See our biggest sound ever: Sound System debut at Primavera Sound Barcelona.

Born of a dream to bring true hi-fi sound quality to huge, outdoors venues, Bowers & Wilkins Sound System debuted at Primavera Sound Barcelona.

Four Sound System speaker stacks, each 3.5m tall, brought spine-tingling sound to a mix of DJ sets and live acts. Sound System adapts the acoustic design of our flagship Hi-Fi and studio speakers in a massively enlarged format, to stunning effect.

“The sound was crystal clear,” said DJ Fra after his Friday night performance. “You could feel every single detail of the sound. It was a beautiful experience.”

“It’s like being in an 800 capacity high-end studio,” added The Haxan Cloak.

Crowds and critics were equally impressed. Spin magazine listed not one but two Sound System sets – John Talabot and Marc Piñol – in its “10 best things we saw at Primavera Sound“. Meanwhile news of the speaker stacks impressed everyone from DJ Mag, XLR8R and Mixmag to GQ Magazine.

See and hear this remarkable debut for yourself – and experience the atmosphere of Sound System in a stunning 21m igloo tent with 360° video projection. Watch the video… and check back in soon for news of where Sound System is appearing next.



  • tim says:

    I really want to hear this system, it encompasses almost everything I wanted in a large system, Would LOVE to have this in the Center Camp Cafe at Burning Man this year.
    I had a friend of mine who attended Primavera check it out and she said it was very good, probably the best she has heard. (from someone with fiveteen years of attending London clubs.)

  • Kenny says:

    Please…please…please bring this sound system to Scotland and get Jon Hopkins to DJ with a full visual set, i’m sick to death of hearing substandard sound systems in clubs and at festivals – i’m certainly not a sneering audio snob (only a little bit) but it is so disappointing when you pay good money to see an artist or spend a fortune on a festival ticket to have to endure a piss poor sound system.

  • Bowers & Wilkins says:

    We love John Hopkins too.

  • Arup Goswami says:

    Indeed! Trust B&W to come up with their ‘ground breaking technologies’ like Nautilus tweeters, the infamous kevlar 150mm cone mids with FST, the superb Rohacell 250mm bass units as ‘mid-bass’ & finally the kingpin of the system (IMHO) the 15-inch Rohacell bass units from the now sadly discontinued 801D together with the ever so successful matrix enclosures.
    WoW !! The ingredients are such that you can’t just go wrong. Give ‘em proper amplification, follow some basic acoustic norms & you’re at the centre-point of a super-successful setup !!
    Congratulations to B&W and the Engineering Team. (BTW – I’m a 801/802 user since the John Bowers days… & they’ll remain with me for the rest of my life).

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