Best-selling artist joins Society of Sound


Charlie Winston, whose debut album ‘Hobo’ has sold over 200,000 copies in France, has released an exclusive compilation album including rarities for Society of Sound members.

This is a great example of us being able to bring you an exceptional artist on the cusp of going global.  Discovered by Peter Gabriel and supporting him on the European leg of his 2007 tour, Charlie has gone from strength to strength and we’re really proud to be able to offer our members the chance to hear his exceptional songwriting talents.

He is touring France throughout the year and will also be playing WOMAD in July. We’ll be running a competition to win tickets for this festival shortly so watch this space.

Catch him live if you can and let us know what you think of this exclusive recording here.


  • Valdis says:

    In the document attached to the 24 bit/48 kHz variation of the album there stands: „These 48k 24b files were created from 44.1k 16b files using Digidesign Tweak Head conversion.”. If so called “high resolution” is acquired from files of lower resolution, then, telling it mildly, I feel fooled.

  • SusannaGrant says:

    Dear Valdis,
    You are absolutely right to draw our attention to this. Charlie Winston’s album was one which we just didn’t want to turn down the opportunity of showcasing to Society of Sound members. Unfortunately the music wasn’t recorded initially for Society of Sound and wasn’t originally recorded as 24-bit files. We have upsampled with the greatest sympathy at Real World studios.
    The usual monthly albums are always recorded at 24-bit but, as I said, unfortunately this wasn’t but we loved the album too much not to offer it.
    In future, if we have this sort of opportunity again, we will offer it as 16-bit and not upsample.
    I hope you have enjoyed the music nonetheless,
    Society of Sound

  • Valdis says:

    Dear Susann, thank you! If we are talking about resolutions, I would like to ask if is it in your plans to offer files in resolutions 24-bit/96 kHz or 24-bit/88,2 kHz? These are right these resolutions in which I have noticed considerable difference in sound in comparison with usual CD format. And therefore from now on all my current music collection is in resolutions up from 24-bit/88,2 kHz. For a while the exception are files from Society of Sound. Probably because of my respect to B&W… and from my interest how the Society of Sound will develop.

  • eric says:

    i think this was my overall favorite album that you have released yet. a great combination of old and new, funk and ragtime. i may not be the greatest talent in rating music but i find myself listening to this album more than any other if have downloaded. great job!!!

  • Matt Turner says:

    Okay, yes, resolution is no better than CD… However, thank you for posting this anyway because I loved the album and looked into some more Charlie Winston.

  • Alessandro says:

    Great, great album!

  • John Lee says:

    Really enjoyed the album. Variety, novelty, fun, and a range of influences. Really ‘up my street’. Thank you! John

  • Stefan says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this great artist’s record which without the Society of Sound I probably never would have found.
    Let’s hope he will come to some place near in the not so far future (Prague? Munich? Berlin? Vienna?)

  • Luis says:

    Of course I would recommend “Passport” to my friends, as it is an excellent album.
    Besides being a good composer, Charlie Wilson is also endowed with a fine voice, resulting in a very pleasant, very melodic, and rather versatile music.

  • luke says:

    Bravo! Personally i rate this album as one of the best within SOS collections. Even my 4 years old daughter start humming ‘9 yr old friend.’
    Unfortunately recording quality (or is it a recording ‘style’) is not my taste. Harsh highs seems to be everywhere..

  • Laax says:

    Good album and Charlie Wilson has a fine and special voice. It is not necessary to provide all albums in 24-bit resolution but upsampling gives the wrong message. Please don’t hesitate to post interesting artists and music just because they are recorded in lower resolution than 24-bit.

  • Ricardo Hernandez says:

    Greta music-great Album-greta singer.
    I recommend it to my son who recommend it to their friends …all of them loved it.It is refreshing to know that you can still find people with new ideas and excellent mix of rythms.
    Good for SSM and better for Charlie Winston !!!!

  • SusannaGrant says:

    Dear Valdis,
    Ultimately we’d like to be able to offer even higher quality files but at the moment we are treading a balance between high quality and file size. We have thousands off members from over 141 countries using Society of Sound and many are not able to download huge files.
    We are still looking at ways of delivering the highest quality files we can,

  • Wolfgang says:

    I’d like to second Valdis on his quest for even higher resolution files, as I agree with him that an obvious audible superiority over CD “sound” can be obtained from 24/96 upwards.
    I understand your concerns about file sizes and bandwidth, but if you’d show the size of each option on the download page, everyone could choose based on his/her ears and internet connection.

    BTW, I enjoy Winston’s album a lot despite its being “only” 16/44. Haven’t had a close listen to the 24bit version yet, but am eager to find out what the Tweak Head is capable of.

  • Steve Crowe says:

    Good overall but the tracks not recorded by Real Earth don’t sound as good. Please don’t compromise quality just because you like the artist. Your strength is a combination of great artists and great sound – together.

  • ginma says:

    Really excellent album. Attitude and great vocals. Have recommended this to everyone.

  • RonP says:

    Great audio. Liked less than half of the arrangements, not my kind of music.

  • Cyrile says:

    Hey all,

    Well, I’ve been a memeber for a little over three months now. I can’t really believe I’ve waited this long to join. This album (Passport) has quickly become one of my favorites. I’d love to tip my hat to Mr. Winston and to Society of Sound for bringing us this fabulous album. It sounds just phenomenal on my 705’s…

    Thanks again for this wonderful sonic experience.

  • Aing says:

    I’ve found myself listening to Charlie Winston’s album over and over again,
    love the Wildones and The Great Conversation!

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