Exclusive high-quality format of Peter Gabriel’s new album

Peter Gabriel has chosen to make his new album, Scratch My Back, available as a 24-bit FLAC download exclusively through Society of Sound from March 2nd.

He has always been a passionate advocate for sound quality and felt that offering a high-quality version of his album was vital:

“I’ve always felt that the emotion lives in the detail of sound and that’s why we’ve made these recordings available here in the highest resolution we could, so if you have the time, the equipment and the enthusiasm, you can get as close as we did to the music.”

Scratch My Back is first in a series of ‘song exchanges’, where leading artists reinterpret each others music. It features orchestral re-workings of tracks such as David Bowie’s Heroes, Neil Young’s Philadelphia and Arcade Fire’s My Body is a Cage.

There is currently a free download of his stunning version of Bon Iver’s Flume on his website.

24-bit FLAC is a studio-master quality lossless format and means you can hear the album exactly as the artist and engineers intended.

And that extra quality pays dividends on this extrememly atmospheric, starkly arranged collection.

“When we recorded Scratch My Back we worked hard to get the best orchestral players,” explains Gabriel. “We had too many players for our own Studio at Real World , so we went to George Martin’s wonderful Air Lyndhurst to do the recording.”

The album will be available in two editions, the Special Edition CD will include a code allowing purchasers to download the 24-bit version via Society of Sound.

The 24-bit format will be available from the 2nd March 2010.

The Track listing is as follows:

1. Heroes (David Bowie)

2. The Boy in the Bubble (Paul Simon)

3. Mirrorball (Elbow)

4. Flume (Bon Iver)

5. Listening Wind (Talking Heads)

6. The Power of the Heart (Lou Reed)

7. My Body is a Cage (Arcade Fire)

8. The Book of Love (The Magnetic Fields)

9. I Think it’s Going to Rain Today (Randy Newman)

10. Apres Moi (Regina Spektor)

11. Philadelphia (Neil Young)

12. Street Spirit (Radiohead)


  • Wes says:

    Looking forward to hearing this new album from Peter Gabriel. I have all his studio albums. Each one is unique in its own way. He keeps getting better and better. Would love to have a copy of Out Out from the Gremlins soundtrack.

  • fullorange2001 says:

    at this time, impossible to download the SCratch my back album on super high quality 24-bit for those who have like me a voucher code

  • IanB says:

    Have downloaded the 24bit FLACs, and am listening to them right now. Thanks to Peter and Bowers & Wilkins.

  • Norm says:

    Scratch my back is a fabulous album. My sister thought it was terrible and gave me the CD .
    Music is always a personal thing of course, but the more I listen to this album the more it interests me.

  • Chris_T says:


    Apologies in advance for non-related comment…

    Just tried to find some contact details regarding the rather poor quality download manager app being pushed by B&W on the SoS website. No such luck!

    My issue is with the download manager, as I have now for the second time since being subscribed, had an issue with downloads not completing correctly when using the Download manager app. Attached is a screen shot of what I see, notice the temp files that are not removed by the app. Also, when checking the tags with another app, it tells me that those files which had a temp file left, are not recognised as flac files. This happens on a mac pro running OSX 10.6.3 and safari 4 & 5. I sincerely hope you keep the standard download links on the individual album pages, as you will never get me to try that crappy download manager again. Obviously made for PC users only, and bad news that it shows downloads complete when in fact they are not.

    To add, it is sad that there is simply no way to contact you regarding any issues such as this one, or others that may come up! Why can’t you have a contact easily found somewhere on the website?

    If it wasn’t for the quality of the music recording, you would lose me as a paying customer. Hope this feedback will help you to improve things in future.

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