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Exclusive Charlie Winston album on Society of Sound

Two years after the runaway European success of his previous album, Hobo, Charlie Winston’s hugely anticipated follow-up, Running Still, has been released. Society of Sound has an exclusive version with two extra bonus tracks available in studio-quality formats.

The album is another step up for the talented songwriter – engaging, witty and always thought-provoking.
“My sole objective on the album was to be able to engage people’s feet first and slowly rise to the mind,” he says. “So by the time they get absorbed in the lyrics, they’re fully engaged but realize there’s something more going on.”

This month’s album from the LSO is Mahler’s 9th symphony. Conducted by Gergiev, this performance is not weighed down with a sense of valediction but is more exploratory, sustaining itself delicately over a relatively short 79 minutes with a ravishing orchestral sound and playing that cannot be faulted.


Society of Sound members can download Mahler’s 9th and Running Still now. If you are not a member, sign up for a free trial and download a track from this album.


  • Rory says:

    Charlie takes a set up with an album that carries a lot more soul and great rhythm, more please, especially the Hi Def, it is amazing listening through my 803s. Two masterpieces culminating in a feast of sound.
    Thank you.

  • Tomasz Kirmuc says:

    Loudness war again… I think I have to reconsider renewing my subscription of Sos for another year.

  • Marcus says:

    I have not found much music in the B&W library that appeals to me.

    It seems to major in classical, a genre that even aged 44 I find largely unlistenable. I would like to see more jazz from artistes such as Antonio Forcione, Clare Martin, Madeline Peyroux or similar.

    I love the concept and am certainly willing to pay for high quality music (many of my CD’s are from Linn and Naim’s similar projects) if only you can get some music I like.

    I found the Charlie Winston album about as musical as a toddler banging pots and pans though – it gave me a headache!

  • Edouard says:

    Really liked Charlie Winston’s album… except for this thing about Loudness ! Kind of defies the whole point of listening with 24 bit depth, doesn’t it ? What I would like to see on Society of Sound, is an alternative mix of the same album removing all this sound compression, just for comparison. Any possibility you can do this with the help of Charlie?

    On the other hand, I really love those classical recordings, keep them coming!

  • Mario says:

    Fantastic sound, great music that can be listened to on any occasion from a very talented singer/musician. I love my subscription to the “society”! As someone who loves to listen to music, I have found that this is a fantastic platform to introduce my ears to beautiful new sounds…

  • Farank says:

    In the last months I found a bunch of recordings which wheren`t that interesting: Charlie Winstons was one of it. I didn’t even keep one song in my library after hearing it twice.

    Classical recordings are a plus, yes – but I still wish to hear more chamber-music. Looking back in 2011 JuJu was a real highlight – and i loved the works of Bernard Haitink (Beethoven, 7ths and Brahms, 3rd) but I now think from time to time that the quality of music you present is in slow decline.

  • Michael says:

    I like the music of Charlie Winston, but I have a problem with the compression. I know it´s “studionstandard” to destroy pop/rock music with a lot of compression since the 80-ies, but I never understood why. Your Mahler suite with LSO and Gergiev is absolutely marvellous. I am deeply greatful!

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