Stunning new binaural recordings available

Stunning new binaural recordings available

The second set of binaural recordings from the beautiful Accidental Powercut evenings are now available to download.

Once again, full Society of Sound members and P5 headphone product registrants will be able to download all the tracks using the Download Manager, or you can sign up for a free trial and download one track.

Yet, again it was wonderfully atmospheric evening and the almost total silence in the chapel meant the performances were exceptional.

Artists included Sound of Rum:

“Really enjoyable gig in an exciting space and some of the most intimate sound recordings we’ve ever made”

Fiona Bevin:

“It’s extraordinary how live and natural binaural recordings sound and how they transport you immediately back to the gorgeous acoustics of St Barnabas. Thank you so much and thanks again for a brilliant night.”


“Sound was amazing! Made me really feel like I was there in the moment! Great venue, great audience, great gig!”

You can see some fantastic footage from the gigs here.


  • Robert B. Schulein says:

    I found these recordings to be quite entertaining and engaging. I particularly enjoyed the addition of the video component.

    In an effort to bring binaural sound into the mainstream and in essence create a true 3D audio art form, my research has shown that the synergy of sight an sound is a very powerful force in creating convincing “you are there experiences”.

    I call the results ImmersAV Technology meaning the creation of an immersive experience using sound and sight (Audio and Video).

    An additional element of production that I have found to be important is to present the video image from the perspective of a “you are there ” listener.

    I have lectured on the subject around the world and at the Audio Engineering Society

    I have produced a number of representative examples that may be viewed on You Tube.

    For a 10 minute introduction to the technology with demonstrations, please visit:

    All comments encouraged and welcome.

    Thank you

    Bob Schulein

  • torsten says:

    can anyone direct me to the second set of accidental power cut gig. i can’t find them.Please and thanx.

  • torsten says:

    I just don’t have the computer skills which has brought me to a very depressing realization the world of music will only be for the tek savy I am too old to spend all this time e-mail ,download manager etc music is no longer a simple beautiful this its download managers e;mails convertions etc etc to much for simple tunes I am comeing to my wits end too old too bad

  • Andrew Nash says:

    This was a great surprise!
    I ran back to me senior students (high school – Toronto, Canada) and told them you have to hear this – no really – you have to,
    For someone used to classical music, this was a “fresh” experience and I am so thankful for the raw, edgy quality that keeps one’s boots on the ground, and the mind lingering over new landscapes.

    Great experience!

  • _bk says:

    @torsten you will find a download button in upper right corner once you are logged in. Accidental Powercuts is by far my favourite society of sound session. Was worth buying those P5 to discover this.

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