Music Club June Build Up

After an excellent response to the inaugural B&W Music Club album we’re really excited to see what the reaction will be to June’s album.

We’ve chosen an exceptional debut album from a band which includes both the ex-drummer from Reef and Ronnie Wood’s son Jesse. The Grindhouse album will be available online from 19th June and they are playing live this summer so if you like what you hear you should be able to go and see them.

We’ll keep you posted.


  • Blomvik says:

    It’s great to see a flac version of the album, but wheres the cover art?

  • MichaelCPE says:

    I also have no cover art in my download.

    And when I clicked download I never saw an option to choose FLAC or ALC, and the ALC was downloaded.

    So how can FLAC be chosen?


  • Blomvik says:


    The window asked me to select a format before it would let me download the album.

    Oh, and the album sounds great.

  • Bill says:

    I’m just listening now – when I clicked to download I was given a choice of Apple lossless or FLAC.

    I downloaded Apple lossless, but as already mentioned there wasn’t any cover art.

    I won’t be able to judge the quality of this till I get home because I’m currently listening on computer speakers. Still, sounds good so far!

  • Jessie says:

    As the others I’m also wondering where the cover art is at this point…

  • MichaelCPE says:

    I think I might have had problems because I’m using Safari as my browser.

    I’ve just listened to Grindhouse, and as I have been so critical of the sound of Little Axe, I thought I should be quick to say that Grindhouse sounds great.

    If the music club keeps up this sound quality I will be a very happy subscriber.

    I’ll post a more detailed review once I’ve listened to it a few more times. That I am looking forward to my second listen says it all. Thank-you!

  • Brian says:

    Ok, downloaded both FLAC and ALC zip files, Neither had the PDF or JPG cover art files. So that is my two downloads used up.

  • Bill says:


    I’ll be very surprised if the missing artwork isn’t an oversight and that you’ll be able to get that if/when it becomes available.

    I’m hoping, anyway!

  • Benjamin Lehmann says:

    We had some technical issues with the Grindhouse artwork that have now been resolved. The pdf artwork is included with the download. Thanks for your patience.

    @ Brian – please send your email address to musicclub ‘at’ bwgroup ‘dot’ com – put in the title ‘Download Reset’

    We will reset your download limit so you can re-download the album. The same goes for anyone else who needs to re-download the album and has reached their limit.


  • Mark says:

    Hi music clubbers – Grindhouse performing well ,as I type!
    Pdf cover included in my download but would appreciate a Jpeg/tiff for easy inclusion in Itunes library.


  • Bill says:


    if you have any problems, email the music club at the address above. They sent me the artwork (jpg and pdf) when I had a problem.


  • MichaelCPE says:

    I downloaded Grindhouse a second time last night to get the cover art.

    This time, instead of Safari I used Firefox. Once again, I did not see how I could choose FLAC, and the download was ALC.

    All very strange :-)

  • Jessie says:

    Cool, got the artwork, thanks!

    So as not to come across as an ungreatful whiny brat over the artwork thing, I would like to say a few more words.

    I joined the music club not to seek out prestine super duper , uper, audiophile recordings, but rather because I can reckognise good value when I see it. That being said, I can’t stand the way mp3’s sound and so the lossless format is what really sealed the deal for me, not to mention I can certainly appreciate the support artists will be recieving from a program like this.

    Now, I don’t own any high end equipment (yet hah), just my ipod, a simple Panasonic reciever, and decent pair of polk audio’s (RTi70’s) , but I would like to say on this setup, or with my headphones (grado sr60’s), I am very pleased with the sound quality.

    I also want to say that I’m diggin the album too.
    Kudos to not only the band, but the recording, mixing, and mastering engineers!

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