Six tracks to really bring out the best of the P7 headphones

To demonstrate P7 Mobile Hi-Fi Headphones, Bowers & Wilkins head of engineering Stuart Nevill has curated a mix of tracks in master tape-quality from Society of Sound.

Dub Colossus – Dub In A Time Of Cholera

Great recording and great dub is a very rare combo but this is the genuine article. Listen out for how P7 manages to deliver both the tight, solid bass and the radiant horns that come together to form a shining
multi-layered sound. Bass is the place, that much is crystal clear.


Charlie Winston – Unlike Me

Singer songwriter with melodic talents alert! Charlie Winston’s self deprecatory love song is eloquent, charming and original with a sound that just licks your lobes. The subtle rhythms delivered by the prominent acoustic guitar are revealed in all their toe-tapping detail thanks to P7s natural, accurate delivery.


 Samuel Yirga – Nou Se Soleil

This brief piece is intriguing. The song, performed by the Creole Choir of Cuba, echoes Black Gold of the Sun from the same album, but Yirga’s piano adds unsettling dark undercurrents. P7’s precision allows you to pick out and follow the overlapping vocals that make this piece work so well.


Little Axe – Take A Stroll

Skip McDonald rolls the blues with dub bass lines and comes up with a classic sound. Listen out for how P7 delivers on the artist’s desire for Take a Stroll to sound like a live recording, thanks to clever use of reverb that comes across clearly because of the headphone’s ability to deliver subtle details.


Three Cane Whale – Fall of Snow

Get the Blessing trumpet player Pete Judge joins Paul Bradley on guitar and Alex Vann from Spiro to produce a radiant, pastoral piece that’s underscored by running water. Listening through P7 helps reveal the natural tonality of the acoustic instrumentation that makes the track an aural delight.


John Metcalfe – Centre

Metcalfe is a virtuoso violinist with a penchant for moving the spirit. Here, P7 delivers the subtle differences in tone of the plucked strings that would otherwise leave this exhilarating piece sounding somewhat flat. If the detail and dynamics don’t raise hairs check your pulse.


All recordings are, or have been, available on Society of Sound as master-tape quality downloads.


  • Jean-Paul says:

    Cool tunes, now for the P7,……

  • pete says:

    The best headphone music at the moment are the Studio Master downloads from the small Amsterdam based label Soundliaison.
    qoute:And man, are they ever sweet. I’ve seldom heard recordings that were so successful in both performance and sound aspects.,,,, this intimate effort is one of the best and best-sounding jazz vocal albums to come along in many a day.
    Rad Bennett SoundStage!

  • Erik says:

    So, my good friend and colleague showed me his Bose noise cancelling headphones. I was impressed by how they created a world in the office. Once at the store I thought I should compare them to other speakers. Well, turns out there was a B&W P3 to try. Wow, so much clearer sound. “How about these P5s?” Completely blown away! And a happy owner of B&W P5. Thanks.

  • Kevin says:

    I’ve been using the P7’s for almost a month now, and they’re the sweetest sounding (open/airy and dynamic) closed back headphones I’ve ever heard, and they look like a work of art. Great job B&W!

  • Horacio A.Gaviña says:

    You contact in Argentina,yours truley

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