The new 800 D3: The Development

Get an insight into the thinking behind the new 800 D3 loudspeaker, in this series of interviews with our experienced, passionate engineers as they discuss what they set out to achieve. In this video, they discuss the technological development.

The 800 D3 is the outcome of the most ambitious research and development project we have yet undertaken. With 868 changes from the model it replaces, the 800 D3 isn’t an evolution. It’s a revolution.

In this insightful video, key members of the Bowers & Wilkins engineering team reveal the thinking behind some of changes, in particular the key technologies that make this speaker better not only from the 800 Diamond it replaces, but also the incredibly capable 802 D3 that sits just below it in the range.

Changes including a change to the new Aerofoil bass cone, which goes beyond the switch from twin 8inch drivers on the 802 D3 to the twin 10inch cones on this new model.

Discover the 800 D3


  • Daniel Hegerich says:

    Are the 800 D3 available to listen to? I live in Stockbridge, Massachusetts USA 01262 and if the 800 D3’s are in a show room to listen can you help me find where.

    Thank You

    Dan Hegerich

  • Bowers & Wilkins says:

    Hi Dan,

    The 800 D3 series are available to demonstration, please contact our distributor in the US using this link so they can assist with arranging this for you;

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