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To celebrate Record Store Day we are joining in the vinyl frenzy with a lovely Instagram competition to win a pair of speakers from our new 600 Series range and a three month subscription to the Rough Trade’s Album Club.

We’ve commissioned photographer Nic Shonfeld to take aa series of portraits of vinyl fans with their favourite piece of vinyl which we’ll be sharing with you over the next three weeks.

We’d like to know what’s the one piece of vinyl you can’t live without. Post an inspiring image of your favourite piece of vinyl  on Instagram . with the hashtag #LoveVinyl to win #new600series speakers.

Competition terms and conditions

Calder Gillie. Favourite record: Ability II – Pressure

Laura Coxeter. Favourite record: Seawind – Seawind

Alex Cabre. Favourite record: Palma Violets – 180

Marcus Thorne. Favourite record: Swell Maps – A Trip to Marineville






  • Tom Hearn says:

    One of my favourite albums is the Nexus percussion groups direct to disc entitled “Ragtime”. It is so clean sounding with incredible performances by the whole group. Would love to hear this through better speakers that I currently own!

  • Khaled Khaled says:

    Vinyls all the way! My Best Vinyl for today is ALL DAY MUSIC by WAR. Cheers. Khaled

  • Jan says:

    My favorite vinyl is The Waterboys – Fisherman’s Blues.
    i bought it in Birkeland – Norway.

  • Deane Lyon says:

    The vinyl I can’t live without is…Strange Universe by Mahogany Rush. I have lots of great vinyl, but this one somehow…it’s like Frank Marino was in a Hendrix-induced trance when he did this one. I recently purchased my third copy, still in the original seal, from eBay (the other two are a bit worn, but still sound great). I’ve also bought the CD that was recorded from the original analog master (not Mobile Fidelity, unfortunately), and it sounds….just….unbelievable.

  • ironmike303 says:

    Having over 3,000 old LP’s. It is very hard to pick out just one out.I love them all.They bring back memories of concerts and friends.But I have to give the edge to the first record a local band put out. The band was Left End and the their first album was Spoiled Rotten. It made me feel proud that a local band and local guys were breaking on the scene..

  • Piers Williams says:

    How do you enter if you do not have instagram and have not intention of doing so

  • PETER FONE says:

    My favourite album Abraxas by Santana I can listen Samba pa ti all day long apart from the other great tracks First heard in Majorca 1972 Definitely a Desert Island Disc Got to see Santana at last in Malta in 2012

  • Brian Rimmer says:

    My favorite piece of vinyl is Steely Dan’s- Can’t buy a thrill.
    Nat is right about the Nightfly ,but Can’t buy a thrill was the firrst time we’d heard Donald and Walter do what they do!
    It still stands up today ,fresh as the day it was born.

  • Peter D'Arpa says:

    I have more than 2500 albums, and to say which one is the best is very difficult. Put a gun to my head, and I would go with, The Allman Brothers Band, “Live at the Fillmore”. It takes me back to a time when live music was all over the place, and no one was better than the Allmans!

  • Stuart Hallett says:

    My favourite album that I like to listen to on vinyl is Mike Oldfield’s QE2, even though I own it also on HDCD and try and make numerous comparisons of each. However there is something rather methodical and noble to slide any LP out of its sleeve and place it on my Technics SL-7 turntable. The term ‘Organic’ is somewhat over used these days; however I find the phrase is a perfect response to listening to any vinyl album.

  • Kevin SOUKUP says:

    Yes I would like to win best vinyl. Scorpions

  • Predrag Nikolic says:

    My favourite vinyl is GOING HOME by THE L. A. FOUR
    (Direct cutting at Nippon Phonogram, Tokyo 1977
    Photo of the album posted on Instagram through my wife’s mobile.
    I’d love to hear this record played through B&W speakers.

  • bob burden says:

    AROUND MIDNIGHT by julie london ( 1960) remastered in 2013 / 180 gram. sounded great back then, sounds even better now. WAY BEFORE YOUR TIME.

  • René Schläpfer says:

    one of my absolut favorites John Mayall’s Laurel Canyon , my first vinyl ever :-)

  • René Schläpfer says:

  • Bowers & Wilkins says:

    Dear Piers,

    I am afraid it is not possible to enter this competition without instagram.

    However please keep an eye on our blog for future competitions.

    Kind regards
    Bowers & Wilkins

  • Frederick santos says:

    My fave vynil is the Persuasive Percussion wherein the listeners is almost inside the recording studio where the recordings were done

  • Martin Dade says:

    The Psychedelic furs 1st Album. The intro to the first song India lulls you into a false sense of serenity before Richard Butler and the band smack you around the head.

  • DJ_Jon_Doe says:

    having been a DJ now for around 22+ years now who has amassed over 7,700 pieces of wax covering a multitude of styles and genres i’d have to say it’s difficult to narrow it down to just 1 all time fave, but 1 that still amazes me to this day for it’s subtle yet complex orchestration and deeply intelligent neoclassical structure would have to be the Aphex twin remixes of Gavin Bryars ‎– Raising The Titanic.

  • DJ_Jon_Doe says:

    would love to show you my pic of this title however i use my phone for just that a phone so i have no smartphone nor access to the internet so thats just a shame i can’t share with you all without it some how.

  • Danny Wildish says:

    Hi all i have over 15 years of Dj experiance behind me,and have spent loads of money on the lovely wax.most of my collection is ever my one piece of vinyle that stands out would be pills thrills and bellyaches bye the happy mondays.Not only that its a great album,but the genius of shaun ryder and the band and the freedom that the late great tony wilson gave them,to bring in dj producer okenfold and osborne and mix indie and dance for me as much as i love the album,what it stands for is more important.bringing different people with different styles of music together as one.

  • Bosco says:

    I have 8 vinyls so far………I just brought my first turntable, loving Miles Davis King of Blues

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