Live for Burberry: George Cosby

To celebrate the limited edition T7 Gold collaboration with Burberry we conceived Live for Burberry: four unsigned acts, the legendary RAK studio and a unique way of recording resulting in four live EPs available exclusively through Society of Sound.

We asked each of the artists about the experience of being in the studio, their influences and what we should be listening to. First in the series is George Cosby, an undeniable talent whose extraordinary vocals bring to mind both Jeff Buckley and Bon Iver.

Together we’ve created a unique recording experience enabling listeners to hear the music exactly as you did while recording. How did it change the way you performed during the session?

As you say it was a unique recording experience and something I hadn’t done before. I tried to put a twist on each song with the arrangements and attempt a bit of a one off performance. Hopefully with the 360 element of the experience it should be fun to listen to. 

Would this session influence how you record in the future?

It definitely was interesting and I could immediately see the benefits of such a process. We will see what happens when I’m next recording!

RAK is a legendary studio. Everyone from Radiohead to Rod Stewart has recorded there, how did it feel to be performing in that space?

It was a special day and inspiring to be at RAK. I had read and watched so much about the space that to be there and laying down tracks was slightly surreal but something I’ll remember for a long time.

Who currently influences your song-writing? What artists or producers resonate with you?

Where to start! I am actually quite inspired at the moment by a lot of production from earlier generations such as Phil Spector. Where grand arrangements were so cleverly put in place and mixed so that the vocal is always in space. Quite a special art. In terms of artists I fell in love with Courtney Barnett’s music last year. I just hadn’t heard anything like it and it was effortlessly cool. 

Is there anything in your Live for Burberry recording that you are particularly pleased with and that we should listen out for?

It was really interesting because a couple of the things I tried I had never thought of up to now and actually worked really well and I have ended up doing on a few live performances. One of those is the backing vocals on Vacant Grace, which was written as a solo song. It really added to the haunting element of the song.

For Bowers & Wilkins, Burberry is a perfect partner, who would your perfect
collaboration be with?

Oh wow, I love the combination of male and female voices so I would have to go for a couple of amazing artists who have always inspired me in Sharon Van Etten and Feist. A duet would be a dream come true! 

Finally, can you tell us your favourite all time live recording?

I remember when I was young I was given Jimi Hendrix Live at Woodstock and played it endlessly. Those tracks are pretty magical and are such characterful performances. I imagine it would have been special to have been there in person!

George Cosby June 2016
T7 Gold Edition

George Cosby’s Live for Burberry EP is available now from Society of Sound


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