#DestinationSound: Eric Church, Las Vegas

#DestinationSound is our new global music series in partnership with Mandarin Oriental. Together we curate unforgettable musical happenings in the greatest cities in the world.

The first event took place last month in one of the world’s most rock ‘n’ roll cities, Las Vegas, and featured multi-award winning modern country music legend, Eric Church. We caught up with Eric on the night and talked about his inspirations, growing old and why vinyl is his favourite format.

Despite already having won multiple awards for five albums, Church takes the long view in terms of his career. Determined not to be swayed from creating music that is true to him, he is philosophical about the process:

“You’ve got to do it for the sake of the music, and not how much you think its going to succeed…its not about one record or two records or three records, it’s about being an artist.”

He cites Pete Seeger and Bruce Springsteen as huge inspirations and artists who follow a similar philosophy:

“My favourite artists are people you can see age, you can see change, you can see evolve…you can see their life happen through [their] albums.”

Another passion for Church is vinyl. Clearly loving the process of putting the needle on the record as much as the sound it makes, he created a custom turntable for Record Store Day, limited to 50 and each one signed by himself. Unimpressed with digital MP3s, he advocates vinyl as the best possible way of hearing an album:

“If you want to try and figure out what the artist is trying to convey artistically, vinyl is the best outlet we have…when I’m in the studio and I put my headphones on, the closest thing to what I hear, is vinyl”

In a world obsessed with convenience, Church is exactly the kind of artist we need.

twitter: @ericchurch
Instagram: @ericchurchmusic

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