London Symphony Orchestra join Society of Sound

 We’re very proud to announce that the London Symphony Orchestra have joined Society of Sound. From now on, all members will receive an album curated by the  LSO each month as well as an album chosen by Peter Gabriel and Real World Studios.

Each LSO Live album will be available as a high-quality lossless audio download, the highest of which is the stunnning sounding 24-bit FLAC which means your download will be identical to the studio master.

We’re determined to keep Society of Sound different from the other music download subscription services by providing handpicked recordings, beautifully recorded rather than a smorgasbord of all-you-can-eat downloads to wade through. So the LSO joining us makes perfect sense. It is widely regarded as one of the best orchestras in the world and since launching LSO Live in 2000, it has become one of the world’s most talked about classical labels and its recordings have collected Grammy, Gramophone and Classical Brit Awards among many others.

Grammy -winning LSO Live producer James Mallinson describes why the LSO Live label came to be:

“The downturn in commercial recording coincided with a growing awareness amongst the orchestra’s management and players of just how many exceptional performances there were every season which survived only as treasured memories of the fortunate few who were able to attend them.

The solution was obvious. The LSO had to make recordings of its own concerts, not to preserve performances for “posterity” but to reach and inspire audiences who would seldom or never have the opportunity to hear the LSO in the concert hall.

The rest is history. The first LSO Live release was in 2000. Ten years later the label has a catalogue of over 70 titles and growing, and an extraordinary international reputation.”

Each album on Society of Sound will be accompanied by some writing from James  explaining why that particular recording was chosen. The first full album currently available is Mahler’s 8th Symphony, conducted by Valerie Gergiev and recorded in St Paul’s Cathedral.

James Mallinson explains the difficulties of recording in such a huge space:

“St Paul’s is famous for an acoustic that rolls on into the middle of next week. Gergiev realised immediately that the way to build a great performance was to work with the acoustic rather than try to tame it”

We hope members will be as excited as we are and let us know here what they think.



  • Volker says:

    Although LSO albums are of course fine and provide indeed very good classical music, the new schedule of one LSO album and one Real World / P. Gabriel album per month is a shift of musical focus in view of the albums selected so far. I liked to receive albums of complete different musical direction, and so far I had no problem to get hold of good classical music.

  • SusannaGrant says:


    We wanted to add something extra for members, all the albums are optional to download so if you choose to just download the Peter Gabriel curated albums, you still can.
    Kind regards,

  • John says:

    I have just finished listening to Ma Vlast. Brilliant! Thank you for adding the LSO live recordings. The subscription is now even better value.

  • Harald says:

    I agree completely with John. This version of Smetanas Ma Vlast from the LSO is really
    brilliant! Thank you for offering classical live recordings like this on such a high technical
    and artistic level.

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