Martin’s Society of Sound Playlist

Martin Hoyland from 9Bach compiles a list of some of his favourite music in this playlist for Society of Sound. A brilliant, eclectic mix of music in its own right that also gives a little insight into some of the working methods employed by 9Bach themselves on their album Anian, the Society of Sound release for March.

Gregory Issacs – Confirm Reservation
One of my favourite drum intro’s. Great voice, and his timing is brilliant, the way he weaves in and out of the groove. The band sound like they’ve recorded this live, they’re so tight, but yet so loose, sitting on that groove, slightly behind the beat, sounds effortless, but really hard to do, they’d have probably been playing together for years, and do it instinctively. Interesting guitar playing too, not your standard reggae chu ka – chu ka!

Curtis Mayfield – Pusherman
Great drum and bass groove, lovely voice, so gentle, which I love as Curtis songs are often quite heavy musically and lyrically. There’s so much space in this song, there’s not loads going on, but I love that “less is more” feel, something that Prince took to another level. Curtis is not often talked about as a guitarist, but he’s brilliant, great Wah Wah playing on this. The Wah Wah guitars I recorded on the song ANIAN, are very Curtis Mayfield! If you want to hear the genius of Curtis’ guitar playing check out his song “Mothers Son” from his album “Got to Find a way”

Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows
Amazing, timeless, still sounds so fresh and exciting, it’s got it all, you can dance to it, great melody, weird sounds, and interesting effects, way ahead of it’s time. They didn’t seem to care who was playing what, they just wanted each song to sound the best it could.

Massive Attack – Dissolved Girl
We sometimes get compared to Massive Attack and Portishead, we haven’t tried to be like them, but great, love them both! I can see why, lots of space, dubby drum and bass groove, tremolo guitar, great female vocals, close mic drum production. The groove on “Yr Olaf” is very Massive Attack. This isn’t an obvious Massive Attack choice, but I love this one, great for listening to when you get home from being out clubbing.

Specials AKA – Gangsters
I can still remember when I first heard this. I’d never heard anything like it, what was that sound? It sounded so raw. I was just starting getting into music properly (not just listening to my Dad’s great records), and the Two Tone movement excited me, they we’re singing about what me and my mates were going through, we could relate to it so much, and I started to realise you could say something with music too, it wasn’t just great entertainment. I also loved being part of a movement, a gang, a scene, which also gave me an excuse to (try) and look cool too!

Spritualised – Think I’m in Love
Great track, fantastic lyrics, love it!

LCD Sound System – Get Innocuous
Whatever I’m listening to I always come back to “Sound of Silver” the album this is from. Love the mix of Dance/Funk and New Wave, and again lots of space, something which 9Bach are always aware of trying to create. They use percussion cleverly too, they never over do it, which is easy to do, something we always try not to do, always classy.

Lisa Knapp – Wild and Undaunted
This is brilliant, great vocal performance, brilliant violin too. Love the way this is arranged and builds, something we always pay lots of attention to.

Primal Scream – Don’t Fight It, Feel It
What a bass line, that’s going to get your ribs shaking! We place a lot of importance to the bass lines in our songs, it can set the mood of a song, Llyn Du has a similar rolling bass. Screamadelica was an amazing album when it came out, great to see a rock band come out with this from nowhere. You’ve got to love the whistling on this too!

Dr Octagon – Blue Flowers
Great track, so much to like about it, brilliant groove, and the strings, where did he sample those from? Love the timing and delivery of the vocals, and the single note bass adds so much menace, we’ve done that a few times with a low single piano note, and could that be the best scratching solo ever?

PJ Harvey – Victory
I was in this band and the singer always said my guitar playing was weird (I didn’t think it was that weird), and he wanted me to play some safer boring stuff, it was frustrating. PJ Harvey’s album Dry came out, and her guitar playing was this interesting bluesy stuff, and the songs had interesting timings and rhythms, I loved it, and the guitar playing was similar to what I was trying to do at the time.
So I left that band, and formed another with some other mates and another interesting guitar player, much more fun! The moral of the story is, play instinctively, to your strengths, and be different.
Oh and never listen to the singer in the band you’re in, ha ha ha ha!

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