Introducing Bee MC

Society of Sound artist Bee MC talks origins, inspirations and the recording process for Cash is King.

I was born and raised in the East End of London. I first picked up a guitar age 11 and learnt the real basic licks and chords off a guy called Trevor who taught kids from his house in Dagenham. As I got older I started performing at little school shows, learning by listening to songs and playing along with them and jamming to backing tracks on CD. I started to perform out at age 18, and started at a place called Arch1 in Canning Town run by a blues singer and harp player called Robert Clarke.

Growing up everything I heard influenced me. I grew up on garage and grime music from the UK underground scene, as well as old school hip-hop and R&B. I got introduced to Blues music via my dad’s music collection, and I heard people like BB King, Albert King, Jimi Hendrix, Peter Green, Santana and lots more.

Influential tracks

Some tracks that I remember listening to and having influence on me growing up are:

Lizzie rascal – Cut em off

Jimi Hendrix – 3rd Stone from the Sun

The Streets – Has it come to this

Nas – The message

Wiley – Nan I am London

Love of my life – Santana

Lauren Hill – Lost Ones

Albert King – Born Under a Bad Sign


Recording ‘Cash is King’ at Real World Studios

The recording process of the album was track by track. We laid down the drums and rhythm guitar together (with producer and drummer Seb Roachford) moving the amps to find the best sound we could coming back from the desk, then we picked the takes we liked best.

All the vocals were done on the last day except tracks 3 & 9. We over dubbed the guitar solos on the last day also. The bass guitar on the album was recorded at a separate session, and at that same studio the last steps where taken to put in the recordings and effects that travel through the album.


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