Ilya’s top 10 tracks

Ilya - Top 10

Ilya are, predominantly, Joanna Swan and Nick Pullin. Fronted by an intriguing and compelling voice, reclusive, unpredictable, mercurial , the only consistent thing about them is that Joana’s voice and singing improve with every album.

Ilya’s Fathoms Deep is currently this month’s album available via Society of Sound

Nick has picked 5 albums

Ilya - Nick's Top 5

P. J. Harvey: Let England Shake

Not possible to pick a favourite track, they are all so deep, heartfelt and original.

Jonsi and Alex:

One of the most beautiful albums ever.  Atlas Song.  When the choir comes in it almost breaks your heart.  Sublime, tender and other worldly.

Beth Gibbons: Out Of Season

Show.  She sings like she’s 150 years old.

Can: Tago Mago

Halleluwah 18 minutes of improv never sounded so good.

Jimi Hendrix Electric Ladyland

Voodoo Child.  More jamming.  This time 15 minutes of it.  Inspirational.

Joanna has picked 5 songs from Films

Ilya - Joanna's Top 5

Track : The Godfather Finale

Nino Rota – The Godfather  Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

I love everything by Nino Rota, but this particular, looming, elegant, tender and epic, piece of music, could be my most favourite ever!

Track: Love

Antonio Pinto – Love In The Time Of Cholera.

I adored the film and love this entire album, This song is full of love and longing and the instrumentation is a wonderful mix of unusual, earthy picking guitars (and instruments I have not heard before). Shakira’s songs on this album are wonderful too.

Song:   Cucurrucucu Paloma

A song written in the 50’s by Thomas Madez, arranged by renowned film composer Alberto Iglesias and sung by Portuguese singer and songwriter Caetano Veloso. Within the film ‘Talk To Her’ (by Pedro Almodover), Caetano performs it at a concert in the grounds of a stately home. It is an incredibly mesmerising and moving scene. The duende in Caetanos voice is addictive. It is impossible not to have to listen to this song 5 times in a row. It does something to my very being!

(Caetano also sings ‘Burn It Blue’ in the film Frida about artist Frida Khalo. Another favourite film song of mine).

Song: : Je Crois Entendre Encore from the Opera ‘Les Pecheurs de Peries’

By Georges Bizet.
Sung by Salvatore Licitra.
From the film – ‘The Man Who Cried’

This arrangement and vocal is so haunting and full of yearning. It is a pivotal song in the film, a song sung by the main characters father whilst their homeland is being devastated by war. It makes your heart stop.

Track: The Ipcress File

By John Barry
From The film: The Ipcress File

You can’t tell me this isn’t the coolest soundtrack ever written!  John Barry is one of my all time heros. A ground-breaking composer with his own inimitable style and what an incredible ear for iconic melodies!


  • Matt S says:

    Fantastic, I really enjoyed Ilya’s first album; They Died For Beauty which just sounded so lush and cinematic. I cannot wait to get home this evening and download Fathoms Deep.

  • Roger Fye says:

    As a Society of Sound Member, I’m always excited to see what the month’s offerings are. My membership over the last year has brought me a wealth of wonderful music that in most cases I wouldn’t have been exposed to otherwise.

    This month’s offering of Ilya’s Fathoms Deep continues that trend.

    After the first listening, I realized that I had to hear more and I’ve since been working to obtain all of their back catalogue. The diversity and depth of their music has given me great pleasure in its discovery and I’m very happy that Society of Sound helped me to discover their talent.

    Not only are Joanna and Nick wonderfully talented artists, but they seem to be great people as well. In my efforts to find more of their work, Joanna has been a tremendous help in guiding me to sources I would have otherwise not found.

    I truly hope that others will be able to discover what I have and realize what a gifted duo Joanna and Nick are as Ilya.

    If you haven’t downloaded Fathoms Deep yet or aren’t a member of Society of Sound, download it now, or join the Society to get it, or just buy it! You will NOT be disappointed.

    Ilya has a new fan and I’ll be promoting them wherever and whenever I can.

  • Joanna Swan says:

    Hey :~) Thank you so much Roger … such wonderful feedback means the world to us! Joanna X

  • Bill T says:

    A recent recruit to the SoS, I had only downloaded the classical (-ish, the Morricone was included) offerings until reading the blurb on the Ilya album. Wow – can’t stop playing it. Was going to write a review but Roger F said it all.

  • Jürg says:

    Ilya your album is one of the most interesting records I’ve heard in quite a while. Thank you for this great piece of art!

  • Jim French says:

    When I signed up for Society of Sound I knew some of the performers, but not all. Ilya is one I did not know. This album has been one of the best reasons for joining. Thanks

  • Laax says:

    Lots of interesting and good sounding music is coming via SoS, this album is one of the best for a long time.
    I hope SoS will give us more of IIya soon.

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