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Peter Gabriel exclusive 24-bit FLAC version available now

The stunning super-high quality version of Peter Gabriel’s new album ‘Scratch My Back’ is available now from Society of Sound as a 24-bit FLAC download.

If you have bought an enhanced CD you will have a voucher code entitling you to download the album from us as well as giving you three months full membership. If you don’t own the album you can subscribe for six or twelve months to access it.

Have a look at the some of the music available to members here. Artists curated by Peter Gabriel and recorded at Real World Studios feature alongside established artists such as Ennio Morricone, Brett Anderson and Dave Stewart.

For more information on playing 24-bit FLAC files you can see our Definitive Guide or read how other people play their FLAC files here.


  • Neil says:

    Pity that this arrived in my inbox a day after I bought the album. sigh!

  • Rory says:


    This is just amazing, it brings the two camps of music together in such beautiful clear harmony.

    You can feel the love the artists, techs and arrangers have for the music, the realness (if that is an acceptable word) and immediacy leave one breathless.

    More please…..

  • Kurt says:

    I am sorry, i bought the iTunes LP at Peters 60th, 24th of Feb, and now i am very unhappy to get this from B&W. Too late. Please never do this again.

    Kurt, Germany.

  • Rolf says:

    Simply (&) beautifull. Thank you Peter & keep going on this way.

    Rolf, Netherlands

  • HJ says:

    I hoped that Peter Gabriel would make the members a great pleasure …and Bingo he does!!

    The album sounds great with intense, absolute stunning interpretations!

    Please do it again …….

  • GW says:

    Well, I do have the code from my Peter Gabriel Spec. Ed. and still cannot get the 24bit. It says use a valid code. Well, that’s what I do – at least that’s the code printed on my album darn ..

  • donna says:

    i need to know if you are planning on putting mehldau’s new album on here, before i order one elsewhere.

  • SusannaGrant says:

    To access the 24-bit files you need to put your given voucher code in the appropriate box.
    This will take you through to Your Music page.
    Click on the ‘download’ link and you can scroll down past the thirty second samples to
    the ‘download all tracks’ link and choose your preferred format.
    It doesn’t matter if you have been a trial member, you can still access the tracks.
    If anyone continues to have problems, please email me on
    and I will get back to on Monday.
    Thanks, Susanna
    Bowers & Wilkins

  • GW says:

    Hi Susanna
    I have replied to your PM. Thank you . As I had said, the voucher from the CD seems not to get accepted. I can’t get over the log-in at all “code is not valdi”
    Thanks for your support

  • Jean-Guy Dupont says:


    I am new at Society of sound……and running NAD 85 Watts amp with B&W CM1…..

    1……For my $2500. worth system, can anyone tell me if I will hear a difference between
    the 16 and the 24-bit FLAC….or do I need to get a state of the art system to really
    get the most of a 24-bit FLAC……
    2……For my 3 months trial period, I could not get 24-bit…..then I have downloaded 16-bit FLAC
    which I understand is a regular market CD quality……….
    3……Not being comfortable with computer, I dare not adding a codec for WMA…… there a
    way to download Winamp without importing all my music from ITunes since I want to
    keep my ITunes suscription?

    Thank you for reading me!


  • Angel says:

    deseo todas novedades

  • Peter C Ross says:

    Peter G, what a superb superb Album. You certainly did not grow old and strap on an orchestra, you grew into one. Thank you.

  • joan says:


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