Sound System 2016: Jas Shaw, Simian Mobile Disco

As the world’s finest Sound System continues our mission to bring true sound to festival-goers, we asked some of the many DJs and musicians who’ve experienced it to tell us what makes it so special.

Simian Mobile Disco have built up an impressive production and recording reputation over the past ten years. In contrast to their famously raucous live shows, their more recent releases have increasingly leaned toward more textural sounds.

Jas Shaw, one half of SMD, spoke to us after his set at Primavera Sound this year about the importance of sound quality and what good sound means to him:

“Increasingly a lot of producers who make techno…are not just making functional bangers, they’re making club music that musically and sonically are very very interesting and it’s a shame because on so many sounds system, all of this detail is lost.”

Whorl by Simian Mobile Disco is out now.

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