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Listen and you’ll see – play Bob Marley’s Exodus this Sunday

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“I wake up in the morning and do a Masters Voice thing in front of the speakers for a while; then I go outside. Music defines a total environment. Straight musicians understand that kind of involvement, of course; but you can’t really communicate to the outside how a hundred thousand children of muzak freaks who in most cases never bother to study or even think about music, are involved in a single art form to the point where they virtually stake their entire sanity on it. Go to a house and someone hands you a joint in front of a record player and it’s assumed that you’re going to sit for a couple of hours, not talking, hardly moving, living to music.”

John Cunnick for the Seattle based underground newspaper Helix in 1967

Inspired by these words, DJ Greg Wilson wrote his Living To Music post in which he recommends an album each month and asks everyone to listen to it at the same time, wherever they are.

Anyone who cares about music should read Greg’s original post and in his words:

“Let’s flash mob the music from near and afar, inviting our friends to join us if they feel inclined. If you can’t make our date and time set your own – spread it out like the branches of a tree, feel free to tweet, text, whatever you do to spread the word between you and your circle of friends. The more of us the merrier. However, this is also something you can do alone in the knowledge that others elsewhere will be sharing the experience with you.”

Colleen Murphy helps to keep the flame burning by organising Classic Album Sunday sessions in a pub in London and we are very  proud that she is using our 802D series speakers .

We’d love as many people as possible to join in, have their own listening sessions and let us know their thoughts.

This month’s album is Bob Marley’s Exodus and will be played at 5pm, Sunday 12th June.



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