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Paul Day photographed by Nic Shonfeld


To celebrate Record Store Day we are joining in the vinyl frenzy with a lovely Instagram competition to win a pair of speakers from our new 600 Series range and a three month subscription to the Rough Trade’s Album Club.

We’ve commissioned photographer Nic Shonfeld to take aa series of portraits of vinyl fans with their favourite piece of vinyl which we’ll be sharing with you over the next three weeks.

We’d like to know what’s the one piece of vinyl you can’t live without. Post an inspiring image of your favourite piece of vinyl  on Instagram . with the hashtag #LoveVinyl to win #new600series speakers.

Competition terms and conditions

Calder Gillie. Favourite record: Ability II – Pressure

Laura Coxeter. Favourite record: Seawind – Seawind

Alex Cabre. Favourite record: Palma Violets – 180

Marcus Thorne. Favourite record: Swell Maps – A Trip to Marineville






  • czayna says:

    My favorite Ahmed Jamal-Saturday Morning #LoveVinyl :)

  • bram wind says:

    My best vinyl is dave greenslade. The pentateuch. Wonderful album. On finyl.

  • Jerry says:

    Best vinyl is no vinyl. Too much of a pain, too time consuming to set up properly, too expensive. All to get lower resolution than digital files or SACD/DVD-A.

  • Gustav says:

    Jerry, vinyl is analogue. It does not have a “resolution.” It does have some limitations over digital, but also has a distinct sound due to a number of factors (analog distortion, mastering process) that some prefer and some do not. It’s ok if you prefer digital but that doesn’t mean others do.

  • Lothar Sobek says:

    My best vinyl ever is “Love me do” the Beatles. Have is since 1963

  • Lothar Sobek says:

    Love me do, the Beatles

  • Alan Mortensen says:

    My Best vinyl is Agnes Obel – Aventine and Lorde – Pure Heroine

  • Ed van Leent says:

    My best vinyl album is Sugar Loaf Express featuring Lee Ritenour on JVC Direct Disk 1977 nr. VIDC-2
    Beautiful recording and soundstage, almost a collectors item!

  • Biederbeck, Klaus says:

    My best venyl: Paul Simon – Graceland. I love it.

  • lucas says:

    To taste the best vinyl Deep Purple – Smoke on the Water
    you see the real smoke and feel the real water.

  • Ali.D says:

    Having grown up with Vinyl and having replaced well loved LP’s with CD versions for the convenience, I have on occasion played both Vinyl and CD versions of the same album to compare. Yes CD is clean and clear , but there is a warmth that can only be found on a Vinyl. Even transfering Vinyl recordings to mp3 format, the sound loses some of it’s warmth. Yes CD’s and mp3’s are great but to really appreciate a pet digital recording, Vinyl is best.

  • Adi says:

    When i am very pacefull , i listen Klaus Schulze Timewind , this is my best vinyl .

  • Ken says:

    Thelma Houston presure cooker

  • Ken says:

    Regret selling my lp 12 turntable

  • Hanco says:

    Jerry clearly needs to have his ears syringed!!

    Music isn’t 0’s and1’s, it’s analogue, rumbling, emotional and sonic peaks and troughs that can only be appreciated on vinyl (or live).

    The pain and ceremony of putting a record on is all part of the fun.

    And no I am not a Luddite, also have a zeppelin but nothing comes close to the classic set up of record deck, amp and (b and w) speakers.

  • LUIS LEAO says:


  • Kenneth Skarsäter says:

    One of, not to say the best of my vinyl recoerdings is a Concord LP with Monty ALexander trio from 1984 titled “Reunion in Europe”.

    Jeff Hamilton on deums and John Clayton on bass makes the trio complete and formidable beautiful to listen to.
    The tunes are;
    Two bass hit
    Got my mojo working
    Blues for Stephanie
    Love you madly
    That’s why

    Can a piano trio sond better? Hardly.

  • James Hooker says:

    For me it’s Barber’s Adagio for Strings, trance on vinyl is the only way it’s done.

  • Don LaBute says:

    The best of all times people would think was Sgt Pepper. But I beg to differ it can only be Duke Ellington / Louis Armstrong..Recording together for the first time. Issued on Classis Records / Roulette. Do you self a favor

  • Sylvain Girard says:

    The vinyl album is Thick as a brick from Jethro Tull 1972 ,i love this like the first time i heard it!

  • Pete Williams says:

    Favorite vinyl – So many choices, will have to go with King Crimson – The Court of the Crimson King

  • Paul Pogonoski says:

    The vinyl that I still love to here and still have in my collection that I have never given away (but my 20 yo daughter has now borrowed) is Boys Don’t Cry, by the Cure.
    This album blew me away and started my music odyssey. Now, both my 15 yo Son, and (especially my 20 yo Daughter) are fans of the Cure.

  • Usman says:

    My favourite one is Anne Bisson – Blue Mind! #LoveVinyl

  • Nat Rudison says:

    My favorite vinyl album is Donald Fagen – “The Nightfly”. With artists like Donald Fagen; James Gadson; Jeff Porcaro; Anothy Jackson; Randy Brecker; Michael Brecker; Larry Calton; Chuck Rainey; Marcus Miller; Abraham Laboriel; Steve Khan; Dean Parks, you can’t go wrong. Real artists, real music! Albums from this time period helped you enjoy your audio system, while you always found the time to sit back and relax. My vinyl is taking me back to those days as I find myself listening to my audio system again. Thank you B&W for bringing the enjoyment back to music

  • Marcelo says:

    Hello, this promotion is only for US residents or for anyone around the world?

  • José Brito says:

    Although vinyls have not been part of my generation’s lifestyle, their music still is and their symbolism is hanging on my room’s wall #LoveVinyl #new600series speakers.

  • Hp says:

    It’s the eternal HIGHWAY 61 REVISITED: #LoveVinyl

  • Alan Mortensen says:

    My Best vinyl is Agnes Obel – Aventine


    My favorite Vinyl Album is SECONDS OUT from GENESIS, that double vinyl album cames out in 1977.
    A Splendid Live recording from the great Genesis,

  • greg says:

    my favorite vinyl is album plan b The Defamation of Strickland Banks

  • Dave says:

    Most albums by Bowie make my list!
    Converted all my favs to Apple Lossless & listen thru MM1 & P5 speakers/headphones – awsome!

  • hautopp says:

    I have several vinyls that I prefer over the digital versions – the most obviously must be “Agains All Odds” (MAXI Single version) performed by Phil Collins. I have never heard anything alike the depth and power in any digital version of this vinyl.

    Alsp beeing grown up with vinyl and replaced some loved LP’s with CD versions for the convenience, I have on several occasion played both Vinyl and CD versions of the same album to compare. Yes CD is clean and clear , but there is a warmth and depth that can only be found on a Vinyl. Vinyl is simply the best.

  • andreas says:

    The Lamb lies down on Broadway – GENESIS bought 1974. Last played 1996.

  • Ray says:

    Miles- Kind of Blue, need I say more?

  • Riaan says:

    Hi my best vinyl is yello Flag

  • haraldferdinand says:

    BAND OF GYPSYS, Jimmy Hendrix, Buddy Miles und Billy Cox spielen 1969/1970 ein grandioses Neujahrskonzert. Das ist mein Vinyl Favorit.

  • Herve b says:

    My vinyl favorite live sheik yerbouti frank zappa

  • Alan says:

    Lucio Battisti, the best
    #LoveVinyl #new600series speakers

  • chralt says:

    Das beste Album? Sehr schwierig weil es sehr viele tolle gibt:
    Pink Floyd – wish you where here; Queen – A Day at the Opera; Jethro Tull – Thick as a Brick; Genesis – Lamb lies down on Broadway;
    uvm (und vieles Mehr)

  • Lars Hemmes says:

    Since 1972, when I was 16, I buy records. My first album was Exile on main street from the Rolling Stones. And now the most favourite album from my great collection is The best of Massive Attack on Virgin 0084835446517. How great the dynamic sound from this great Band.

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