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Brooke Sharkey’s Wandering Heart is the Society of Sound release for January, a collection of deeply atmospheric and personal songs that ruminate on London life and summers travelling along the coasts of France and Italy. As a perfect companion to the album Brooke gives us an insight into some of her own current listening likes.

Blick Bassy – Ndjè Yèm
I was booked to play a show with this man, and his voice and live production blew me away. I have since listened to his album ‘Ako’ over and over. The tone of his voice, the sparse and perfectly selected choice of instruments on this track stuns me.

Ólafur Arnalds – Particles ft. Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir
This song makes me cry. I love the simple and constant piano riff. Its tone and softness. I love how the strings and vocals wrap themselves around it. It’s so subtle and well blended. I can’t fault it. I also find Nanna Bryndís’ voice comes from a similar place to where mine does. The music video for this song is addictive.

Christine and the Queens – Saint Claude
I had to put this song in here because I don’t generally slant towards pop music and Christine and the Queens changed this for me last summer. It’s so minimal but has a strong emotional impact on me. I love her lyrics too, especially when she sings in French. They are very poetic and interpretable. She makes me want to dance.

Adam Beattie- The Man I’ve Become
I love Adam Beattie’s lyrics, understated and dry production on this song. I love the guitar tone. It’s clever, well crafted and honest to my ears. It makes you think about things way after the song has finished. I am really happy to have Adam Beattie play on my album ‘Wandering Heart’.

Townes Van Zandt – Quicksilver Daydreams Of Maria
His lyrics are stunning on this song and the melody simply beautiful. Songs like these give me strength and I revisit this song a lot.

Ösp Eldjarn – Neverland
I love Ösp’s voice in general, on everything she sings. This track she switches to her native language, Icelandic, which charms me.

Rodrigo Amarante – Nada Em Vão
This song has such a mix of instruments and sounds and they come in and out in ways you don’t expect. His voice is soft and wonderfully lazy. I drift with him.

Silvia Pérez Cruz y Raúl Fernández – Pequeño Vals Vienés
Silvia’s emotional input and dynamic range are incomparable. I love this original Leonard Cohen song and she takes it to a place no one else can. I love the way they perform this song together with Raúl Fernández.They are at one.

Björk – Atom Dance
It’s raw, cosmic and so intriguing.

Sufjan Stevens – No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross
I love the lyrics to this song. It’s abstract, full of imagery and the melody is melting. His live show stays one of my favorite musical memories.

Laura Marling – Soothing
Laura took me by surprise and I’m still not over it. I love the use of dry/ upfront instrumentation and the base lines are so groovy. The melody is inventive and sensual.

Piers Faccini – Bring Down The Wall
Multi-lingual and super talented Piers brings the world into this song and the message is clear.

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