Society of Sound music:Tell us what you think..

So we’re three months and four albums in (including the extra Brett Anderson album) and we’d really like to know what you think.

Tell us what you’ve liked or not liked, what you think of the sound quality and what you’d like to hear next


  • John says:

    The “sound quality” has been reliable. The “content” would best be described as mildly amusing for the less demanding. None of the “artists” (and I refer to them as such begrugingly) provide ANY stimulation or challenge to their little folk tunes. All of them provided about as much charm and entertainment as elevator music. Chewing gum for the mind.

  • Joel says:

    I agree…..the artists are real snoozers. Not interesting at all. The sound quality is very good but that is not what I listen to music for…I listen to it for the MUSIC.

  • Alan says:

    I have to disagree. Both the sound quality and at least in two cases my opinion is the music was good and worth downloading and listening to. I really liked the Grindhouse EP. Haven’t had time to give Gwyneth a proper listen on my best system yet, but I liked the preview I did listen to.

    You might consider being more specific in your critique. Example: Is this work not edgy enough? Not angry enough? What are you looking for?

    Eye of the beholder and all that.

  • sha says:

    Have enjoyed the samples so far especially Grindhouse(Mondo Cane)! Definately not elevator music!

  • Rudy says:

    The sound quality is good but i agree that it is surely about the music itself. I was not impressed by Gwyneth, i was onfortunately to late for Grindhouse and Brett Anderson is easy listening. But of course; it is all a matter of taste. I hope in te future to hear artists with oppotunities, surprising and ready for a great breakthrough. Otherwise, there is enough music on te Net for free and i expect something really astonishing here.

  • Thomas Nielsen says:

    I must agree that quality of music is highly subjective and at the same time say that I have enjoyed the music very much so far. The Brett Anderson album was a bit uniform [boring, even] with very little variation; I do agree on that one. Listening to only half of it at a time, however, makes up for that particular shortcoming and some of the songs are really quite moving. No, I think the choice of music has been succesful so far. That said; I wouldn’t mind something entirely different, I just don’t think there have been any wrong choices yet. I really enjoyed Gwyneth Herbert and Grindhouse. As for Little Axe, I hadn’t subscribed yet at the time, which is a real pity. They are a fresh breath in the genre. Across the four records so far, I quite frankly fail to see any befitting a elevator.

    As for actual sound quality, I must say that what hit me the most was the sense of room – soundstage if you will. Great care and attention has obviously been taken when rigging the studio. Not just good equipment.

  • nella says:

    we are at the beginning of the affair.The idea is great indeed,but I must wait to tell you something truly.I adore Peter and all his “big” orl”little”balls he makes,and I hope and think this one will be a great “boom”for the music.Cross our fingers!

  • Matteo says:

    Sound quality of Album issued until now is very good….no doubt. I agree with other guys posting here: sometimes it’s a matter of taste! I propose to the Club to introduce a “wide” music style, including something very special like: Classic (Piano, Violin, Violoncello, Trumpet) or Pipe Organ (typical in the Church) even not easy to make a recording.

    Proposed artist are not boring, they are professional but someone (from UK or US) are invited to play: Paul Stanley (KISS) Alanis Morrisette, Jan Arden, Liam Gallagher (Oasis), Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits) and so on….
    Of course it become a matter of Money.

    Anyway, all proposal are really appreciated.
    M. from Italy

  • BobH says:

    Only joined in time for the Brett Anderson and Gwyneth Herbert albums. Both superb, both in recording quality and content.

    A refreshing aspect for me is the length of the albums – the Brett Anderson in particular was the perfect length for an album. A lovely mood was created and held throughout with high quality writing and performing. It didn’t go on for hours with a dozen filler tracks – my pet ‘added value’ hate! Well done and keep up the good work.

    As for value and whether or not I like a particular artist that you feature – If I do then great, if not then someone else will and I’ve ‘lost’ £3 – I’ll cope:)

  • Enrique says:

    I’m very thankful to you! You gave me the possibility to know new artist to me!
    I would be very thankful if the is a chance to download again the first Ep from Bernard Fowler – little Axe in Flac files, at the time it was able to downloaded it it came only in the other format.
    Best regards and many thanks in advance!

  • Jetheo says:

    Dear B&W, maybay because my english is bad, I hope this is the 1st time I have lucky to have contact with your Music Club I have several time thray to pay my12 mounth membership but falded So my dutchspeaking fiend from Leuven did In my opinion your cite is not so usersfrendly for not english speaking people So I have missed several albums It is pitty to read al the news about your club the one who is not accesible for my Thank you for reading this! Best regards Jethro

  • Art says:

    Thanks you for the free music. Sound quality is good. Music selection is good, although I was expecting something more. The B & W reputation of High End led me to believe that the artists going into the studio were going to be /or do something special. Something worthy of the High End.. Don't get me wrong they are talented but not what I expected. Thanks.

  • Lawrence says:

    Little Axe has been the best so far. You guys at SoS really came out with a huge bang with that first album. The sound quality on that album is truly impressive. Who mixed, engineered, and produced that? He/she/they deserve a Grammy. As for Little Axe, they’re incredible musicians. I’d give that one a 10 out of 10.

    As for the rest, I’m not so impressed. A great sounding recording has more to do with the artistic interpretation of it (arrangements, instrument selection, etc.), rather than all the equipment used to record it, mix it, etc. Other than Little Axe, I feel that the other artists are not really worthy of such high recording standards; they’re good, but not great. Therefore the sound quality doesn’t really matter.

    Thanks for the Little Axe album. That one album alone was worth every penny of my subscription.

  • Mark says:

    I have really enjoyed the albums so far… my music collection to date has been shall we say dated… none of these artists are ones that I would have selected for myself – and that is a shame because I have really enjoyed each of the selections.

    Excellent idea B&W!

  • Geoff Bullock says:

    The sound quality has been excellent, the addition of a FLAC download is greatly appreciated.

    I've been impressed with the content so far.

    The only artist whose music I'm familar with is Brett Anderson, and to have his new, even more stripped down sounding, album as an unexpected bonus was certainly a treat. Gywenth Hebert's name was familiar but not her music, again enjoyable. I've not heard the Grindhouse (mondo cane) album fully but like what I've heard so far. Little Axe I'd not heard of but was impressed by their album.

    I'd like to know what commenters John and Joel regularly listen to, as they dislike the albums so far, but haven't made any suggestions as to what B&W should aspire.

    As three of the four albums were known at the beginning surely we knew roughly what to expect?

    Obviously moving around the genres as we have so far, not everyone is going to enjoy everything, but all the artists up to this point do have plenty of musical history. So whilst you may not enjoy an album, I don't think you can say they're not worthy of high quality recording standards. These people have been making a living from music and all have established fan bases.

    As for the future, I think more of the same, talented musicians, not necessarily sticking to one genre for too long.

    My only other suggestion would be to make sure the files are properly tagged, include a decent sized folder.jpg for each album and maybe include the website article that accompanies the album in the download as a pdf.

  • Aldo says:

    The sound quality is exceptional. The music is obviously much more subjective. I agree with the person that wrote that the sound quality doesn't really matter much if you don't care for the music.

    Personally I enjoyed some songs from each of the artists so far and will continue to listen to the ones I like more often. In order, Little Axe, Grindhouse, Gwyneth and Brett. Just my opinion though. Isn't that what makes music so great though. Everyone feels different about it.

    Keep up the good work B&W and Peter. I actually have something that I look forward to each month, and that's enough to make me happy.

  • David says:

    Hi all,

    This is David, who works for the B&W website. First of all thanks for all the comments, we really appreciate it. Choosing music is really difficult and the team at Real World have tried their best to give a complete range of music.

    Our next album by Dub Colossus, available next week, is a real departure, hopefully will show another style of music that some will love, some will hate. As long as you come back and talk to us about it.

    For my tuppence worth, the Little Axe album was excellent, while getting the Brett Anderson album exclusively was great – it was certainly the right length for such a paired-down album of its type, and harked back to some of the Dog Man Star-era Suede tracks.

  • Bill says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the music club thus far and have no regrets about signing up.

    I knew going in that the music genres would be all over the map, and that’s one of the things that attracted me. I like to broaden my musical horizons, and the music club is proving to be a perfect vehicle for that!

    I really love the Little Axe album, and have sought out more Little Axe to add to my collection. The Grindhouse album is excellent as well.

    I do need to give Brett Anderson a few more listens as I’m unsure if that works for me or not yet. Gwyneth Hebert’s album is interesting in that I didn’t really care for it at first listen.

    Now that I’ve heard it a few times on my good system, I find it an amazing work! The recording quality is impressive and it really sounds like the band is there in the room. I’m finding the music is really growing on me now.

    All told, I’m very pleased with this service.

  • Evert says:

    Hi, may I make one negative comment, and a suggestion?

    First: The album of Gwyneth is recorded WAY too loud! Really into distortion. My Transporter (SLimdevices) can’t cope with the level. Maybe I should modify the files to make them less loud (but how?), then again, the high level makes the recording really sound dense, compressed.

    Second a sugestion: several of us will have equipment capable to cope with high definition (like 96 kHz / 24 bit). This would really add something if you could offer that to us too. You probably have the original recordings in HD, could you make it available to us? Or would that pose a problem.

    For the rest: the music is fine, I like the Grindhouse album best!

    Thanks for this service, really excellent initiative!!

    Evert (NL)

  • Andre says:

    Hi there, i cant really comment on the music as i dont know what program to use to listen to flac files, any suggestions. thanks.

  • Evert says:

    Hi Andre,

    The files are Apple Lossless (ALAC, AAC), and can directly be imported into iTunes, who can play them. Most DAC’s can directly play FLAC (Slimdevices, Linn, …).

    If you need more help ask.


  • Marcello says:

    The quality of sound is really a distinct value. But it will be hard to please everyone regarding style. I found interesting Mondocane and relaxing Brett Anderson. I really dislike Gwyneth (Downloaded and deleted). Again, this is a personal preference. I would recomend as a next step on this service to think about segregate by music style – the customer select 2 music styles…. That would fit better. Just going further, is hard to get really good quality from classics like REM, Pink Floyd, Yes…. why not consider offering some of their best albuns in high quality ? Don’t know about implications, but here are some ideas…..

    Best regards…

  • Dock says:

    I got the subscription from the first album, and I could not think of a better way to have spent that money.
    I have to defend brett Andersons work, not because something is simple it automatically classifies as elevator music, it´s a intimate arrangement that goes down well with the lyrics. And it lays bear he´s lush charismatic voice in a way that I had never really being able to appreciated in his Suede years.
    The Grindhouse record I found to have fantastic "pop-potential", I played it for some friends and told them it was the hottest new artist out there, and they seriously believed me until I told them otherwise.
    Little Axe record is in one word, solid; and Gwyneth Herbert´s a bit over the top at times but there are at least 4 songs that have gone into my playlists.

    I really hope that something extraordinary comes out of B&W ´s proposal, something truly groundbreaking, something like this generation´s ENO/FRIPP records.

  • Brian says:

    The sound quality is great. I think it’s critical that someone step up and meet with the folks Redmond and get FLAC integrated with Windows Media Player. It was and extremely clumsy process to get started. In fact, it took about 2-3 hours out of of my Saturday at home with the family to get it going. I’m very busy and am not going to go mac just to listen to music.

    That said, I have enjoyed the overall uniqueness of music. The quality is especially excellent in my car audio system.

    I really enjoyed Mondo Cane’s album. Even though I am quite certain there is a lot of talent there, Bret Anderson’s album was extremely lacking — nice for the amount of time it took to record, but it was extremely apparent that it was a rushed album. Gweneth is a nice change and funky-cool.

    As a busy professional with little time to explore new music, this program a great concept and I’m liking it (and recommending it to friends). However, as far as value and general acceptance goes I think you need to release and highly publicize an album that will wow everone.

    Other than that, keep up the good work…and if you can send me the link to download the next album a couple days earlier that would be great.

  • Ivar says:

    I find the music and artist selection OK, at least a few interesting albums so far. The recording quality is really good, keep up the good work!. I have joined the trial, but would not subscribe until I find that the tracks have been tagged properly. I would expect that tracks be properly tagged to consider this a professional service and start subscribing. So fix the tagging, especially of the FLAC files, and I will join!

  • Tim says:

    I signed up for the year immediately i saw Little Axe was the first download and i have not been disappointed with any of the other downloads, some are stronger than others. As has been mentioned by others i like to explore different genres of music and this is a perfect tool for that purpose.

    I have just downloaded Dub Colossus – WOW!
    I’m only 4 tracks in but this is right up my street.

    I haven’t got a superb system to play the music on so i probably don’t appreciate the losslessness as much as others but to my untrained ear they are all quality recordings.

  • Stephen says:

    The sound quality on everything I’ve got so far is excellent. Some of the music hits the spot, some doesn’t, but that’s always going to be the case with this kind of diverse offering. I haven’t listened to Dub Colossus yet, but the concept certainly sounds up my alley. I’m just gutted I only found out about this club after Little Axe was removed. Any chance of squeezing a back-catalogue item out for a subscriber?

    The only downside I would say is the download speed. It’s pretty sluggish to say the least, and as someone commented elsewhere, it would be nice to have a resumable download compatible with a download manager. For a paying service I’d expect faster access.

    Keep up the good work and diversity

  • Susanna, B says:

    In response to Ivar..

    We will ensure that September’s new album has the FLAC files tagged correctly. Thanks for your feedback,

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