Live for Burberry: Ten Tonnes

To celebrate the limited edition T7 Gold collaboration with Burberry we conceived Live for Burberry: four unsigned acts, the legendary RAK studio and a unique way of recording resulting in four live EPs available exclusively through Society of Sound. We asked each of the artists about the experience of being in the studio, their influences and what we should be listening to.

Like all the Live for Burberry artists, Ten Tonnes has a musical maturity beyond his 19 years. The soundfield recording technique used for this series means the artist’s playing and vocals have been captured with such outstanding clarity and naturalism that it puts the listener right in the room with him.

Together we’ve created a unique recording experience enabling listeners to hear the music exactly as you did while recording. How did it change the way you performed during the session?

It was a really interesting experience. That’s the way some of my favourite music was recorded, a live recording with no overdubs, so it was exciting to give it a go myself. I loved using the old equipment as well like the copicat, because again that’s kit that I’ve read so much about, be it used with the Beatles or Elvis. There was an added element of pressure because it was live but I think that helped draw out the performances. It all had to be in done in one take so it was imperative to get it right as early on as possible.


Would this session influence how you record in the future?

I think I’d like to experiment more with this sort of recording with more players in the room and see how that turned out. I’ve done a bit of it before with bass and drums together etc. but it’d be interesting to see what results you get when you scale it up even more.

RAK is a legendary studio. Everyone from Radiohead to Rod Stewart has recorded there, how did it feel to be performing in that space?

It was amazing, a real honour to have got to perform there. It felt like a time capsule, walking down the corridors felt like I was in the 1970’s. I kept sneaking off just to have little walks around.

Who currently influences your song-writing? What artists or producers resonate with you?

At the moment I’ve been listening to a lot of Tom Petty and Creedence Clearwater Revival. I’m a massive fan of Steve Albini’s work as a producer, which isn’t a million miles away from this approach. Also love how the new Iggy Pop record sounds.

Is there anything in your Live for Burberry recording that you are particularly pleased with and that we should listen out for?

I think listen out for the work of the recording team mainly, anything that sounds vaguely good will be down to them ha ha. Kevin did a great job of helping me get to grips with the whole process. 


For Bowers & Wilkins, Burberry is a perfect partner, who would your perfect collaboration be with?

Ah that’s a tough one, maybe Jack Steadman.

Finally, can you tell us your favourite all time live recording?

I’ve got a great vinyl of Louis Armstrong called ‘In East Europe’ which is one of the best things I own in the whole world I think, ha ha. Favourite live CD is BB King Live at the Regal. Either one of those two.

@Ten Tonnes July 2016

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