In-demand producer uses CM10s for his concept album, Southern Family

In-demand Grammy nominated producer, Dave Cobb, gave a playback of his new country compilation album, Southern Family, at Nashville’s Historic RCA Studio B last week. He chose a pair of CM10s for this highly-anticipated album’s press playback.


As well as previewing the album, Cobb explained how this unlikely album came about and how he brought an all-star county-artist lineup together.

Inspired by the 1978 concept album, White Mansions, which told the story of the American Civil War through a number of different characters, Cobb decided to pull together his own version. In an interview with Rolling Stone he revealed:

“Everything on that record spoke to me. I’ve been possessed with it and I try to convert everybody to it for years. I really steal half of my tricks from that one record.”

Concept albums can be tricky to say the least, in the same interview Cobb explains why he brought together so many different performers, including Zac Brown, Miranda Lambert, Jason Isbell and John Paul White:

“The concept is Southern family. It’s everybody writing personal songs about their family growing up in the south. And the second bigger concept is taking all these talented artists and putting them all together.”


Southern Family is released 16 March 2016
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