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Americana meets Damascus – an exclusive SoS project

Syriana at Real World Studios. Photography: York Tillyer

Nick Page (Real World regular, Trans Global Underground member and Dub Colossus mastermind), Abdullah Chhadeh (Syrian qanun virtuoso and musical innovator) and Irish born Bernard O’Neill (another Real World regular and in demand musician) are the three distinctive artists behind Syriana.

“We thought a new Cold War was being foisted upon the world,” says Page, “the Cold War and its iconography had divided East and West. We wanted to bridge it.”

Recorded at Chaddeh’s London base in Walthamstow and at Real World Studios in Box, the music was already a genre-defying mixture of Americana via Dick Dale and the traditional sonorous sound of the ancient 81 srting Arabic dulcimer, the qanun, but it was a 10 trip to Damascus that sealed its unique sound.

Ten Days in Bilad Al Sham is the stunning album for this months Society of  Sound members. Available in all three formats including, 24bit FLAC, it really is unlike anything else we’ve heard and would very much like to hear what you think.


  • Rick says:

    I listened, I did not like, I deleted from my computer.

  • Pascal says:

    Simply one of the best album I downloaded this year. Very well recorded and sounds very nice on my 705.

  • Benjamin says:

    It is this kinf of music I love from SoS.

  • mog says:

    Fantastic album ! One of the 2009 SoS highlights IMHO !

  • EN baba IS KARADUMAN (astarast) says:

    This is best album I ve listen since I am listening 22 years of inturmental musics and taksims mean preludes,all virtuosos can playing in same circle with balance such a tones they are all master I think and also Abdullah’s Quanon style is different the others he can use this insturment like harp tones are tiz like break the glass of dust in your brain and one time in my town istanbul I listened Quanon player (R.I.P no end) Sazli Sebahattin in Sulukule in Strongholds this musician was playing Byzantium style of melodies are so different he teach me this style but he sad do not do it for money if you do you cant play with your heart this technique so emotional and fact on brainwaves such a used on Ottomans in hospital of norology psychologie on ill peoples we call today like bipolarity deppression panic attacks,One of the master is Ahmet Meter he knows many maqams in insturmental such a orient ottomans west he has same power the others but different thing is he can under controlling this power with the maqam,maqams comes persian arabian ottoman and I will make one days Byzantium maqams I will create my album under this four otority and it will be for homeless,blood cancers,orphanage kids thank you for the leave message box :) if you have ideas like me and looking for solist except the rock music

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