David Rhodes debut album Bittersweet

This month’s album has taken years to come together. It’s not that David Rhodes is a particularly slow worker as much as he’s been very in demand as a session guitarist, primarily for Peter Gabriel but also for the likes of Paul McCartney, T-Bone Burnett and even Roy Orbison.

Rhodes started writing the songs which became ‘Bittersweet’ a few years ago and gradually worked on them until he felt they were strong enough to meet the public. Talking about the title, David explained:

“There’s always that balance of light and dark that runs through the record. Hopefully there’s enough colour in the music to offset any miserable lyrics!”

We were really pleased to enable David to get into the studio and record this album and, as usual, we’d really like to know what members thought.


  • luisaurel says:

    What a great album!!!!!!
    David go on!

  • Nicholas says:

    The years spent with Peter Gabriel have nurtured a great talent here.

    This is the album that PG have should have released after PG4.

  • Steve says:

    I love this. Great recording (as usual) and a superbly melodic rock album – melodic is a compliment, by the way. David’s signature guitar work shines through. Peter Hammill on backing vocals, eh? Any chance he might do a session? Nah, too much to hope for!

  • Andres says:

    A great work plently of sensations, very, very” worked”. Some times it sound very “Genesis-like”.
    Of course only my opinion. I just waiting for more…;-)

  • Abi says:

    This is one mighty fine recording…can’t stop listening and the tunes keep buzzing round my head!

    David’s voice sounds fantastic, he really sings it like he means it!

    Right, I’m off for another listen…

  • Tim says:

    Am I the only person who logged in and cannot download this album?

  • fan says:

    Can I purchase this album alone?

  • SusannaGrant says:

    unfortunately you can’t buy any albums individually from Society of Sound but it is definitely worth checking the artist’s own website as they may well make it available from there.
    David’s is: http://www.davidrhodes.org/

    Hope this helps,

  • Matej says:

    Never mind all the other fabulous music from SOS. This album alone was worth the price of admission! Great job guys, so happy to be on board!! You hit the spot with this one!! :)

  • Willem says:

    Excellent album, I have had it playing and playing and playing and playing and playing ….. This album suddenly puts many a Peter Gabriel album in perspective ;-)

  • Neil Dutton says:

    I have long been a fan of David’s work; discovering him, like so many, through his work with Peter Gabriel, but have so often examined a sleeve note to find out who was responsible for that subtle guitar riff here, or burst of distortion there, and found David’s name. He is a master of the understatement but regularly supplies the little touch that makes a good record great.

    I have been wondering when this record would appear; I remember hearing ‘Down By The River’ on the ‘Plus from Us’ album many many moons ago, which promised an upcoming album, but the long wait has been worth it. This is a great record, full of great performances and tunes that stay in your head. David’s lead vocals are really strong, (and superb on ‘Just Two People’, the album’s highlight for me), and the textures, arrangements and musicianship showcase some great songs perfectly.

    Don’t make us wait another fifteen years for the next one David!

  • David Valdez says:

    I uprade my acount to download this album and still cant do it.
    Can anybody tell me how can I download the entire album?

  • s. says:

    how can I buy it ?????

  • Willem says:

    ….. and playing and playing and playing (see previous comment). Now when is it released for real? I want the jewel case and the disc and I want it on my Ayre C-5xe !!!

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