The new 800 D3: The Challenge

Get an insight into the thinking behind the new 800 D3 loudspeaker, in this series of interviews with our experienced, passionate engineers as they discuss what they set out to achieve. In this video, they discuss the challenges.

As the flagship model in the new Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series Diamond range, the new 800 D3 has to perform better than a range that includes some of the most-advanced, best sounding loudspeakers in the world.

No easy task.

Especially not when the Bowers & Wilkins production facility in Worthing UK has to make not just a single loudspeaker, but many of them. All exactly the same in terms of build and performance. Making a great sounding prototype is relatively easy – making a thousand more that sound the same is considerably harder.

In this video our engineers discuss the challenges that they faced when setting out to build the world’s best loudspeaker.

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