Hannah Peel’s Top 10

From Rags to Riches by The Blue Nile from A Walk Across the Rooftops
Even now 31 years later, The Blue Nile still don’t sound like anybody else. The romantic coolness of this record still transcends beauty as Paul Buchanan sings about the city streets, cars, rooftops, rain, couples and love. We listened to this track in Donegal, Ireland when making my new album as the snow fell outside and eventually ended up blocking us in for a few days to make sure it was finished.

Caramel by Cluster from Zuckerzeit
This track has been played in the studio when we want to clear the air and dance. Simple, sexy and spontaneous.

String quartet No.8 in Cminor Op.110 by Shostakovich
This piece inspired me to write my first contemporary string quartet piece premiering this autumn. Not only that but I just went to see the screening of new film called ‘The Lobster’ by the writer/director Yorgos Lanthimos and it was used right across the film!

Red Sex by Vessel from Punish, Honey
One of the best electronic records from 2014, and yet hardly much electronic instrumentation even on it… It feels real and tangible. Using natural sounds to make the beats and atmospheres is something I always try to bring into my music production.

Turn Away by East India Youth from Culture of Volume
The highlight of this year so far has been the tour with William Doyle (East India Youth). He’s a wonderful artist, fearless and full of independent passion. I watched his show every night and still danced and enjoyed every moment. This song is my guilty pleasure.

Trans Forest Alignment by Luke Abbott from Holkam Drones
Astral dance music full of light, shadows, peaks and retreats. Sounds like Cluster with the vintage melodies yet its hypnotic patterns and drifting melodies still have me hooked. He just wrote the soundtrack to the new film ‘The Goob’, which I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing.

Hammond Song by The Roaches from The Roaches
I first heard this song when I was on tour with Laura Groves (Blue Roses) in 2010 and it quickly became one my favorite songs to sing along to. On my recent tour with East India Youth this year, we were traveling across the Yorkshire moors at dusk admiring the red sunset and it just happened to come on the stereo… the whole bus started to sing. A highlight of the tour to find out they knew this special song too.

Running up that Hill by Kate Bush from Hounds of Love
She had to be in here. The first female artist I discovered and she still inspires me today with her music. Incredibly inventive and full of unique ways to tell a story… through song.

Prelude from Vertigo – Soundtrack by Bernard Herrmann – (1958)
Obsessive and suspenseful within the ever-swirling melodies and bold chords: the film and the music are just beyond perfection with the style, the drama and the characters.

Blues Run the Game by Jackson C Frank
One of his songs inspired the naming of my friend’s, and fellow band mate in The Magnetic North, band – Erland and The Carnival… my dad sings this song and I love him very much.

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