How we brought the 800 Series Diamond sound to Sound & Vision: The Bristol Show 2016

Bowers & Wilkins decided to do something a little bit special at
Sound & Vision: The Bristol Show 2016. We decided that it was time hundreds more people got to experience True Sound, as delivered by the all new 800 Series Diamond.

Bowers & Wilkins was excited to be part of the Bristol Sound and Vision 2016 Hi-Fi show. Our excitement was mainly down to what we were demonstrating – the new 800 Series Diamond. Which meant we were pretty certain that visitors to our acoustically optimised room were going to leave our room smiling.


The 30-minute-long demonstration focused on a number of key technological advances in the new 800 Series Diamond – time would obviously not allow us to list ALL the changes in the new range. The Bowers & Wilkins room proved so popular that our dedicated team ended up doing two demonstrations an hour from 10am until the show closed at 5pm. And still people were queueing outside for a chance to hear the speakers in action. (As we started one presentation the queue outside more often than not already had enough people to fill the next one.)


The demonstration itself started by using the outgoing 805 Diamond, before allowing listeners a direct A to B comparison with the new 805 D3. The dramatic improvement in performance down – mainly in the 805 D3 – to the introduction of the Continuum cone was clear for all to hear, and provided us with the ideal opportunity to talk about this driver in detail.


People then learned about the many years of development work that went into the new series and our continued advancement in the area of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) which allowed us to computer optimise every element of the new range – albeit with the rather large caveat that everything had to sound better, not just measure better.

The real stars of the show, though, were the new 802 D3 loudspeakers, which went down a storm with the many hundreds of people who got the opportunity to hear them. Demonstrating this model was not only great fun, but it also allowed people to hear for themselves the benefits of our approach of using a separate Turbine Head for the midrange enclosure, as well as the improvements to bass brought about by the new Aerofoil cones and the extra rigidity and stiffness delivered by the latest incarnation of our Matrix bracing system.

The 802 D3s delivered an incredible demonstration of what they were capable of – ably supported by the Classé CP-800 pre-amplifier and CAM-600 power amplifiers – with the likes of deadmau5 before finishing with a rather wonderful version of Verdi’s Requiem, which gave the listeners a fantastic demonstration of just how these speakers could disappear in a room, and simply deliver amazing sound.

It was a fantastic three days, and many, many people got to experience just how well the new 800 Series Diamond range can perform. As we are fond of saying: Listen and you’ll see.

Below is the track listing for the demos, which also went down very well – with the most asked about track being the incredible You Look Good To Me by Oscar Peterson – expect to hear it as a demo in your local Hi-Fi dealer soon.

Ivo Pogorelich – Mozart Piano Sonata – Andante-Adagio-Allegretto

Oscar Peterson You Look Good To Me

Sony Boy Williamson – Don’t Let Your Right Hand Know

Deadmau5 – Seeya, featuring Colleen D’Agostino

Georg Solti/Wiener Philharm Verdi: Requiem

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  • Jim Scott says:

    I was there and you are right… it was difficult to get in…. but i lucked out.
    amazing A/B tests!
    So now…………
    What do i do with my 805D’s?

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