Jake Bugg gives us his top 10 tracks

Superstar in the making Jake Bugg gives us his sonic top 10 tracks. His debut album is out this week.

Jimi Hendrix – Voodoo child

I love the excitement a great guitar sound gives. Everything about Hendrix sounds spontaneous. Best guitar riff ever



Robert Johnson -Preachin’ blues

Always loved Robert Johnson, its all about feel and great technique. This kind of record, recorded live to tape shows how great records always sound amazing. Amazing delta blues track


Donovan – Summer day reflection song

I often get compared to Dylan but the truth is I was into Donovan first and this is one of a load of great tunes of his.A truly innovative writer.



Nirvana – Lithium

Great song, again a record full of atmosphere and spontaneiity and guts. proof is in the pudding!



John Martyn – Solid air

It’s a great song about Nick Drake, we play it on the tour bus a lot. John Martyn is a virtuoso on guitar and is beautifully recorded but you can feel his own life in the recordings too.



Michael Kiwanuka – Worry walks beside me .

I toured with Michael in March and this is a killer track, he makes records with the feel of people like Curtis Mayfield. I love it when the studio environment is such that the players can just play and listeners can feel it.



Johnny Cash – Get rhythm

Very distinct class tune. I’m a big Johnny cash fan. I love vocal sounds when you feel the singer is in the room with you. The way Johnny Cash was recorded you feel he’s singing in your ear!


The Stone Roses – Made of Stone.

I supported The Roses recently at a secret gig and it was a dream gig really. Still can’t believe it! Love this tune, the rhythm section is so loose and tight at the same time and John Squire is an amazing guitarist. I met Jimmy Page at this gig checking him out!


The Beatles – Like dreamers do

This is an old Silver Beatles tune, Paul sings like Elvis , really early doors Beatles. All these old rock n roll records relied on excitement and the recordings captured that in a way that people struggle to do these days. A great recording lasts forever.


Nick Drake – Hazy Jane 2 –

What can you say? It’s Nick Drake. Genius






  • Sometimesuk says:

    Just checked out his website, no 24 Bit download option though. Anyone know if there’s one in the pipeline?

  • Bowers & Wilkins says:

    Not that we know of, we will ask Jake’s management for you.

  • J Nic says:

    Johnson didnt record straight to tape. No tapes. metal master discs.

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