Did you like our exclusive album by Madam?


Madam’s Gone Before Morning is Society of Sound Music’s twelth album and that alone is cause for celebration.  It’s been  very popular in the B&W office particularly her slowed-down late-night version of Odyssey’s ‘If You’re Looking For A Way Out’ – which is particularly good news as she’s playing around the corner next month.

As always, we want to know what members thought about this recording and if they have any recommendations based on this they think other members might like?

Madam have a couple of dates lined up with more to come. We highly recommend you check them out live and if you’re in the Clerkenwell area on the 18th, we’ll see you at the front.

  • 2nd May 2009            Bergen Festival, Norway
  • 18th May 2009          The Slaughtered Lamb, London
  • 23rd July 2009          Queen Elizabeth Hall, London supporting Black Box Recorder

Don’t forget a Society of Sound Music Group has been set up on Last.fm by one of our members so you can share more music there.


  • Jeff says:

    Again, a nice change in direction from the last album, which is what I’ve come to expect from my membership. Lovely crystal clear vocals and although not necessarily something I’d listen to everyday, it works perfectly in the wee hours.

  • Jeff says:

    thanks for the back catalogue – and in 24-bit FLAC too!

  • David says:

    Another great addition to the B&W canon of music, and excellent you can now here previous albums in 24 bit as well!

    Luckily I have heard Madam before on Guy Garvey of Elbow’s brilliant show on 6music (http://www.bbc.co.uk/6music/shows/garvey for those who are interested in hearing other great music).

    It’s really understated and she has a great voice all the better when in this quality

  • Roger says:

    Yes, I second Jeff, thanks very much for the back catalog downloads! I like the site, the concept, and the few releases I have received so far. My only issue was that there were a few back catalog releases I really wanted (would have been happy to pay for).

  • Bryant TREW says:


    Another interesting shift from the club, and I’m extremely grateful that you’ve released older titles on 24bit. Gwynneth Herbert is awesome! PLEASE put Dub Colossus out on 24bit though!!!!!

  • Jimmy says:

    I agree that its fantastic the back catalogue is now available in 24-bit, but there is one question. What’s the point of resampling the music up to 48k? I can resample up myself and there isn’t any benefit of you doing so (and arguably a disadvantage of doing so), and therefore personally I think it would be better if you just left the music at the 44.1k from the master. Of course, if it was originally in 48k, then I’m very welcome to the 48k files. Thanks.

  • Thomas says:

    Thanks for the catalogue and again for the cd.

  • Dom says:

    I was lucky enough to see a stripped down Madam supporting Black Box Recorder recently, and was very impressed. Having access to this album is a real bonus! Thanks B&W and Madam!

  • Miha says:

    I wonder how those catalogue downloads work… I reckon they count as one out of 12 downloads available per subscription?

    The new album is amazing, I can’t stop listening to it. Keep it up!

  • Jose says:

    Thanks for the back catalog!

    But, where are the missing albums (e.g. Daby Touré)?

  • Dominic says:

    I recently discovered Dub Colossus in Songlines mag and was really please to see that they are part of the Society of Sound line-up. FLAC downloads are fantastic; keep up the excellent work.

  • John says:

    Really enjoying the Madam songs. B&W have had three albums which I enjoy more each time I listen. Little Axe, Dub Collossus and now Madam.
    I look forward to more in the future.

  • David Burton says:

    I’m a new member and have rather eclectic taste – but was really disappointed with last months (my first months) album – great sound quality but to me, rather repetitive from track to track and hence, after the first track or two, quite monotonous. However in contrast, I’m delighted with this months album – Madam – which I find a total pleasure. Beautifully produced with great variety across tracks whilst having a recognisable theme and identity. Very enjoyable … and despite what I say about last months album, both expose us to styles of music that we may or may not be attracted to – and for me, that is a good part of what the club is about, even if some of the music is not to my personal taste. In part for this reason, the new access to previous albums is most welcome – I’m excited by the great variety yet consistent quality – and feel relaxed knowing that I won’t like all, but will enjoy discovering music styles that I wouldn’t otherwise choose. Keep it (quality and variety) up!

  • Giuseppe Nale says:

    The april download is an excellent musical content and a state of the art recording. Society of sound is doing a great job.

  • Andreas says:

    I said it before and I’ll say it again: the most amazing,best value subscription service ever. Madam was a new artist to me and I’m pleased to admit that I’m pretty impressed by her. Keep up the good work.

  • pat says:

    Well – I love Gone Before Morning. The first album from the Music Club I really enjoy!

  • Brian says:

    Being new to the B&W fold I found this album to be an great introduction to the club. If I saw this in my local music shop I would probably have passed it by and that would have been a real shame as I found this to be an interesting and rewarding listen…can’t wait to see what next month’s album is!

  • hcl says:

    The tune was alright, but from S&S music club I expected a 24-bit master and not a standard CD-quality and as stated earlier three songs/month during the trial period and not only one. I simply require more from a permanent membership.



  • Randy says:

    The demo CD that came with my speaker purchase was just wonderful. However, after nearly 6 months on the trial subscription, I have yet to hear something that comes even remotely close to that quality. My emphasis is always on the vocals and the music that supports it. Quality of recording comes last. The albums might be great recordings but its hard to identify that unless the music is as good. I see that a lot of your members like the music but I guess I have different taste.

    This month’s artist has a beautiful voice but the music killed the album. It is almost as if they don’t hear the vocals; somehow it doesn’t match the singer’s tunes. I am sorry to say that it sounds like one of those bad DJ remixes.

    With so many good reviews before me, I hate to give this bad review but my opinion about the artists so far (since Dec) is that great recordings only help good music.

  • AlexT says:

    Very nice album and nice recording. Thank you and Madam!

  • Joel Bursztyn says:

    At last a record that I will like to listen (to the music and not only to sound). Unfortunately all the previous were too far from my “common” taste.
    However, this one is good and I am playing it also in my car.
    Obviously that at home it sounds better with my 804

  • Dancremeans says:

    I think she (Madam) is very original and very refreshing (and from my perspective, willing to take chances artistically)! I think it’s the best download so far. Keep um commin!

  • Bill says:

    I listened to Madam on the B&W SoS podcast, and I’m enchanted. But I cannot find the album for downloading. Has it been withdrawn?

  • Susanna Grant says:

    Dear Bill,
    unfortunately the Madam album was only available for a monthas the artist didn’t wish to make it available for longer. You can buy her current album via her website if you are interested: http://www.madam.org.uk/
    It’s a stunning album.
    Kind regards,

  • sukie smith says:

    hello! this is sukie from madam , thank you for your lovely comments… i want to let you know about this site , i am raising money to be able to release the recordings we did for you ,with added backing vocals/guitars etc to be ready for january..big launch at the amazing kings place. if you pledge at the website you are automatically on the guestlist and get the dd of the new improved album for free…..its very very simple, just register yourself , go to the right hand side of the page and start pledging by choosing from the list of incentives we’ve made up…….thank you , look forward to hearing from you

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