Ofeliadorme: elegance in music

Ofeliadorme’s new album Secret Fires is the Society of Sound release for May 2017. Here, Francesca Bono from the Bologna-based band, introduces us to their specially curated playlist to accompany the release.

“If there is a prevailing theme here, it is about ‘Elegance’ in music.

Even when the tempo rushes or the volume increases, there can be elegance in all those nuances that your ear can capture, and they make all the difference. Even more so if you put your headphones on, and we do recommend it.

Although the playlist we made is definitely very heterogenic at first sight, it reflects our different tastes and our predilection for a certain treatment and aesthetic of sound. For instance, we’re interested in the use of hybrid electronic/acoustic set-up, sampling and loops combined with more traditional instruments.

What we’re really drawn to, however, are the details, those subtle changes that make a song great, whatever the genre is.”

Joy Division – She’s Lost Control
We always loved the story about Morris using an aerosol (or paint) can sprayed into a microphone as percussion! It says a lot about creativity before the computer.

Blonde Redhead – Here Sometimes

Andrea Belfi – Roteano
This is tense electro-acoustic music from an amazing Italian percussionist and musician.

Massive Attack – Teardrop

Andy Stott – Science & Industry
Such an intelligent use of 80’s drum machines and classic 90’s synths, two unmistakable sounds that defined two decades.

Portico Quartet – Ruins
Love the jazzy twist. Such an amazing balance in sound.

Dawn of Midi – Sinope

Boards of Canada – Reach for the Dead

Portishead – Machine Gun

Nick Cave and PJ Harvey – Henry Lee

Brad Mehldau Trio – Knives Out (Radiohead Cover)

Beck – Lost Cause

Lianne La Havas – Green&Gold

Fis – Womb Dreams
You can literally feel it in your bones. Try to listen to this track with your headphones on.

Peder Mannerfelt – Perspectives
It is possible to create great music just using samples.

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