Binaural recordings available for perfect headphone playback

Binaural recordings available for perfect headphone playback

The recordings from the first Accidental Powercut gig in July are now available. Full members and P5 product registrants will be able to download all the tracks using the Download Manager or you can sign up for a free trial and download one track.

Accidental Powercut is a series of  gigs which are being recorded binaurally allowing the atmosphere of the music to be recorded for perfect playback on headphones. The recordings will be donated to the audio collection at the British Library.

You can find out more about the history of binaural recording here.

The artists involved in the first concert were Jono McCleery:

“the binaural recordings definitely bring the listener a step closer to experiencing a live performance without being there. It’s nice to get a greater feel for the atmosphere as well as the performance.”


“walkin’ through London at night with the binaural recording in my phones I was transported to the gig, not in my memory but to the live experience.”

Speakers Corner Quartet:

“I’m currently listening to the binaural recordings, some amazing stuff…really does sound stunning….proper dope vibes”


The second Accidental Powercut gig will be on Thursday, August 5th and will feature Sound of Rum, Ghostpoet and Fiona Bevan


  • blessingx says:

    Thanks for supporting binaural recordings and headphone listeners! Getting files through Download Manager though is currently having issues. Could we get a direct link (like most SOS recordings)?

  • Fezz says:

    Good work, these recordings sounds great!
    Why not 24bit I wonder….? Seems the perfect recordings for some extra resolution… Just my 2 cents. The 16bit sound amazing enough, I can’t wait for the next two releases :)

  • Taint says:

    I second the request for a direct link. I have no intention of using the download manager, or more importantly installing Adobe Air; but I’d still like to hear the recordings.

  • fidels says:

    Yes, could you please put up an http link to the audio files, just like the other albums? Flash is so slow and buggy it’s ridiculous!

  • fidels says:

    Btw, the download manager seems to be expecting 164 GB of free disk space, and won’t let me download the album, even though it actually can’t be that big of a file… 10 GB should be more than enough!

  • david says:

    I agree. Please get rid of the Download manager and just put up simple links to the files like you do for the other albums. I’m not interested in having to download something to allow me to download something ! !

  • rufus says:

    Agree to the direct link to the audio files, as any Mac user cannot install the download manager.

  • ironbut says:

    Hey blessingX,
    I agree, I’m not using the download manager (using downloadthemall) and I haven’t been able to download them yet.
    I sure would like to hear these!

  • AIRless mac says:

    I would love a direct download also, can’t instal AIR.

  • Graeme says:

    Amazing recordings. Normally listening with headphones I get a soundstage that is distinctly ‘in my head’. Listening to these the soundstage expands beyond my cranium and it’s possible to imagine I am actually at the venue. This is so natural that after a while I began to think it was nothing special so tried listening to normally miked recordings and couldn’t believe how cramped and two dimensional they sounded. Bring on the next two gigs and great work B&W! (listening on Sennheiser HD800s via Foobar2000 & ASIO4ALL through a Firestone 24 bit/96Khz digital processor with optical link to a Cambridge Audio DAC through to a Lehmann Audio black cube linear headphone amp, but I’m sure this will also sound great on the P5s!)

  • Graeme says:

    One more point – I thought when listening to Polarbear that it seemed slightly strange that his voice placement was distinctly elevated, but close to me. I wondered if this was just a peculiarity of my listening setup/ear shape or was an accurate reflection of the mike placement. Just noticed the position of the binaural mike dummy head in the photos above and it’s clear that the soundstage I’m hearing is absolutely spot on. Using the photos to generate a mental image of the space and the position of you and the performers in it seems to make the whole listening experience even more ‘live’. Close your eyes and you really can imagine being there…

  • Arild says:

    Direct download would be necessary for me as well,. Cannot install the download manager (or Adobe AIR) on Linux. Would really like to listen to these recordings on my P5s.

  • Kerwood says:

    I could not agree more with the numerous calls for getting rid of the download manager.

    I find it cumbersome, inflexible and it seems to me that Adobe has a tendency to produce unneccessary “utilities” in order to facilitate the life of sloppy programmers at the expense of their customers.

    What on earth is wrong with a simple direct download link?

  • Bob says:

    A Web based Shop or Portal is Fine. Adobe Air is cumbersome.

  • Devashish says:

    I agree with all the comments, the Adobe Air and Download software combination causes a few issues. So what are the chances that the Bi-Aural recordings may be provided with a direct link as with the rest of the music?

    I’m sure we would all welcome a response from the SOS or B&W team.

  • Susanna says:

    Apologies for the late reply. We can supply a direct link to any members who want one, just let us know on

    I’m listening to the second session as I type and they sound even better, hope to have them up in the next couple of weeks.

    Society of Sound

  • Mark Smith says:

    I got a delivery failure sending an email to the above “SOS” email address. Pls post an address that works. Thanx.

  • SusannaGrant says:

    I do apologise, that was my fault, the email address is
    Mark, I will send you the links.
    Kind regards

  • torsten says:

    i can’t seem to find biaural record downloads i keep getting history of any tips would be great p5 headphones can’t find recordings wil give up sooon why can’t this be simple?

  • Affi says:

    Looking forward to hear these! Have done a few binaural recordings myself and it is really amazing and involving for the listener. Great to see that there is still happening something around the subject. Just waiting for the direct links..

    Seriously, get rid of the download manager. Logging in to download works just fine already. You’re just insulting the customers. And angry customers are quickly past customers..

    And why aren’t these recordings listed together with the rest of the albums under SOS->Music?

    Don’t mess things up if it ain’t broken!

  • tom dagostino says:

    looking for recordings for my headphones.

  • immersifi says:

    It’s great to see B&W doing this. I’ve owned the 805 Matrix for years (two pair in fact, and use one pair of them as my reference mix monitors), but moreover, as someone who specializes in live binaural recording (I use the same type mannequin head microphone (the Neumann KU-100) as was used to create these), I can say that these are a treat. Thank You B&W (and all those involved in making these sessions happen and making them available as well) for this beautiful-sounding offering. – Mark A. Jay, Immersifi

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