Dengue Fever join Society of Sound

Chhom Nimol from Dengue Fever

Dengue Fever have never been shy about occupying a niche, Mojo described them as “the world’s premier Cambodian psychedelic rock band” although the LA Times preferred to see them as – “Sexy and eclectic, it’s world music for the cool kids”.

In The Ley Lines“  is the new monthly album available exclusively from Society of Sound. It’s a superb set of unreleased tracks that were recorded at Real World  – some live and some in the studio – and mixed at Real World and the band’s studio in LA.

The tracks, which amount to an album’s worth of material at more than 40+ minutes of music include: “The Province” (new song), “Tiger Phone Card” (new arrangement), “Mr. Orange” (new arrangement), “Hold My Hips” (new arrangement), “Doo Wop” (never-before-recorded studio version), “Pow Pow” (live), “Sober Driver” (live), “New Years Eve” (live), “Seeing Hands” (live) and “One Thousand Tears of a Tarantula” (live).

They really do sound like no-one else.

Society of Sound members also get a stunning compilation of new virtuoso guitar music from the BGS label (British Guitar Society). Compiled by Society of Sound artist Tom Kerstens, it comprises of 10 tracks interpreted by some of the best international guitar players today which all sound fantastic on a good pair of speakers.

As usual we’d really llike to know what you thought of these two vastly different but equally interesting albums.


  • Lorenz says:

    Dengue Fever is the BEST album you’ve put out so far. It’s marvellous, I love it!

  • Alvaro Estandia says:

    Great album, very original. Much better than Charlie Winston (which I didn’t really like)
    I would like to make a suggestion for a future artist (Sorry if this isn’t the right place) the group is “Touch and Go”
    I find their music great.

  • Nick says:

    world music for the cool kids, sound interesting to me, i will have to check out these guys.

  • armin says:

    i love the album. especially “Seeing Hands” is a marvelous mix of a psychedelic rhythm and typical world motives. sound-wise i like the drums on that track best. very natural and real :)

  • pat says:

    l’album le moins évident pour moi… pas facile… à creuser donc !

  • Nick O. says:

    I loved this album from the opening chord. The previous month’s selection didn’t resonate with me, but Dengue Fever is worth an entire year’s subscription. Encore!!

  • RNR says:

    Great stuff. Where is the “stunning compilation of new virtuoso guitar music” is this a new album or a reference to existing excellent Tom Kerstens and Ensemble Download that popped up earlier in the year.

  • SusannaGrant says:

    The compilation was from The British Guitar Society label – which is in fact run by Tom Kerstens as part of the International Guitar Foundation.
    Unfortunately this album was only available for one month and has just been taken down.

  • Eswets says:

    At last a good album again. The best since Dub Colossus.

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