Society of Sound music Presents the New Album From Brett Anderson – Wilderness

Brett Anderson Wilderness cover artwork

Limited edition lossless sound quality released exclusively through Society of Sound Music today!

We have partnered with Brett Anderson to release his new album in digital lossless format, three weeks before it is available anywhere else. For a limited amount of time subscribers to Society of Sound will receive the album in addition to the scheduled new releases from Grindhouse and Gwyneth Herbert (released July 18th). If you’re not a subscriber though, you’re still in for a treat: a free trial is available which entitles all visitors to download three lossless tracks from the album.

“I made this album with the purest of intentions: to create a beautiful suite of songs untethered by second-guessing markets and playlists and music biz bullshit. I have no record company, no publisher and a smaller audience but I have never been more confident and focused about what I am doing as an artist”

Brett Anderson, June 2008.

Brett’s first record, the era-defining ‘Suede’, became the soundtrack to a new generation, a generation disaffected by much of the music and culture around it. Their first album ‘Suede’ became the fastest-selling debut since Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s ‘Welcome To the Pleasuredome’ and it was catapulted onto the charts after a performance on the 1993 BRIT Awards. Featuring heavily-layered production by Ed Buller, the album showed influences from indie rock band The Smiths and David Bowie and other glam rockers which were filtered and blended to create a trademark sound.

When the group split Brett reunited with ex Suede guitarist Bernard Butler to form The Tears, and their album ‘Here Come The Tears’ was released in 2005. Brett also collaborated with Stina Nordenstam and Jane Birkin.

In 2006, he released his debut solo album, the intensely personal ‘Brett Anderson’. Wilderness is his second solo outing: it tells the story of a love affair, and has garnered high praise from both fans of his frst solo albums, and Suede fans alike. Subscribers can download it here. If you’re not a subscriber you can still sign up for a trial and receive three of the tracks, plus three tracks from the magnificent Grindhouse, here.

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  • Victor says:

    I have just downloaded and sampled a few tracks on the new album. Putting musical and technical merit aside for one moment, so far I have found all three albums thus far to be of a rather darker/sombre mood – what I would call “depression music”.

    I hope we have some lighter, more uplifting albums in the pipeline for the future.

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