Laura Mvula re-records Sing to the Moon at Abbey Road Studios for us

Laura Mvula with Metropole Orkest at Abbey Road Studios

Laura Mvula re-records her critically acclaimed debut album ‘Sing To The Moon’ with leading orchestra Metropole Orkest at Abbey Road Studios for Society of Sound.

It is available exclusively as high-quality download on Society of Sound from today.

Laura always wanted ‘Sing to the Moon’ to be an orchestrated recording. This was made possible, at London’s legendary Abbey Road Studios, by Bowers & Wilkins Society of Sound, which enables artists to create albums that would never otherwise have been recorded and makes them available to members as studio-quality downloads. The live recording of the album fuses orchestral soul, poetic lyrics and the beautiful harmonies of Mvula together with the 52 strong orchestra.

Laura re-recorded ‘Sing To The Moon’ at Abbey Road with the Dutch Metropole Orkest led by conductor Jules Buckley, whom she collaborated previously with at the Urban Proms. The album was recorded over two days in Studio One using Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series Diamond speakers, renowned for their total accuracy in sound reproduction and includes many of the technologies that Bowers & Wilkins engineers have worked painstakingly to perfect including Diamond Dome tweeters, Nautilus tapering tubes and Kevlar midrange drive units.

“I never imagined I would be in a position where I could have an orchestra play my music,” says Laura. “It’s totally overwhelming for me because it‘s what I imagined, but more. Like bringing something truly to life.”

“It’s very rare, when you add an orchestra to expand the palette of a pop album, that the material feels organic” says Jonathan Allen, the award-winning engineer who recorded the Abbey Road session for Bowers & Wilkins Society of Sound. “But, in this particular occasion, it genuinely was”

Laura Mvula with Metropole Orkest is available here.


  • Bill May says:

    Absolutely stunning. Realised again with full orchestra,the original album gains a whole new life. It is without doubt one that I will revisit again and again. Thank you B&W and thank you Laura.

  • Leif Halvorsen says:

    The kind of musical adventure that keeps you awake into the small hours. Thank you Society of Sound for making this recording a reality. Simply amazing. Laura Mvula is a remarkable performer, and she’s obviously in her right element together with Metropole Orkest.

  • Bjorn Zangmeister says:

    Totally agree with Leif. This is for me one of the most masterfully crafted and performed albums. Alone, this was to me worth the price of membership in Society of Sound.

  • Eric Caverhill says:

    the sound mix on the version i downloads apple lossless ) is very poor, it sounds like the vocal track has been left out

  • Greg says:

    If you enjoyed this recording, be sure to check out Laura’s recent performance with Metropole Orkest at the BBC Proms ( It takes this to an entirely different level.

  • sidney co navas says:


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