Some of the best sounding tracks on PX

When developing PX, we knew we wanted to make a pair of headphones that sets a new benchmark for sound quality. Now we invite you to hear the music that we think brings to life these acoustic achievements. Our specially curated playlist features tracks that PX delivers with solid bass, characterful expression and sparkling clarity.

Macy Gray: Annabelle

This Macy Gray cut was recorded live in a church in Brooklyn, and from the opening guitar melody you can hear why we included it in our playlist. The resolution and sense of space it relays is wonderful. Most headphones make this track in particular sound closed-in, but PX brings this to life with its attention to detail and musicality.

Tinie Tempah: Girls Like
(Girls Like)

You don’t have to go high-brow to get hi-fi. This is Tinie Tempah grime, as contemporary as it gets – and it sounds great. Fast, foot-tapping fun, all brilliantly executed by PX’s timing capabilities.

Gregory Porter: Holding On
(Take Me To The Alley)

Some voices tell a thousand stories, and Gregory Porter’s is no exception. Just listen to this glorious vocal performance: it’s realistic, warm and full, immediately engaging you in the music. The 40mm drive units housed inside PX truly show off the virtue of this.

José James: It’s All Over Your Body
(No Beginning No End)

This soulful outing is the perfect track to showcase the PX’s ability to dig deep. It’s loaded with incredibly deep bass; tight and muscular, not wallowing and inaccurate. And by the time the rest of the instruments join in, you’ll be immersed in a groovy sonic bliss.

Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique, Op.14: II Un Bal
(Sir Colin Davis: LSO)

We made PX to handle all kinds of music, so it would be rude not to throw in some classical. Quick to get into the major movement, PX wonderfully illustrates the orchestral textures with exceptional colour. This is a live recording with all details revealed, and if you listen closely at 1:35 you can hear conductor Sir Colin Davis briefly hum before the next instrumental phrase.

Scout Niblett: Lullaby for Scout in Ten Years
(Kidnapped By Neptune)

Raw-edged rock without the raw production values. This is a demo cut that will surprise, and PX delivers the dynamics to perfection. But while hard and angry, listen out for the details and intricacies, too.

James Blake: Measurements
(James Blake)

This typically complex James Blake piece features his multi-tracked vocals to create an extraordinarily dense and wide soundstage. It’s a great showcase for the stereo width of PX, and also highlights the stunning granular nuances of the recording.

Rag’n’Bone Man: Die Easy

Rag’n’Bone Man’s full-throated vocals are delivered with incredible levels of resolution on this completely a cappella track. Listen to the voice: centre staged, realistic and focused as though he is singing to you. The result is an engaging and expressive piece of music.

Lou Reed: Vanishing Act
(The Raven)

This track’s all about resolution. From the opening piano melody to Lou’s close-miked vocals, it all sounds incredibly real, but more than that; you’ll hear the space in the studio in which he is performing.

Deadmau5: Seeya

This deadmau5 track is deceptive: it sounds like initially there is only a very limited amount of bass – but that’s until you get to the 34 second mark. After that, the combination of depth and drive is a real eye-opener.

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