Get Will Carruthers’ brilliant Spacemen 3 memoir with 30% discount

Will Carruthers’ memoir, Playing the Bass with Three Left Hands, tells the story of one of the most influential, revered and demented British bands of the 1980s, Spacemen 3.

“I can confirm that should you ever find yourself on stage playing the bass guitar with three left hands, it is usually the one in the middle that is the real one. The other two are probably phantoms.”

Will Carruthers has certainly seen his share of chaos. As the decade turned sour and acid house hit the news, Rugby’s finest band imploded. This version of the story is surely one of the most likeable and memorable of rock ‘n’ roll memoirs.

‘Mr. William Carruthers, a man who dwells in the land described by Robert Walser “where to be free often means being an outlaw, where the sorrow of many produce the glittering happiness of the few, where the artist either dies or surrenders his art, and where nobility and refined sentiment go around in rags while brazen, ungainly vice dwells in palaces.”’ Andrew Weatherall

Playing the Bass with Three Left Hands is published by Faber Social.

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Read Will’s exclusive essay, Ghosts of Heat and Light, for us here.

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