Download an exclusive Dengue Fever track

 Next month we’re very excited to be teaming up with critically acclaimed Los Angeles-based Cambodian American rock band Dengue Fever, the group Mojo called “The world’s premier Cambodian psychedelic rock band” and the Los Angeles Times call “the most original pop band in LA.”

Dengue Fever will be releasing a fantastic live and studio recorded album which will be available for Society of Sound members to download for one month from June 24th. All the tracks from this incredible album were, of course, recorded at Real World Studios and are available as glorious high quality lossless digital downloads.

Right now you can get at taste of their inspiring sound by downloading an exclusive sample track, Tiger Phonecard, courtesy of Society of Sound. Click ALAC (if you are using iTunes) or FLAC if using another music player to simply download and enjoy.

Multi-talented as well as multi-cultural, Dengue Fever will be returning to Europe in June to promote the fascinating new documentary Sleepwalking Through The Mekong.

The release of their Society of Sound album will also coincide with several European tour dates, including:

Wednesday 17th June 2009:  In-store live performance at Pure Groove record shop/gallery space, 6.30pm

6-7 West Smithfield, Farringdon, London, EC1A 9JX

Thursday 18 June 2009, The Scala, London with Don Letts.

Time: 7.30pm

Admission: £13.50, tickets from Ticketweb: 08700 600 100.

For more confirmed tour dates across Europe visit


  • peter says:

    the myspace link is broken for me unless I
    remove pre-‘myspace’ url data

    like the qwerky instrumenation
    ‘sober driver’ :)

    might be interesting to see b&w get
    some open source audio player up
    for the emails

  • Luca del Carlo says:

    I’ve known this track for quite some time, having heard denge fever here in los angeles and owning an earlier release. brilliant new recording. the passion of a performance matter a great deal more than fidelity, yet mp3s have never been a friend to the ear, an artless, soulless form of reproducing music. this lossless recording brings all good things here.

  • ch lee says:

    thank for your kindness

  • ch lee says:

    is a good

  • Wolfgang says:

    Nice one! I have known Dengue Fever for a while, and “Tiger Phone Card” is my favorite track. The version here is different from the ones I got through emusic – not only is it London instead of New York, but it’s somewhat more — polished?

    I found that Dengue Fever’s music never suffered too much from the MP3 format due to their lo-fi approach – but am really excited to hear what the new album in full resolution will sound like!

  • Lorenz says:

    hey, that is so awesome! I was chatting with one of the BW guys on twitter and mentioned how cool it would be to get something Asian related! funny coincidence that something like this is up now, loving it!

  • Matt says:

    Sorry, but I don’t know where else to put it: Track 8 “Sober Driver” of the Dengue Fever album download for members is missing from the FLAC24 ZIP archive option! Please correct! Thanx, M.

  • SusannaGrant says:

    Hi Matt,
    this is our mistake and we will be re-uploading the track shortly. I will be making it available as an individual link so that you don’t need to download the entire zip again and will post the link underneath the Dengue Fever post here:
    Sorry for any inconvenience,

  • zhenter says:

    very very..good……….

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