Society of Sound: Mammal Hands winter playlist

Mammal Hands are the Society of Sound artists for November and during this month subscribers can download the band’s third album Shadow Work.
To coincide with the release the three members of the group Jordan Smart, Jesse Barrett and Nick Smart have each chosen tracks to make a Mammal Hands playlist exclusively for this blog.

“The tracks we’ve chosen for this playlist are for the coming months and are all themed around winter,” they say. ”These are all tracks that we enjoy listening to at this time of year, and hope you do too.”

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  • Christian Steinmayr says:

    Any chance you can issue these playlist also on Tidal in the future?
    Seems kind of strange to offer high class audio systems and downloads in (even better than) lossless quality and then to only offer playlists through Spotify. Sorry if this is a repetitive question, but i haven’t read any threads so far.


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