Sound System 2016: Trevor Jackson

Sound System returns to Primavera this year with yet another excellent line-up of exemplary DJs. In the second of a series we spoke to DJ, label-head and all-round visionary Trevor Jackson in the lead up to the festival.

You started releasing your own music for the first time last year after a gap of over 14 years, what changed?

Been busy doing other things mainly visually related. The world of music and the industry has changed so much in the past decade I lost interest in releasing anything.
But my Format project last year (12 tracks released on 12 individual formats) felt like the right concept for the right time. 


You’re working a lot more with analogue equipment now. Can you tell us why analogue sounds appeal to you opposed to digital and do you have a particular favourite piece of equipment right now?

I’ve always worked with analog equipment. The sound is a small part of it, you can get new digital instruments that sound equally as good if not often better, but I prefer to touch something that looks beautiful when I’m making music. It makes it more fun.
I look at a screen all day doing boring things like emails and paying bills and I don’t want the residue of things I hate in my mind when I’m trying to be creative. 
What artists’ recordings interest you sonically at the moment and why?

Death Grips & Mark Pritchard, opposite ends of the spectrum but both making equally as dynamic forward thinking and sonically exciting music 
Given the care you put into making music, is there a perfect listening environment for your recordings?

I make most of my music on headphones to be listened to on headphones
Are you just as happy for people to listen to your music from their phones as an MP3 and why?

I don’t care what they listen to it on as long as they’ve bought it
The reason we built the Sound System is because we wanted to see if we could bring proper hi-fi clarity to a club whilst losing none of the power and bass. We wanted something that would transport the audience. 
How important are the dynamics of a club to you? 

Massively. But sound is just one important element, the actual space itself is hugely important to me. Lighting is fundamental as it can enhance or completely destroy an atmosphere. All these things combined create the perfect dynamics for a club and the best environment for an audience 

What we can expect from your set at Primavera this year?

No idea!?! I’m going to bring loads of music and decide when I’m there. Might be a reggae dub set, possibly all classical music, 60mins of noise?
I’ll surprise you & myself..
What 3 tracks that would really put the Sound System through it’s paces (you can include one of your own!)




Trevor Jackson will be playing Sound System at Primavera, Saturday 4th June.

More? We talk to Floating Points ahead of Primavera 2016 here.

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