hola buenas noches la verdad siempre fui seguidor de la mejor calidad de sonido pero itunes ingreso ala calidad y me di cuenta cuando grave un disco en el imac es sorprendente
    y escucharlo con el con un pre acuphase 303 ,cd x777es , bryston y los DM603s3 exelente hay que

  • will says:

    Stream via DLNA (mediatomb) from my pc, over the network, to my Onkyo TX-NR906. Flat out sick, makes your system sound like you never thought it was capable of.

  • Peter McK says:

    I use a Linn Majik DS, with Majik amp and Majik speakers.


  • carlito says:

    The cheapest cleanest way! Flacs are stored on a Synology DS410j running SBserver and playing through SB touch digital out to my meridian DSP3100!

  • mike says:

    I stream from a Synology DS710+ running Squeezserver (linux) to Slim Devices Transporter. Audiophile Network player supports up to 24bit 192kHz. Beautiful sound through my B&W N802D’s.
    Transporter has native Flac Playback. Recommendation!

  • Beatgear says:

    iMac (using VLC player)==>MOTU ultralite mk3 audio interface==>

    to either:

    (a) Carver PM-350 power amp==>Event 20/20 studio monitors; or

    (b) Pioneer AV receiver==>5.2 speaker arrangement.

    (Output source selected with Mackie “Big Knob” switching system.)

  • William Scott says:

    I download 24-bit FLAC and convert them (using XLD) to 24-bit ALAC. Why do you only offer 16-bit ALAC? You can put 24-bit ALAC onto an iPod, and the software will happily degrade it to the point where it is iPad-compatible on the fly, so there is no need to maintain a 16-bit ALAC file in an iTunes library.

  • Patrick S. says:

    I convert all FLACs to Apple Lossless keeping the original bit rate. As I’m an iTunes user, this makes tagging etc. easier than dealing with FLACs. The files are stored on a local 3TB drive on a Mac. iTunes sends the files wirelessly to an Airport Express which is connected to a Benchmark DAC1 through the optical out. The DAC1 connects to my Krell KAV-500i and B&W 804s. I use a portable and wireless bluetooth keyboard to start/stop and rate my songs. The Mac is also connected to the plasma in the living room where I can see cover art as the music plays. I use the “Jacket” visual plugin or the Lounge screen saver to display the cover art and tag info.

    I have similar setups in each room of the house, all playing from the same computer simultaneously. I am extremely happy with this setup, but will now try Channel D’s Pure Music as mentioned by someone else here. Maybe things can get even better!

  • Alejandro says:

    Read this. For those looking for a simpler solution:
    I plan to get the Denon RCD-N7 network receiver, which supports FLAC 96-kHz/24-bit out of the box, play your FLAC files either from a CD, USB memory stick or hard drive (FAT 16 or 32) or just stream the FLAC from your MAC/PC via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, it has other great features (Pandora, Last.m, Rhapsody), take a look at the pdf down below, this puppy just came out a few weeks ago:

    I’m salivating for this thing!

  • MICHAEL says:

    I can’t play FLAC files over wifi to active speakers. Limited to speakers wired to computer.

  • Malin (Tokyo) says:

    I have two (fronts) B&W 803D, one (center) B&W HTM2D and two (rears) B&W N803 hooked up to a Denon AVP-A1HD and Denon POA-A1HD. I want to play 24/96Khz multichannel FLAC on my Windows 7 ultimate through video card GTX 460s HDMI interface.

    I have tried fobar, VLC and Media Player Classic and I can play multichannel PCM, but my receiver only gets 48Khz PCM?

    I am not very technical but I have good speakers and amps so its a pity that I cannot listen to 96Khz FLACs to get most out of my stuff.

    Please help


  • Rob Kendrick says:

    @Malin (Tokyo) Many graphics cards only support 48kHz sampling via their HDMI. It’s best to use your computer’s SPDIF or TOSlink, if it has them. (You’ll also probably get better quality sound this way, as HDMI can induce jitter due to it sending audio in the blanking period of the video.) If you’re OK with only stereo 24 bit/96kHz audio, then there are many USB-attached digital interfaces out there. Otherwise, it’s time to buy a PCI sound card.

  • Michael Werzowa says:

    I am using a MacBook Pro, which includes a optical digital out. The signal goes to a Meridian G92, in this case serving as a digital hub, and then to two Meridian DSP5200, which are active speakers (high endish, somehow ;-).
    About bitdepths and samplerates I found some “misconceptions”, esp. which rates are supported with which files, which leads to some questions:
    Converting FLAC 24 with different tools I saw that there IS a 24bit ALC with 48kHz, as well as a WAV or AIFF with 24/48. (… will not be redbook, so only streamed or from DVD). And: the Peter Gabriel – Scratch My Back ALC provided by B&W is 24bit/48kHz, or? – – iTunes says so, download not.
    The converter I love most for Mac is XLD, which works and allows for a lot of options and seems somehow more production quality than other tools.
    Besides, I love B&W Society of Sound, and it would be great if it would extend to include, for instance, all Peter Gabriel records as well as Brian Eno, Talking Heads, to name a few. What about all WOMAD? High endish classical recordings would be nice, as well, the main stream recordings often are too much “adapted” to bad equipment.

  • BernardL says:

    I convert them to Apple lossless using Max on OSX, then play them using Pure Music/iTunes.

    – As of now through Airfoil to an airport express connected to my Devialet D-Premier,
    – In about a week or so through a Weiss Int202 still connected to the D-Premier using a high end Wireworld AES/EBU cable. The source is a mac mini with 8GB Ram (OWC sourced), all songs are stored in an external direct attached USB 2.0 2TB Lacie disk.

    I feel that Flac is a good archival format as it is platform independent, and the original flacs are stored on a Raid5 unit and backup to BlueRay disks. For everyday use in an OSX environment, you cannot beat the convenience of Apple lossless.

    I would of course love Apple to support Flac natively in the next generation of iTunes, but that stupid company will probably keep stitcking to their proprietary format.


  • Waleed Hanafi says:

    I download the FLAC files to my main PC, clean up the tagging with MP3Tag, then copy the files to my NAS. The files are then pushed to a Vortexbox music server ( which runs Squeezebox Server. The players are a Slim Devices Transporter and a Logitech Touch. I have the Transporter set up to switch between an analogue connection to the preamp, and a digital connection to a Bryston DAC, then to the preamp .

    When on the road, I carry my collection on a 1TB Samsung USB disk and use MediaMonkey on my Windows 7 laptop.

  • Pat Chamberlain says:

    I burn my flacc files to DVD audio discs using DVD audio Studio and play them on My denon DVD Audio player. Works great. However I do not have a good audio card so it is hard to A/B to determine if it is an optimal process and result. If anyone has A/B’d in the past please let me know…

  • Steve says:

    I have a Denon DVD 2930 which plays SACD and has a 24 Bit/192khz DAC. If i burn FLAC 24Bit/96 or 192 to a DVD-Audio disk will it play or will it need converting to a different formaf ?.

    When correct format is finalised will it be best to output via SPIDF coaxial or optical or analogue RCA. I am connecting to a TAG Mclaren AV32R SP Pre-amp/Processor, as this is the single processor model i think the maximum it can do is 96khz in the digital demain so mightd be best on analogue RCA input ?, unfortunatley the TAG does not have analogue bypass option fitted.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, unfortunatly not yet up to speed on FLAC high res files, so any pointers on how to burn to DVD-Audio and with what software for best res results would be greatly appreciated.

  • Jesse Milleer says:

    I play them on an Onkyo TX-NR708 receiver through a front mounted USB port. The songs are on a 500gig portable hard drive. Full 24bit/48khz through the receiver.

  • Frank says:

    I would like download FLAC files to my PC and play on my hifi (Parasound Amp & Preamp), I can hardwire my PC to my preamp.

    Question-1: Does the output on my PC come from the soundcard? If yes, any recommendations on brans/model, or what quality soundcard? If no, from where does it output on the PC

    Question-2: Where is the best place for higest sound quality to imput? To my external inputs, digital input, or ?

    Question-3: Should I use iTunes as a mixer on my PC for organization and playlists, or ?

  • Chris Sonnex says:

    Hi guy’s great post but I have to turn the question back on you and ask how B&W play theirs as I am sure everyone would like to know!
    Best regards
    Chris Sonnex

  • Gerald says:

    I copy the downloaded FLAC tracks to a NAS. The NAS (Twonky Server) streams them via my home network to a Linn Akurate DS player which is directly connected to the network via ethernet. Magnificant results!

  • Darius Michelbach says:

    Try to keep the originals when converting to e.g. Apple Lossless, because if you convert high resolution (e.g. 192KHz/24bit) flacs to other formats such as Apple lossless you are downsampling to 44.1 or 48kHz! There’s much happening at the moment and there’ll be certainly more systems that support playback of high res flacs in the future.

    I am using the M2tech Young DA Converter from my PC and MacBook Pro via USB. This DAC support asynchronous USB, so you will have playback of up to 384KHz and no jitter. However, I also tried playback of 96KHz / 24bit files via optical (Toslink and Coax using a Squeezebox Touch) and I do not hear any difference to USB. However, I can here a difference to 44.1 or 48 khz 16bit iTunes ALC versions. The stage seems to become a little smaller, and especially dynamic trumpet or sax solos seem to sound more dull.

    On my Mac I have some problems with the drivers of the Young DAC and you need to install some special add ons for player on Windows like Foobar or Winamp. For users who don’t want to experiment and try risking the stability of their system I’d personally recommend to buy a network player instead of a PC/DAC combination for now.

  • Roger Attwood says:

    Congratulations to you all as I dont even know where to start to select the kit/software nor configure it.
    I am a 66yr old retiree wanting to get into music streaming and I am searching for a simple answer
    I have 200CDs, a HP computer with DVD/CD RW drive – running Windows XP, a Musical Fidelity CD player and amp.
    Firstly how do I rip cds to a FLAC file – Microsoft says it is not supported?
    How to add artist/track etc data
    I think I know I need a DAC to input to my amp but its the software selection and file management that leaves me bemused.
    Why then have I chosen FLAC you may ask – I read a super article on line by Sterophile magazine this morning


  • JACK says:

    I am very impressed with the quality of 24bit FLAC files, i use VLC media player for playback through my i-mac and the sound quality is superb, its just a shame i can’t put these files on my i-pod to play them through my zeppelin without first converting them to mp3’s and losing the quality.

  • NWB says:

    XLD on the Mac (free) is brilliant at transcoding the FLAC 24 bit files to Apple Lossless 24 bit (yes it is supported by iTunes). It would be nice to see the Apple lossless files offered as 24bit instead of only 16bit.

    I stream the files wirelessly via an Airport Express into my Naim / B&W P5s or if I have the time, I wire them in via the DAC to the Naim or Adam studio monitors

  • NWB says:

    @Jack convert to Apple Lossless via XLD, use the original sample rate, and these files can then be played by iTunes / your iPod.

    On iPods, beware the headphone output – the quality is not so good (cost cutting on headphone pre-amp), if you are using the dock, direct to the Zeppelin, there are no issues and the audio is pristine!

  • Lee Nixon says:

    Wow, I think I have the simplest set-up here – but only because I can’t afford most of the stuff mentioned!

    I play my 24-bit FLAC files via VLC – a pretty basic media player, but it does what I need it to do. My desktop is hooked up to a Zeppelin Mini for a great quality sound. I use XLD to convert to 24-bit Apple Lossless, so I can both stream the music using AirPlay and so I can listen to them on my iPhone.

    I heard somewhere that Apple were looking to support 24-bit FLAC files (so they’re compatible with iTunes), but I’m not convinced. Let’s face it, they could’ve done that for 16-bit FLAC but chose to come up with their own format instead. Considering iTunes will play 24-bit Apple Lossless, I’m not expecting to see FLAC compatiblity anytime soon.

  • Jason Lee says:

    I play 24/96 downloads on Hi-Fi-Man 801, a remarkable and innovative affordable piece of technology that allows mobile playback, or just sit at your desk or in a chair playback. With B&W headphones or IEMs–watch out! I was as blown away by the quality boost of the sound as I have ever been before. Google HiFiMan!

  • Krell says:

    I play them on my PC with Foobar2000 –

  • J Mills says:

    I would love to have the Sonos system support 24 bit FLAC, in order to play them through my stereo. Otherwise I listen to them on my computer. What a waste.

  • Bob says:

    I copy them to my nas Drive then play them through my Naim Unitiserve. I find that this is the best solution for me and provides outstanding sound quality. My amps are 152xs, 155xs pre/power. Speakers are B&W 685 which I find work extremely well in my room.

  • Paul says:

    I never knew that my Macbook Pro had optical out until I read it here. And I happened to have one of cables lying around. Beforehand, I converted from flac to alac via quicktime using fluke, but now i use vlc and play flacs directly from the Macbook Pro using the optical out. Rest of the gear is Rotel RSP-976/RMB-1066 with B&W DM602 s3. Also, I didn’t know that there was a 24-bit ALAC – using XLD to convert from flac would make it easier to stream in my system.

  • Michael Maloney says:

    Really want to starting building a collection of 24 bit FLACS but currently don’t have a way of playing them through my hi-fi without downsampling somewhere along the chain.

    Currently playing them using Amarra Mini through Airfoil streaming to either my Zeppelin Air or Apple TV/HDMI out to my home theater receiver (Anthem MRX500).

    I thought Airplay/Airfoil supported 24/96 streaming but can’t find any proof to this. Most posts I’ve read say that it can’t (downsamples to 16/48). Any plans of future support of airplay supporting 24/96… The Zeppelin Air uses a 24/96 DAC I believe?

  • Frank Christensen says:

    Hi all.
    I play the *.flac (24bit), from my CAMBRIDGE NP30 form a USB disc.
    Yours Frank

  • Charles van der Zijden says:

    I write mostly 24 bit /192 KHz and some 96 KHz FLAC files on DVD Audio with DiscWelder Chrome. Unfortunately DiscWelder doesn’t accept FLAC so have to convert to 24 bit /192 KHz WAV files with GoldWave first. All pretty basic. I then put DVD-Audio disc in my Oppo bluray player, and my B&W 800 speakers, Accuphase poweramp and especially me are soooooo happy. ;-)
    No tinny sound anymore, nice soundpicture in space, open, warm, clear, demonstration stuff!

  • Owen Clements says:

    I convert to Apple Lossless (via Max), stick them on my NAS then play through Itunes to my Zep Air, stonking stuff

  • Soren Jensen says:

    I play the FLAC files on PC using Winamp. It gives the full flexibility for searching and sorting search results. CDs can even be shown with CD cover in search results. For all files it is necessary to do a little work on the metadata (tags). B&W has not done a very good job on the metadata, but when ripping CDs it is also necessary to edit metadata. Winamp is also very effective for this job. I have over 1000 CDs, so structured metadata is essential.

    I have tried different media players like Transporter, but only the search options and overview on computer screen is good enough for quick and convenient playback. The computer is a laptop with low noise from fan and harddrive.

    The music is tranferred via USB to my Benchmark DAC1 HDR converter, then via analog cables to the poweramp. The sound is fabulous. Most of my other high quality audio files are FLAC 24bit/96 kHz. The increase in sound quality is not clear, and the file size doubles when increasing frequency from 48kHz to 96 kHz.

    Many thanks to B&W for the Society of Sound initiative. The idea of abonnement is very good.

  • Jon Donald says:

    I’ve been happily playing 96Khz/24bit flac files via my Squeezebox Touch.
    Recently I purchased some 192Khz/24bit music off, but Squeezebox won’t handle that.
    How do I convert it on a WINDOWS7 platform? (Most of the thread refers to MAC/Apple)

  • steven says:

    Problems with 192/24 flac? I just drop them in my sooloos system and enjoy :)

  • Byoung says:

    Check out the following link which gives a bird’s eye view on how to play 24 bit / 192kHz flac files:

    Have fun

  • remd says:

    The Squeezebox will play 192khz files, but will downsample them to 96khz/24b..

  • remd says:

    Ataylor, The Squeezebox Touch plays 96/24 natively. Other Squeezeboxes will downsample to 48/24.. (still better than cd quality :)

  • Arnaud says:

    My “sound chain” involves a Mac, an AppleTV and a DAC.

    I first decode FLAC into WAV files from the Finder, then import them into iTunes. There, I edit manually all the metadata including artworks and then encode the tracks into ALAC.

    The Apple TV (rev. 2 but it worked the same way with the HD-based rev. 1) is connected to an Atoll Electronique DAC 100 through a TOSLINK optical fiber cable.

    It’s a real pleasure to navigate the entire music collection on the TV screen without (too much) compromise!

  • Tony says:

    Apple TV gen1 running XBMC

  • Matthew Harris says:

    I’ve been following this thread, but I still have some questions. I have an old Fisher 800C tube amp and some pretty good shelf speakers. Normally I play vinyl records on this system. However, I’ve been slowly building up a nice FLAC collection of my old CDs. I need to know that best way to play these on my old tube amp. Right now, I’m running them through the headphone jack into the RCAs on the back of the amp. I’m assuming that the sound quality is getting crunched by my laptops sound card. Is that correct? Is there an external sound card I can use with my laptop and/or a stand alone digital player that I can put the FLAC files on? I’m not really interested in wireless stuff. Just want to play the FLACs on my old tube amp without degrading the sound quality.



  • Baris says:

    I am using songbird to play FLAC 24bit files. I am MAC user and iTunes not play 24-bit FLAC files but there is 16-bit ALP that say can play in iTunes but it is CD quality. Anyone can tell me if i convert FLC files in Mp3 sound quality will reduce? or from songbird player can I transfer to FLC files in iPod and it can play ?
    thank you

  • Jesus Gonzalez says:

    Hi Baris, I am using Songbird on Mac as well and I am playing 24 bit FLAC’s, how? I found this small application that works very well, and in my opinion even sound better than iTunes. I learned that every player applications process the sound in a different way, if that is true, some players play better than others.

  • Mark says:

    I’m trying to start running 24/192. I run a great deal of 24/96 from a Mac Book Pro, iTunes with BitPerfect running in the back, which is essential for any iTunes user in order to get the sampling just exactly perfect, through a Mapleshade modded M2Tech Hi-Face, Mapleshade digital IC into a Mapleshade modded Cambridge DAC Magic, Mapleshade RCA ICs into a NAD T754. I can’t seem to get 192s to play on iTunes, and suppose it would be smart to check out the FLAC players. I’ve always converted my FLACs for the sake of eventual MP3 320 kbps for the iPod (and for the sake of the HD given my obsession for Grateful Dead, Phish, and any other type of trade-friendly field recordings circulating, some of which have been superbly transferred and mastered, in addition to seeking out the seemingly few choices of 24 bit vendors.).

    @Matt Haris–the Hifiman 801 is a good choice for playing back hi-res files. it supports flac. it also serves as a DAC from a cd player or other digital source if need be.

    @Baris–if you convert flacs, i’d use xAct 7.1 from Scott Brown. nice program that tapers use when seeding a show. iTunes will play 24 bit, but needs a background app to make sure it samples correctly. they have several at the App Store for cheap. if you must go MP3 instead of a lossless format, go into preferences and set the sample rate at 320 kbps. that’s the highest you can go, but consider your get 1411 out of 16 bit wavs. iPods play wavs…

  • Spalding says:

    I am currently using the Logitech Squeezebox Touch to play my hi-res 24/192 FLAC Files. It is an exceptional little media center that has outstanding playback quality. If you can’t hook it directly into a router or a power line adapter via ethernet cable it has built in wi-fi. In order to stream the FLAC files from your computer you need to download the squeezebox server and import your music files, then you’re ready to rock. It is particularly nice because it gives you the option of using the internal 24/192 DAC’s and running analog out to your amp of choice, as well as being able to use a toslink or digital coax cable for those lucky few with receivers that have built in FLAC DAC’s (e.g. new Pioneer Elite’s). Better yet, there is a Control App for smart phones and tablets that is free and easy to use. You don’t have to use unreliable plug-ins for iTunes, which are shaky at best, and you don’t have use seventeen different conversion steps to get true hi-res audio files to your Hi-Fi system. All in all it is a very good buy and well worth the investment.

    -= Spalding =-

  • David says:

    Interesting. I disagree with you about ‘best quality sound’. I have both FLAC 16/44 and Wav 16/44 and after months of listening trials, blind testinhg etc am convinced that Wav files sound far better. Searching mang various forums I see I am not alone in this. If I download a 24/96 Flac file and convert to Wav 24/96 or even 16/44 both Wav files sound better than the Flac. Yes, Flac files are difficult to handle, so why bother when a native Wav file is not a problem. As for AAC, forget it, not even close to Wav. Flac I think is more beneficial for the ‘supplyer’ not the consumer. As is a lot of metadata contained in Flac which can also cause problems. I think that if you were honest about sound quality then you would agree that Wav offers the best sound possible at this time for the domestic consumer.

  • Alain says:

    I play my flac files up to 192khz trought my wired network from my computer to my PS3 witch is connect whit HDMI to my processor AV7005. I can also play them from my ethernet connection on the AV7005 processor witch accept 192 khz. The source is always my hard drive on my computer but it could be a NAS on my local network.

  • David says:

    On a 2 terrabyte drive connected via Firewire 800 to a Mac Mini with Pure Music by Channel D to do the actual sound decoding. From there it goes to a Bel Canto DAC1.5, which is, in turn, connected to a Bel Canto amp. The speakers are Usher Mini Dancer 2.

    When I’m working at the computer the sound comes from Media Monkey on Windows 7 and the B&W MM-1 speakers. Initially I was pretty underwhelmed by the MM-1 speakers, but they have broken in quite nicely. Of course, I could say the same thing about the Usher speakers costing 10 times more, I was disappointed with them at first, but now I can’t imagine better sound. Break-in periods are funny things.

  • John433 says:

    Very nice site!

  • Carl De Meyer says:

    24 bit files are loaded into Songbird, installed on Mac. Mac is connected with optical cable into Cambridge DAC and then into Tact (Lyngdorf) amplifier. Speakers are Missions 783 and REL subwoofer. Sounds pretty nice and as good as SACD Mareantz SA 11 S1

  • RIchard F says:

    Streamed from my NAS to a Linn DS. Does the job wonderfully!

  • Andre says:

    Richard F, thanks for your post.
    Wich software are you using for ripping and playback, on wich OS?
    I’m use a MAC with a ReadyNAS Pro and Akurate DS.

  • David says:

    I play mine back via Songbird on an iMac connected via optical to a Musical Fidelity V-DAC II then via some Chorus interconnect to a Graham Slee headphone amp and finally my Grado RS1s! Sounds lovely but must admit that at the moment I still prefer the 16-bit Red Book rendition from my Rega Jupiter – maybe I need a better DAC?

  • Bob says:

    I listen the 24 boy FLAC files on my IMac via VLC

  • Gerry says:

    I use a Mac application called Fidelia to play all my music on a Mac Pro.

    The computer is connected via USB to a KingRex UC192 (a digital to digital converter; USB to AES/EBU) set to the highest resolution the set up can take (192KHz/24bit)…quite simply because I can.

    The UC192 is connected to an Emotiva XDA-1 DAC Pre-Amp (a digital to analogue converter and Pre Amp) via mini XLR to XLR (AES/EBU).

    The converted analogue signal is then connected to powered Adam A7X monitor speakers via balanced XLR cables.


  • Gerry says:

    My portable set up:

    I use an App called Flac Player on my iPhone 4 (converters are now decent…for a phone!) with any of the following depending on the music I am listening to and what mood I’m in.

    Shure SE535 + ACS Custom moulds = Maximum isolation with with detail accross the frequency range and mids that sing to you.
    Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 Pros’ + Silver Null Audio cable = Crispy with very detailed bass
    Sennheiser HD-25s – very closed-back – An absolute classic
    Bowers & Wilkins P5s – Extremely comfortable for on-ear headphones and they has a remote! = Bright but enjoyable.
    Bowers & Wilkins C5s – secure workout earphones…with a remote!

    Yes, the little money I have all goes on audio equipment. I am what they call an Audiophile/sucker.

    I LOVE IT!

  • Miquel says:

    Streamed from my LaCie NetworkSpace2 NAS to a Marantz NA-7004 + Marantz KI Pearl Lite+ B&W CM8. Sounds excellent!

  • Alan says:

    Playback of FLAC 24bit recordings ond other digital files up to 124/92 is via intel i7 computer. 2x!tb hard discs in Raid array using J River Media Centre 17 software set to play from RAM and in ASIO mode via Lynx AES16 sound card feeding Chord Electronics QBD76. Listening is then either via Stax Omega 11 earspeakers with 007t vavle energiser (preferred method) or via Ben Duncan/Audio Synethis AMP-02 pre-amp, 2xQuad 909 amps ((with uprated caps and ampbus card bypassed) driving Dynaudio Reference LS5?12A speakers.

    Either way the sound of your 24 bit FLAC files is superb. Via the Stax they are awsome.

  • Bobby Walker says:

    I recently installed a 10k audiophile grade audio system in my 2010 Range Rover and I’m trying to get the most out of my system. I have done a lot of research and now know how crappy portable digital players are! (and yes iphone and android devices are included)

    I basically have 2 questions.

    1. Do they make a portable audio device that plays 96/24 bit without resampling it down to a lower bit rate?

    2. How do you properly burn 96/24 or 192/24 from digital format to CD without the software sampling it down?

    Apple device hardware is only capable of 48/16 bit and Android devices are even lower at 44.1/16 bit, so it doesn’t matter if you download an app that plays 96/24, because it simply resamples it down to what the hardware is capable of.

    I’m really hoping someone else has had this same problem and has found a solution :)



  • htpimp says:

    Bobby Walker – Their are only two ways that I know of to reproduce 24 bit 96 khz files in your car. The first is to take the files and rip them as DVD-Audio files onto blank media and purchase a DVD-Audio compatible playback device for your car (there are very few out there). The second is to purchase the HiFiMan MH-801 playback device which looks like a giant Sony Walkman from back in the day. It is expensive and bulky but should work. Cheers!


  • htpimp says:

    correction on part number, HiFiMan HM-801 and it costs $790.

  • Jimmy Wang says:

    I convert the files with Pure Music to Apple Lossless which also supports 192/24, then add the files to iTunes library on my MBP, playback via Pure Music to Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2 through USB connection, then to Burson Audio’s HA-160 headphone amp and Sennheiser HD800.

  • Alex says:

    Full digital HD to speakers!
    Squeezbox Touch media player with WD 1tera HD, digital coaxial out to Tact 2150 class D amplifier down to B&W 802 Nautilus . Only problem 96KHz player’s limit.
    I want to share the experience of real life stage listening! I try to compare live music with home listening just after performance and I prefer home music, professional stage speakers cannot compare if source is excellent!
    Remote from iPad2 or any smart phone, or your PC, through WiFi, having disc cover at hand is an experience.
    If you can understand difference in video between HDMI and components (analog) in audio , this is the best and chipset solution to heaven!

  • gary gowler says:

    I am currently digitizing my LP collection (500 +) onto my Mac HD using AlpineSoft’s Vinyl Studio.
    I want to use an optical cable. I have an Arcam AVP 700 and their 1000 watt power amp (195 x 5).
    Turntable is a Project lll with phono pre amp. Paradigm speakers all around. I’ve been using the regular 3.5 to record and playback but then realized after doing some research that the optical setup should sound better. My question is pretty simple is that true and should I use the optical for recording and playback. BTW the pre amp has a DAC that I assume is far superior to my iMacs sound card.

  • Tugo says:

    can please anyone give me advice, how to burn the best possible CD-R from 24bit FLAC? I love to listen CD/SACDs on my very good sounding DENON DCD2010AE SACD player. Thank’s a lot, Tugo

  • Susanna Grant says:

    Hi Tugo,

    We will be posting an updated version of our Guide to 24-bit FLAC post this month, so keep an eye on this space:

    Bowers & Wilkins

  • Mark W says:

    24-bit FLAC through Media Monkey 4 on Windows PC / B&W MM-1’s… very satisfying.

  • Tim S says:

    I am playing 96kHz/24bit FLAC
    on Win7 with VLC Player
    on a Dell Vostro 3500 Intel i3 laptop
    off the phones plug
    connected by a homemade mini phones jack to cinch cable (Club mkII by sommer cable)
    into a NAD C320BEE
    to Dynaudio Audience 52 SE speakers.

    …sounds better than CD or even my turntable!

  • Bill Hunt says:

    I play my music on a Colorfly C4, upsampled to 24 bit / 192Khz run through a Fiio E7, with one output sent to a Roberts All Terrain radio / speaker (which acts as a superb subwoofer) and the other output through a Fatman iTube amplifier to a pair of B&W CM1s. Very, very pleased with the results!

  • Jonathan says:

    I have been putting flac files on a Verbatim media share 2TB NAS/ DLNA media server and playing through our home network to a Marantz SR7005 AV receiver with inbuilt media player. Output is to Tannoy revolution signature DC6T speakers. Sorry B&W yours were just not as pretty for the same money & sound quality.

    The results: well I reckon 16 bit flac just shades CD quality, possibly because I never had a truly high end CD player and possibly because I run the NAS in another room so there is zero background noise when listening. Just started on 24bit flac and it is another step up in, well, how can I put it, realism I suppose, especially with instrumentals eg strings and brass etc.

    I think it is a case of the home hardware catching up with the professionally recorded resolution of studio master/24 bit music. I can’t help thinking that CD and mp3 was just a big diversion to sell a lot of mediocre kit for 20 years, and now we realise we were basically shortchanged and are demanding quality music again.

  • Rene says:

    I stream to my Linn DS to listen over my stereo, using an iPod as ‘remote control’; ultimate convenience and High Quality! Music is stored on a QNAP NAS with 4 x 1 TB disks in RAID5 and ‘served’ with Twonky. I have ripped my CD collection with DBPowerAmp, which allows you to do different rips (FLAC, AAC, WAV, MP3) to different locations at the same time. I convert downloaded music in a similar way so the rest of the family can use the convenience of iTunes or an MP3 player whilst I have the opportunity to listen to the best quality possible when I have time. For me a big step forward in quality and convenience, with all in the family now exploring more music. Good fun!!

  • Michael says:

    I’m playing my hires flac files on win7 laptop, seated closed lid along with my hifi gear, tastefully under the TV, which is a giant monitor too. (this all-wired setup is how i play my hd movies too, off the same pc). JRiver works great, and the ipad app for it allows me to control my music beautifully from my couch/coffee table without having the tv/monitor on. USB output to Bel Canto DAC 1.5 and Bel Canto REF150 Amp, then to B&W CM8’s. (Right now I’m limited to 24/96 due to my USB on pc, I can fix this with multiple addons but I plan to swap the standard pc for a CAPS Server soon, which will address this absolutely, while vastly improving the environment in many other ways, such as power supply, streamlined win7, and other ways to remove noise and jitter – normal pc is hostile environment to music no matter how much you add on.) (Right now I just plug any hard drive in, since everything is sitting together in the entertainment center, so don’t need NAS, but looking at it, mostly due to storage capacity needed for video.)

  • Michael says:

    Gerry, For sheer portability I also use the FlacPlayer app on my iphone and the Ultimate Ears Triple Fi’s. A huge difference can be made with a $7 line out cable and a matchbook size headphone amp like $20 Fiio E5, bypasses iphone amp and headphone out cheap circutry, with little added stuff in your pocket!
    Bobby Walker, in Gerry’s setup he (and I) still can’t play 24/96 due to iphone hardware limits, plus still using the iphone internal DAC. So For truly hifi listening on the road I use HiFI Man 602, its about size of classic ipod, built ground up for hifi music nothing else, so great DAC inside, great amp, supports flac 24/96. Sounds amazing with the UE buds above, or my Grado RS2 open back phones, or on the plane with Bose noise cancelling. You could rig it to play into your car stereo. Unlimited storage using 32gn sd cards.

  • martin törnsten says:

    24-bit FLAC and WMA Lossless through Media Monkey 4 on Windows 7 computers with Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 or EMU Tracker Pre sound interface as USB DAC.

    Anyone who knows how to play ALAC files on MM4 (use that as lossless format for my iPods)?

    martin törnsten

  • irarados says:

    the Oppo BDP-95 is a good player for the 24 bit 96 and 192 KHz FLAC files

  • Robert says:

    Just curious, what is the best storage solution for FLAC files? I have a 27″ Core i7 iMac with a 1TB drive running fidelia. I have a huge library of iTunes music as well. Do I need a Thunderbolt drive or can i run something over gigabit ethernet?

  • Torsten says:

    My FLAC files are stored on a NAS ( QNAP 219+).
    I play them back via my Home Network with a Yamaha NP-S 2000 Network Player, connected to a Denon AVP A1 / Denon POA A1 Pre Pro.

  • V K Tarun says:

    I use Foobar2000 to play my Flac Files,[Free]
    For making Audio CDS from Flac files, download “Burn” It is free and superb. Burn Audio CDs and play in your favorate CD player.

  • Chip says:

    Home Network:
    100Mb up/down Glass Fiber Ethernet Internet Access by local provider.
    Linksys 1GB Ethernet Router connected to Local Internet Ethernet Access Device.
    Linksys b/g/n Wireless Access Point connected to Linksys 1GB Ethernet Router.

    Home digital music playback on Linksys 1Gb Ethernet Router:
    ReadyNAS with four 1TB disks giving 3TB available (RAID 5) running Twonky 6 natively.
    Win7 PC running Asset UPnP using NAS for data.
    Linn Akurate DS – also connected to preamp for home stereo.

    Digital Control Systems on Linksys Wireless Access Point:
    Win7 Laptop running Kinsky Desktop and Asset Control.
    iPad running Kinsky for iOS.
    iPhone applications were tried and discarded due to the larger screen format of the laptop and iPad.

    Mobile digital music playback:
    Three iPods (Classical, Jazz, and Pop/Rock) and an iPhone (mixed) for playback on the go.
    dBpoweramp is used to transcode files for the mobile devices. Both Apple lossless and lossy formats are used.
    The choice usually depends on the environment where the music will be played (can effect quality) and how much music is needed (longer trips usually mean more music and quality may have to suffer.)
    Usually classical and acoustic is lossless, but not always, and sometimes I just make mistakes.
    All downloads are stored on the NAS as downloaded.
    All CDs are ripped using dBpoweramp to standard CD format (44.1/16) and stored on the NAS.
    Additional tagging is done using MP3Tag for downloads and rips. Updates are always needed.
    Album art is stored in the FLAC files at 600×600 pixels or larger for better viewing on the control points.

  • Wilco says:

    By NAS, wireless connected to logitech Squeezebox touch connected via coax to a music fidelity DAC, amplified with a denon integrated stereo amplifier.

    Works fine up to 96 kHz.

  • Ian says:

    I import the 24 bit FLAC files into my Meridian Sooloos system and play them on that

  • Rastus says:

    My FLACs go from PC –> VLC player –> souncard –> optical –> Beresford gatorized caiman DAC –> PIoneer amp –> B&W DM302s (sweet) OR B&W CCM80s (sweeter)

    Currently listening to Handel’s Messiah – Sir Colin Davis & LSO (24 bit)

    Hairs on the back of the neck bliss !

  • David says:

    I loaded the Flac app for itunes. I was a little confused at first as to how to do it even with the photo instructions. However, after realizing I had to scroll down on the app page to turn on the Flac player I was good to go. I am fussy about clean sound and had just replaced my B&W C5 with the B&W P5 which sounded great. However I was not prepared for the great sound I heard when I first listened to a Peter Gabriel dowload at 24bit. It was sheer heaven to my ears. I NEVER THOUGHT AN Ipod Touch could sound so great. Ihad put the C5 away and written them off as poor sounding earphones. I decided because of the great 24bit sound to give the C5 another chance. Well I was blown completely away as the C5 sounded spectacular. I find them more comfortable for extended listening than the P5 which I love the sound of. It goes to show that like a great TV can look terrible with a poor blu-ray, a great headphone can be wrongly blamed for poorcquality sound when in fact the real culprit is the audio source. Thank you B&W for making not only superb products but providing fantastic audio material to enjoy the products with. I love the 24bit Flac format and find it is worth the extra effort to get the music into Itunes.

  • Michael says:

    For Mac users, just wanted to make a quick plug for Decibel:

    Decibel can handle most audio file types, including Apple Lossless and FLAC. I have used it to play 192/24bit files and lower res flac files from hdtracks. It will automatically adjust the output sample rate to match the playing track, so my receiver gets the full 192/24 file using an optical audio cable (i.e., no downsampling). I have also used it to play 24 bit 5.1 DTS wav or flac files, which it can send to my receiver again using the optical audio cable. Decibel can also load and play files entirely in memory, which helps avoid audio skips and glitching that I sometimes saw using iTunes.

    Go to the developer’s website if you want to download a demo.

  • Maria Greece says:

    My FLACs go from PC –> VLC player –>coaxial digital out soundcard–> Little Dot DAC 1–> Yaqin MC10L tube amp –>Wharfedale Diamond 9.6

    or alternatively
    PC –> VLC player –>coaxial digital out soundcard–>Creative DDTS-100 –>Creative Gigaworks 770 (Dolby NEO:6)

  • Martin says:

    Hi I currently play my mobile music on my iPhone with the B & W C5 earphones – using lossless – they have turned my head to just what music is all about – I can hear each instrument as they are played – just sublime.

    At home I use Itunes and Bowes Speakers (portable) just love the ability to move my music with me, I am however now about to start saving for the 800/802 speakers because I just love the output from my C5’s and want to enjoy this quality of sound at home. I will then convert my Itunes Library to FLAK and buy Sonic Studios amp.

    But, unfortunately, all of this is in the future as always it comes down to budgets.

    Thanks for opening my ears to great music.

    regards Martin

  • Hunter says:

    Through MediaMonkey and then straight into a Headroom desktop amp and then into sennheiser 650 Headphones. Headroom desktop amp has DAC built in.

    Its a massive improvement over my Cyrus 8 series+B&W CM7 Hi-FI and really brings out the 24-Bit FLAC.

  • Lee says:

    Logitech Squeezebox touch using digital out into Onkyo THX Ultra 2 receiver driving B&W Theatre 684.
    When listening to Stereo music I’ll usually just drive the 684’s but will keep the Audyssey room equalisation settings.


  • Wulff says:

    I play my 24bit files from my pc using jriver mediacenter 17 in wasapi event style mode to the arcam rDAC thats connected with a transparent usb cable to my Arcam amps wich have the B&W CM7 speakers wich i have bi-amped


    I play 24-bit FLAC file in my Qnap 119 NAS using Foober 2000 in wasapi , by usb cable into Precision CH C-1 DAC,
    then by balance cable to Goldmund Mimeisis 37 preamplifier, Goldmund Telos 350 power amplifier, finally I listen
    from B&W 802 D, or JBL K2 9800 SE. In near futuer I wish to change B&W 802 D to 800 D. Now I’m satisfied very
    much ,but I hope if I could hear DSD file natively by this system.soon.

  • joan says:

    Gracias Amy por atender mi correo y solucionar el problema de la pista 4 de Jesca Hoop’s, ya lo he descarcado de nuevo y solucionado el problema

  • joan says:

    querida Amy me gustaria saber si pudieras darme una solucion a mi problema, compre el CD original new blood de Peter Gabriel en el interior tenia un cupon con un codigo para descargar en 24-bits .El otro dia mi hijo pequeño sin querer me borro el track 1 y ya no tengo manera de recuperarlo

  • Marijan says:

    My music is stored on 1TB hard drive. I use WD TV which is connected to over HDMI HK AVR247 (with front preouts connected to HK 2400 PA),
    Speaker setup is completely Bowers & Wilkins, 2 DM603 S3, 2 DM602, HTM61, and 2 M-1 speakers.
    Hard drive and WDTV makes practical to store music, videos and photos on one place.

  • Edward Musschenga says:

    I play my 24-bit FLAC files on a MacBook Pro via “Pure Music”. Pure Music is an inexpensive music player that is installed on top of iTunes. It is using iTunes as the library, but iTunes is not playing the music. Pure Music does it bit perfect. I was not having any experience with FLAC files, and only started playing them very recently. Doing this with Pure Music was very simple. The player has an option in its top menu bar called “Add FLAC or DSD files”. Once you click on this, a small window opens in which you can simply drag your FLAC files. Your music shows up in iTunes just like normal iTunes music or ALAC files. What Pure Music does, is install a simple link in iTunes that points to the directory in which you have your FLAC files. What I really like of this approach is that you can have iTunes music files, ALAC files and FLACfiles all in the same iTunes user interface. The FLAC files “look” exactly like all my other music, including art work, etc.
    From my MacBook, I send the music via a Chord USB to a Musical Fidelity V-Link (an asynchronous 24bit 96kHz USB to SPDIF converter), from where it goes via a Chord optical cable to my Musical Fidelity M1 DAC. Benefit of using the V-Link and the optical cable is that the computer is no longer electrically connected to the DAC, removing the possibility of computer noise. From the M1 DAC it goes to a Musical Fidelity M1 HPA headphone/pre-amp, a Musical Fidelity M1 PWR power amp (soon I will have 2 of them in mono-block mode), and then to a set of ELAC FS 247 Black Edition floor-standers and an ELAC SUB 2060 D subwoofer. All equipment is tied together with Chord cables.

  • Sergey Beketov says:

    I stream my digital collection of flac recordings to Logitech’s Squeezebox Duet and then via analogue interconnect to NAD C326BEE amp. The SB Duet’s DAC is Wolfson 24-bit DAC which together with gold-plated contacts for interconnect provide a very decent sound.

  • Arild says:

    NetGear NAS -> MacBook Pro -> NAD M51 DAC -> NAD M3 Amp -> B&W Matrix 804.
    The MacBook connects to the NAS over Ethernet. USB between the MacBook and the NAD M51 DAC. I have quite recently replaced a standard free audio/streaming application on my MacBook with Audirvana Plus (not free, but very affordable), – massive improvement, and a good companion to the excelent NAD DAC.

  • rjdtwo says:

    Hello All

    What can I play 24/96 or 24/192 FLACs from (without my PC on) that can be near my amp but which I can control from another room (where my speakers are), preferably with album art on the remote (or by way of iphone/android instead). I looked at the squeezebox duet (liked the look of the remote) but would like the “device” to have storage or accept USB HDD. Also thought of WD products but don’t want to have TV on to control the music navigation (and as I said would like the album art in another room with me). I do have a DAC to put betwwen the “device” and the amp if needs be. (USB and digital – Beresford – Gatorized)

    Thanks in advance everyone

  • Chris Jones says:

    Sigh. I cant, yet. But for now I down sample any 24 bit files to 16bit, then use Winamp with ASIO plugin out to my MF V-DAC, which ups them to 24/192, to my NAD C372 and B&W DM603 S3s.

  • rjdtwo says:

    Went with the Logitech Squeezebox Touch –> DAC –>amp–>B&Ws



  • Guy says:

    music on Synology NAS is processed by Yamaha NP-S2000 and sent to B&W 804D; WiFi controlled by DS Audio app (from Synology) on IPod, Touch

  • Francis says:

    I just bought the Denon rcd-N7 ceol receiver, took a little notebook that otherwise would rarely be used and put a media server software on it, hooked it up to my external disk drive and now I can play the whole library wireless through my home network on the receiver. By the way the Denon plays MP3, wav, Flac and many others.

  • Florianinside says:

    24-Bit-Flac is feeded into DBPowerAmp generating 24-Bit-Alac
    (at least i hope so, i haven´t found a way to check the Bit-Resoultion (not the Bit-Rate!)).
    iTunes feeds my Zeppelin Air via wireless Airplay with the 24-Bit-Alac´s
    And my Zeppelin is feeding my ears.
    At least i believe that i can recognice a difference between directly downloaded 16-Bit Alac and converted 24-bit Alac. But i´am not sure if the complete chain is free of downsampling. Is there any tool to check the Bit-Resolution of my Alac-M4a´s?

  • Bowers & Wilkins says:

    Dear Florianinside
    The simplest way is to right-click on one of the converted tracks in iTunes and go ‘Get info…’ Under the summary tag, the Sample size and Bit rates are shown.
    Kind regards
    Bowers & Wilkins

  • Dennis says:

    In the den, Foobar 2000, Juli@ sound card analog output to Bryston B60, Paradigm Millenia One 2.0 speakers.
    To the living room via LAN to Logitech Squeezebox Touch, digital to Bryston B100 (with internal DAC), Paradigm Signature S1 V3 speakers

  • Florianinside says:

    @ Bowers & Wilkins:
    Fantastic! Thanks a lot! So at least i know that the conversion-chain is working. All i have do hope from now on is that Apple´s Airplay-Blackbox streams the file bit-exactly and the zeppelin-air-dac is allowed to do it´s very best :-)

  • José says:

    Since i handle two digital libraries, one in iTunes and the other in a NAS, I convert the 24 bit flacs to 24 bit ALACs using XLD. This software creates perfect bit copies in different formats. Once I have the ALACs, I load them into iTunes and sync it with the library in my NAS.

    Now, when I want to fully enjoy, I play the digital ALACs in my NAS through a Linn Sneaky DS hooked to a Yamaha RZ11 with a pair of CM5s or Monitor Audio RX8, defending on the room I am.

    If I go AirPlay, I play the music through iTunes so my Zeppelin Air can receive the tunes without any issue.

    Also, syncing the libraries help me have a backup in case one of them fails…

  • Phil says:

    I have a naim uniti (which plays flac files but not apple lossless) with a nas drive so i can simply download your music files and copy them across to the nas drive to play from there. I use itunes to copy cds onto the system and occasionally buy the odd track/album from them too but i then have to convert them to flac format using xld before copying them to the nas drive.
    My main problem is the lack of suppliers for 24bit flac. The only reasonable source i have is Real World Records (yes im creeping) whose music i really like and the price for flac is very good indeed. The only other one i’ve found is HDtracks but they dont always like selling to me in the UK. Perhaps some information about other sources and availability as part of Society of Sound would be beneficial for a lot of users.

  • Jon says:

    I use a Squeezebox with it’s digital output connected to a Hegel HD11 DAC. In a addition to the FLAC-24 files I have ripped all my CDs to 16 bit FLAC on a USB hard drive connected to the Squeezebox. The Squeezebox’s internal DAC does not do the FLAC-files justice, hence the HD11.

  • Wayne says:

    I utilize a Mac Mini in my audio set up that has Pure Music installed. The files are sent through HDMI to my Anthem D2v. Sheer bliss!

  • Dave says:


    FLAC is lossless, meaning it is bit-perfect to .wav. When the two are played back they are completely 100%, totally identical. Any perceived difference in sound quality is in your head.

  • George S says:

    I also store flac files to a WD hard drive, which is connected via USB to a WD media player which connects to a Denon 5ch amplifier. Output is heard through a B&W MT20 speaker system, using Denon’s multi-channel stereo capability.

  • ontheapex says:

    PC to store and manage the files (in a different room due to fan/hdd drive noise)
    Foobar2000 player
    Digital output into my Arcam AVR300 receiver’s DAC
    Usher R1.5 amp
    B&W 802 Matrix

    I’ve been contemplating on a NAS & dedicated network player solution, but still can’t find something I really like and can afford at the same time…

    @Phil, HDTracks are indeed a handful to deal with when not in the US, let alone when living in Greece.

  • John says:

    PC in another room, networked to Oppo 105 via Cat5.

  • Alain says:

    I convert FLAC to ALAC using MAX software.
    All my music is then stored in a NAS (QNap).
    I read it with a Mac mini an Audirvana+ though a USB connected CLASSE CP-800, 4 CLASSE M300, and a pair of B&W 800D.
    I must say that I am very close to musical heaven!!!


  • Chris says:

    I save the FLAC files to a NAS (currently a 1TB MyBookLIve that will be upgraded, hopefully in the not-too-distant future) which are then played via a Naim ND5 XS feeding into an Arcam A38 and then B&W 704s. Very, very happy with the sound quality!

  • Jim says:

    I use DLNA services to stream from computer to receiver:

    – I run TVMOBiLi media server on my iMac (with transcoding disabled)
    – my internal Gigabit network connects the iMac and a Pioneer SC-68 (11.2 receiver with 192kHz DACs)
    so FLAC data is streamed directly into the SC-68’s Media Sever input. Internally the DAC handles the signal.

    – for control, I just use Pioneer’s 2012iContaolAV app on my iPhone (a version also available for android phones),
    so this means I don’t need a TV or projector to be on, and the iPhone acts like a wifi remote (can use it in any room
    in the house), and allows me to control just about everything on the SC-68.

    I’ve been able to play up to 192 kHz FLACs at bitrates up to 8467 kbps so far, with all files just kept on the computer.

  • BlingoAli says:

    1) On speakers: FLAC files stored on mediaserver PC, streamed over powerline LAN to home-built media PC, running Mediaportal software. Mediaportal PureAudio plug-in feeds bit-perfect audio to Arcan rDAC then Exposure XV amp into Ruark speakers

    2) On headphones: FLAC files stored on mediaserver PC, streamed to laptop running Foobar2000. USB Dragonfly DAC feeds (WASAPI Event) directly into AKG K550 headphones

  • brkd44 says:

    I store music in hd wd 2tb and pc.
    Out via usb upsampled to 24bits to absolutely briliant benchmark media dac1 HDR
    Then through xlr to amplifier.
    No chance for better sound even from the most expensive cd player.

  • Mike Middleton says:

    I use J.River media center version 16 streaming from NAS drive through a Lenovo laptop via USB through a Benchmark DAC 1 USB via Roksan kandy to B&W PM1 speakers. Stunning.

  • Juan says:

    My smart TV has a SD-card connector and a media player which supports FLAC24.
    I managed to connect the TV to my analog amplifier using the only analog audio output I found on it: a scart I/O port intended for AV recorders.

    The thing is I know nothing about the DA converter used for this audio output and wether I’m getting really 24-bit 48KHz audio quality.

    The recommended audio output in my TV is a HDMI output for ARC-compliant amplifiers and the second choice is coaxial digital output.

    I wonder if anybody knows about digital HDMI and/or coaxial to analog RCA adapters.



  • Lelle says:

    I use jRiver to play flac files on my computer.
    Uses coaxial input on my Hegel HD25.
    Allows custom music reach my ears via two Dynaudio Focus 110 Active and two Dynaudio SUB 250th
    It sounds wonderful ……

  • aljen says:

    My T+A Music Receiver can play 24 Bit FLAC by itself, so all I have to do is to copy the files to an external USB hard disk, which I connect to the Music Receiver then. It works flawlessly.

    Streaming via network is not an option for me, since I would have to keep my Mac on all the time (or, even worse, obtain and maintain a server solution) in this case. So I choose simplicity and enjoy.

    On my Mac / iPod, the 24 Bit FLAC files don’t play, so I convert them to Apple Lossless using an inexpensive „Pro Audio Converter“ app. Considering today’s hard disk capacities, the storage space is not an issue.

  • spil says:

    Clementine under Linux – definitely the best audio player.

  • Erik says:

    VLC Player under Windows 7, using SP/DIF output (optical, using my HTPC’s onboard Realtek HD audio card) and D/A conversion done by my Marantz SR 4003 receiver.

  • Keith Graham says:

    Winamp with Maiko WASAPI addon (WASABI is a method of by-passing the windows mixer and delivers the stream in a more pure form).
    Chord Company USB SilverPlus USB A-B Digital Interconnect ->into Musical Fidelity V-link192 ->
    Chord Company Prodac VEE 3 Digital Coaxial Interconnect ->into a 24bit mini DAC ->
    QED Reference Audio 40 -> into a vintage Quad 303 /34 combo ->
    Chord Company Rumour 2 Speaker Cable finally through a pair of Focal Aria 901’s.

    I have to say a 24/192 track sounds utterly wonderful, hard to believe it is digital – it almost rivals my Planar 3, and I don’t have to keep changing records.

  • Henk Beijsens says:

    Apple Lossless on iTunes, playing through my Zeppelin Air or my installation (Bowles and Wilkins CDM NT series) or multiple (house full of sound).

  • John says:

    I’ve downloaded the FLAC 5.1 version of Tubular Bells. My USB drive shows a stereo signal going into my receiver (Marantz 5008). How do I play the 5.1 files over my system? Thank you.

  • David Shaw says:

    I have a 3 month free trial, which allows me 2 albums this is great but how is it possible to hear a sample first?
    thanks for help-

  • Bowers & Wilkins says:

    Hi David,
    You can download all the available albums for three months, not just two. The best way is to download and see if you like it.

  • tom laperna says:

    i too, am wondering how to play downloaded 24/96 flac files.. i have downloaded a few, but cant get them to play. i download them on my windows 7 lap top then put them on an external hard drive. which i then plug into a seagate freeagent theater, which is plugged into my pioneer elite via hdme..i have downloaded movies and music that is encoded in dts and dts-es. the movies encoded in these formats sound spectacular. i had downloaded dark side of the moon, the one that is in dts,, it has phenominal sound.. however, the flac encoded music files i have downloaded, they only sound as good as a normal cd.. i am wondering how i can get the superb sound of 24/96 to play over my system.. my elite does have a usb port , though i keep getting the error, not supported when i plug into it.. any body got ideas for me.. should i transfer the files onto dvd and play through my blue ray player….. help,, thanks guys…

  • Matias Elena says:

    24bit 96 khz flac and DSD: played by Audirvana plus through airplay or USB to zeppelin air.
    24bit 96 khz ALAC via Itunes airplay to my zeppelin air.
    I have only one problem (and also a question). I have a macbook air. It doesn’t has an optical out. I use the USB port, but the MIDI program recognize the zeppelin air a 16bits 46 kHz. The airplay out don’t say anything (nobody can confirm if the internal DAC receive and play 24-96 or its downsample to 16-44). Sometimes i take the old macbook of my wife and connect the zeppelin by the optical port (the best sound by far).
    The zeppelin air is a great product.

  • Johnson says:

    Hi, how do I play 24/96 bit files on my Zeppelin Air connected via USB to my Mac? In the audio midi settings the Zeppelin bit rate is fixed at 16 and I can only choose between 44.1 and 48 sample rate. Audirvana shows the Zeppelin DAC maxing out at 16/48 too. Quite disappointed as it was advertised to do 24/96.

  • michael says:

    I would like to play a mix bounced to 192 khz 24 bit without passing it thrue dither and downhrade to 44.1
    Can I do it with flac or do y I u have another suggestion

  • Bill Barner says:

    Just got a Ponoplayer. The 24-bit FLAC files sound good with the Pono and my Grado RS1 headphones and RA1 headphone amp.

  • duane says:

    I play hi res downloads through a computer using jriver media center19. All downloads from all other sources sound fantastic but….since joining SOS I cannot play downloads from SOS. Could it be because the files have .zip as a suffix? None of my other hi res downloads have this suffix. Please help.
    Thank you.

  • Liz says:

    Hi Duane

    Can I just confirm which software you’re using to unzip your files? The software should unzip the files into .flac files.

    Kind regards


  • Martin says:

    I have the FLAC files stored on a home server. They are provided to the home network by Universal Media Server. As “media renderer” I directly use a Yamaha RX-A2040 that is hooked up to 5 wonderful B&W CM S2s (5.0 surround setup).
    This configuration plays most of the FLAC24 files nicely, but some files (that can be decoded by VLC) result in error messages on the receiver.

  • Bill says:

    On a PC you can play 24bit files using WinAmp or Foobar2000 but I think you will probably hear it converted to 16bits unless you have a posh soundcard. Don’t bother with the MS offerings!
    My main system comprises a NAIM UnitiLite going in to a pair of Kef R700s and boy does it sound good. 24bit files lose that congested sound that you get with the 16bit version and gain a beautiful delicacy of sound. You can easily pick out different instruments in the orchestra, it is worth the effort especially for classical fans.
    I bought the UnitLite version with a built in FM tuner which is very good, especially on Radio 3!

  • Bill says:

    duanne you have to unzip them and play the FLACs or am I missing something her?

  • Federico says:

    FLAC files are natively supported in Windows 10, also in 10 Mobile..

  • Ethan Burmeistet says:

    Mac to Yamaha RX A2040- how do I connect and play a 24/96 track?

  • Robert Fauchon says:

    I play my Flac files through winamp and interconnect my CP’s sound card to my Older Stereo system. A rotel pre-amp and rotel 60w/ch power amp. My speakers are B&W DM220. 24bit 192k sounds great this way, but I feel the sound card D2A isn’t giving me the best. I’m researching an outboard DAC to connect USB2. Another thing is I wonder how the FLAC files have been made? Are they uploaded via a CD or Vynil? How can you tell?

  • David says:

    Been using Logitech Squeezebox Touch for years now. Handles 24-bit FLAC with no problems. Playing through Icon Audio amp into my old Yamaha NS1000M speakers. Sounds awesome. My other system is a Squeezbox going into a Naim setup and B&W speakers. Again sounds superb

  • Bob says:

    I play my FLAC files with VLC on my desktop and my mobile devices. I also have a head unit in my car that plays FLAC, but with an interesting glitch. All of the album covers for the world/pop selections show up fine on the media screen, but none of of the classical covers show up. Audio is fine, but I would like to get the covers. How do I fix this? (This is only an issue in my car – VW head unit.)

    I know SoS is moving to .aiff, but I still want to listen to my library of SoS FLAC albums.

    Any help appreciated.

  • Kennet Jonsson says:

    I copy FLAC files to a Asus tablet, play with Groove Music through the Bluetooth interface to an Netgear Bluetooth/DAC device to a Quad 33/303 with Carlsson OA-116 speakers. Simple and stable, I sit in the sofa and select from FLAC/Spotify music, google artists and get more input to look for new music.

    Playback quality is so great that the main issue now is recording/mastering issues. So thank you for providing well made recordings!

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