Electronica pioneer Bob Holroyd’s new album and Haydn’s The Seasons

This month’s Society of  Sound albums are Haydn’s The Seasons and Afterglow from Bob Holroyd.

The great acclaim with which this recording of The Seasons – using the original German text – has been received, should finally convince doubters that it is every bit as good a work as its more famous predecessor, The Creation.

With the LSO and Sir Colin Davis at the top of their game, and with a trio of talented young soloists, the rehearsal and recording period were amongst the most enjoyable of the many projects undertaken by LSO Live in its illustrious ten year history.

After the final concert Sir Colin sat in the conductors’ green room with a broad grin on his face and a glass of single malt in his hand. ‘You know, I really did enjoy that’, he said. We hope this recording will convey to everyone who listens to it all the infectious enthusiasm of a very special evening.

James Mallinson, LSO Live producer


Ambient, world fusion, nu jazz, experimental, electronica; these are just some of the genres by which Bob Holroyd’s music has been described.

His new album ‘Afterglow’ takes this musical journey in quite a different direction, occupying a space somewhere between new classical and minimalism. Dispensing completely with drums or percussion of any kind, it is a work composed and constructed from live and treated piano, cello, trumpet and guitar loops to produce a series of ambient textures and intimate spaces that unfold over time, layer by layer.

“I wanted ‘Afterglow’ to have a more organic, real feel to it than some of my previous albums.”  says Holroyd  “Although there has been quite a lot of subtle studio processing to produce the finished sound, in essence all the tracks are live recordings of real musicians playing real instruments, albeit sometimes not how they initially played them.



  • Richard Murison says:

    I have a comment to make on Sir Colin Davis’ recording of the Messiah, but since there is no Messiah blog, I chose to make it here. When I play the Messiah, I hear a continuous undertone of voices. When I first heard it, I thought I was hearing the microphone picking up Sir Colin himself, humming along to the music – I have heard that before on classical recordings. But after a while, I began to realize that what I hear sounds like a spirited conversation going on in an adjacent room. I have to say that it is very disappointing, and I cannot believe that the recording engineers did not hear this.

  • Mike Ashton says:

    Have to agree with Richard. The same problem is also apparent on the Haydn recording. Having just joined the SoS & having downloaded these 2 recordings first, i’m very disappointed. Like Richard, I thought it may be Sir Colin at first but it’s definitely a conversation on both recordings. I can’t imagine how this hasn’t been spotted before release. Real shame as the performances are top class on both recordings.

  • Michael Göransson says:

    I am sorry to say, I hear the same thing on the Messiah. But on The Season´s I hear someones (Sir Colin´s?) humming now and then. Unfortunately, when I have started to notice this, it quite annoying. It´s to bad on in other ways such very fine recordings.

  • Marcus Woodfield says:

    I really enjoyed listening to Bob Holroyd’s album “After Glow”, this was the first album by him i have listened too, but it really took me away into a deep deep space. My favourite track off the album has to be Half Light as it just really sets the mood and brings me to peace… Looking forward to more music like this by him!

  • Susanna Grant says:


    We have discussed this issue with the LSO and they are looking into it. LSO Live producer James Mallinson has listened carefully and cannot find anything that sounds like spirited conversation. He did concur that there are some occasional interjections from Colin Davis:

    “This is a well known phenomenon with Colin and there is absolutely nothing we can do it about it apart from remind him not to which he promises to do – and of course – forgets all about it in the heat of performance.”

    It would be very helpful if you could email me with some specific track numbers with specific time codes to check: sos@bwgroup.com. I can then ask James to listen again.

    Kind regards

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