Downloading Society of Sound music just got easier

Downloading Society of Sound music just got easier

We’re always keen to improve Society of Sound and really value members’ feedback. We know that downloading has sometimes proved difficult for some members and we wanted to address this and simplify the procedure as much as possible.

So we have introduced a Download Manager application. This will sit on your desktop and all your albums will automatically show up  when opened so you can browse, manage and download them all in one place.

We are aware there is a small section of our members for whom the application doesn’t work fully and we are working on a new version which will be available shortly. If you have any questions or issues regarding this, please contact us at

In the meantime we’d like to hear members’ reactions to our Download Manager app so please let us know what you think here.


  • Russell Hemati says:

    Works great – never had a problem with it. Your download speeds are pretty awesome, too.

    Windows 7-64bit.

  • dosa says:

    Firstly, I’ve just discovered SoS after remembering a note about it on the P5s I bought a while back and I’m gratefully lapping up the music on offer. It’s the first 24-bit music I’ve had a chance to feed through my DACmagic box; so many thanks, indeed.

    A few points

    1) The download manager appears to missing a means to remove tracks or albums from the download list. Quitting and relaunching doesn’t help.

    I started a download of an album I had already obtained so I could refetch the album cover image which I’d lost when converting the FLAC24 to ALC and I was forced to download the entire album again, just to delete it.

    2) If you expect people to download entire albums why not just package them up as zip files (or dmg, or tar.gz or whatever you like) and make these available from the website? I appreciate that someone has gone to a lot of trouble to create the download manager but it seems superfluous extra complexity from my point of view. And with Flash being poorly implemented on the Mac it often uses half my processor power while it’s sitting doing nothing.

    3) I’m using Max to convert the 24-bit FLACs to equivalent Apple Lossless files for iTunes. Now that I’ve worked out what to do the conversion isn’t an arduous task but it would be really great if these were available as a fourth option directly from your site.

    Once again, many thanks for the great selection of World music.

  • dosa says:

    And another thing while I’m still here..

    4) The growl-style notifications for every single track download completion are not very helpful. Replacing them with a single notification when ALL items on the download list have been received would, IMHO, be much more useful.


  • SusannaGrant says:

    Dear Dosa,
    Many thanks for your feedback regarding our Download Manager and we’re very pleased you’re enjoying the music.
    Regarding your comments, we are hoping to add increased functionality to the application this year and have noted your requests regarding cancelling a download and downloading artwork separately.
    Up until now we haven’t supplied 24-bit Apple Lossless files as a 24-bit sound card is required to support this format. Out of all the players, we’ve found that iTunes’ downsampling ability is poor and playing 24-bit Apple Lossless on a computer without a supporting soundcard tends to sound worse than playing the equivalent 16-bit files.
    Again, we have noted this request and we’ll consider it when we update the Download Manager.

    Kind regards,
    Society of Sound

  • yves says:

    Why are the files limited to 48 KHz, 96 and 192 are really of a higher quality.

  • Robert J. Richter says:

    I too appreciate the availability of these music files, but find the download manager does not work on my Vista 64bit system. the response to comands is slow as…., and multiple downloads completely drags down the program so that it does not respond at all, constant program has stopped responding messages are frustrating, would be easier to download with an FTP program.

  • Jack L says:

    I wish to subscribe to Society of Sound but will do so only if I can Save the Download Manager to my desktop and launch it from there. I DO NOT like the idea of having the download manager automatically install itself onto my system without me having control over the installation.

    Please understand that I monitor ALL my installations and executables so that when I wish to uninstall them in the future I can do so without having any leftover remnants

    –> Could you please give me the capability to let me Save your Download Manager to my hard drive which will permit me to launch the installer and monitor where it puts all of its files.

  • Jack L says:

    I have since discovered that I was easily able to download a setup executable for the installation of your Download Manager. It was the file named DLM_app.air
    Thank you, am now a full subscriber.
    Jack L.

  • Kay says:

    Any luck adding a remove function to the Download Manager? I’m in Australia where we pay for the amount of bandwidth used and I’ve two albums that I’d like to delete from the queue. I’m hesitant to start the program again until I know for certain I can prevent them from being downloaded.

    The AIR interface is nice, but a resource hog on even this latest MacBook Pro. A simple application based Download Manager would be much appreciated.

    Thank you.

  • Daiku says:

    I used the Download manager for the last year, and while I find it useful, I would prefer, like others, an alternate way of accessing my music. I find that Air crashes my Macintosh systems fairly frequently, or makes them unstable. I would prefer a simple email notification of new music with a traditional login like the rest of the world uses. Graphics are WAY LESS important than stability in my world. Adobe doesn’t represent system stability. Considering not to renew because I am not sure I want to put up with AIR.

  • Susanna Grant says:

    Hi Daiku,
    You should be able to sign-in to the site and access music directly if you don’t wish to use the Download Manager application. We do send out emails notifying members of new music each month. Would you mind emailing so we can look into this further?

    Kind regards
    Society of Sound

  • Russ Logerfo says:

    Where is American Express as an option to pay for a music subscription since you purport to accept ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS?I am sorry but it is frustrating to drool over all this wonderful music and be unable to upgrade from my Free Trial because I only use a Visa debit (but the American version not accepted here) and American Express(I like the discipline it provides since full payment is required for all charges each month) How about considering Paypal? There are relatively few high resolution downloadable music files available. I am a big B and W fan although I am not currently an owner of your fantastic products. I know the quality of your products and appreciate you offering quality music for download. I just can’t access it to the extent I want due to this payment system you are employing. Any way around it?

  • Susanna Grant says:

    Hi Russ,

    I’m sorry this is proving frustrating for you. We are looking into accepting alternative forms of payment including American Express so please do keep an eye on the site.
    Kind regards

  • Eric Besselink says:

    I’ve run into some problems with the download manager. It starts up, but doesn’t show a window. There’s no menu item to open a new window, so I can’t use the application. I’ve updated Air and reinstalled the download manager. The application can be started and stopped, the menu responds normally, except for the missing interaction window…

    Any suggestions?

  • Faisal says:

    Hi, I am new to the SoS and I am looking for the download manager but cannot find it. Also there some broken links on the website, I have to say that finding the music is a little confusing.

  • rwood says:

    Hello Faisal,

    Sorry to hear you are having some difficulties. The download manager is no longer use so this would explain why you are finding broken links. As a Society of Sound member when you are logged into the site if you click on ‘Download’ in the top right hand corner. This will then take you to out download page where you can download a selection of albums in high quality audio. If you need any more information on this please visit:

    Many thanks,


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