Pristine sound for new Volvo 90 series

Bowers & Wilkins audio is now available in all three Volvo Cars top-of-the-line executive-class cars. The XC90, V90 and S90 all come with the option of Premium Sound by Bowers & Wilkins taking this new breed of Volvo cars onto a different plane both in terms of automotive and audio performance.

The collaboration between Volvo Cars and Bowers & Wilkin is an ideal one, as the brands share many passions: engineering excellence, an obsessive attention to detail in our respective areas of expertise, and a desire that the customer must always feel the true benefit when experiencing one of their products. The new Volvo 90 series with Premium Sound by Bowers & Wilkins build on that desire to deliver a truly revelatory entertainment experience.

Working together
This amazing performance is achieved through a remarkable degree of cooperation between the two brands engineering teams. Each individual detail of Premium Sound by Bowers & Wilkins is designed and acoustically optimised for the car’s interior. As Stuart Nevill, Head of Engineering, Bowers & Wilkins explains: “Our goal is to remove obstructions, resonances and distortions.”


Collaborative engineering between Bowers & Wilkins and Volvo Cars starts with speaker positions, which are worked on years in advance of production. It is also key that materials and technologies used perform well acoustically but also suit the requirements of the automotive team looking to save space and weight wherever possible.

Key technologies
Premium Sound by Bowers & Wilkins in the latest Volvo cars utilises many of the technologies found in some of our high-end Hi-Fi speaker ranges. Perhaps the most notable of these is the use of Tweeter-on-Top. The Tweeter-on-Top centre speaker minimises acoustic reflection from the windscreen, while also reducing coloration, resulting in a sound that’s more detailed, purer and more true to life.


All the tweeters in the car use aluminium dome tweeters, and inspired by the legendary Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus speaker, feature spiralling diffusion channels soak up reflected sound from the rear of each drive unit, reducing resonance to a minimum.

Kevlar® is one of Bowers & Wilkins’ hallmark innovations. Kevlar’s unique break-up characteristics helps prevent distortion in the mid-range and improves off-axis performance – especially important in cars. All the cars within the Volvo 90 series feature Kevlar midrange drivers, which helps deliver an incredibly engaging midrange, especially with voices and instruments.


Listen and you’ll see
All of this technology and engineering expertise is then made the subject of the most experienced ears in the business – the same Bowers & Wilkins audio engineers responsible for developing the 800 Series Diamond.

The result of all of this time and effort is an incredibly realistic listening experience no matter which of the new Volvo 90 series you are listening too or where you are sat in the car. Bowers & Wilkins delivers the perfect system for each cabin. And the customer without doubt hears and feels the benefit.

You can learn more about Bowers & Wilkins and Volvo here.

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