Production Notes – How ‘Wandering Heart’ was created

Production notes - Brooke Sharkey

This album was recorded at One Cat studios in Brixton by Jonathan Clayton, produced by Brooke Sharkey and co-arranged with her band members, French horn player Jez Houghton, Sam Pert on drums, Adam Beattie on guitar and double bass and Harry Deacon on electric bass. Guest musicians were Dominie Hooper, Fred Thomas and Alex Bonney.

Jonathan Clayton writes, “We wanted to find a detailed and forward vocal, and a Lomo 19a19 valve mic gave us a bright, focused sound that we were looking for. Brooke’s vocal performance has a great dynamic range, so we used a Shadow Hills mono-gama mic pre with a low noise floor, into an 1176 for some control whilst tracking. With the band we also needed close mics for focus, but also used room mics to get a natural live sound. My favourite for this is the Royer sf24, which gives a wonderful picture of any instrument or ensemble”

Brooke says of the creation of ‘Wandering Heart’ “The album is a real mix of home recording and studio recording. With each song we recorded the ‘core’ (generally the acoustic guitar, drums and bass) in the studio then overdubbed some of the instrumentation with our own home recording set ups.”

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