New album available as 24-bit download – as requested

This month’s album, In Session, is a collaboration between the extraordinary Mauritanian musician Daby Toure and old-school bluesman Skip McDonald.

Clearly Music Club members are very discerning as we’ve had a number of people asking whether we would supply the music as 24-bit FLAC files.

We’re always happy to provide music at the highest possible quality and so this album (and all future Music Club albums) will be available as a 24-bit FLAC file as well as the usual 16bit FLAC and ALAC options.

Together with Peter Gabriel’s Real World, we try hard to source music you wouldn’t necessarily come across and we’d really like to know what you think about this and previous albums so let us know..


  • Mitchell says:

    I could not get the Portico QUartet to download correctly. All of the other albums downloaded just fin.

  • Stan says:

    I downloaded the 24 bit version of Portico Quartet, but received the 16 bit version. I downloaded it again the next day and still received the 16 bit version. I also noticed a difference in file size between the two downloads. This gives me some concern about the overall quality of the FLAC I am receiving.

    I am posting in this blog because as far as I can tell there is no way to communicate with B&W about music club issues.

  • FrankS says:

    I cannot say if I like it because despite correspondence with B&W, I have still not been able to download it. Has anyone had this experience? (iMac 24", Leopard 10.5.6, Safari 3.1)

  • Susanna says:

    Dear all,
    I’m so sorry for delay in getting back to you – I’ve only just discovered these responses on this post.

    Mitchell – are you still having problems? And are you using Safari as this seems to be causing a problem for a number of you? Please email with details of your browser and what’s happening and they’ll get back to you today.

    Stan – we re-supplied the 24-bit FLAC files as they weren’t loaded properly. You should have no problem accessing them now. If you find your download limit has been reached, please email us at and we’ll reset it.

    Frank S – have you tried using a different browser than Safari? Please get back to us if this doesn’t work and we will ensure you can download this month’s album as soon as possible.

    There is a contact us link at the bottom of every page and at the top of the FAQ page.
    Please do get back to me if you have further problems or any questions.


  • ironbut says:

    Thanks so much for the switch to 24 bit! Most of your previously released 16 bit downloads sounded very good but the improvement is immediately noticeable. I’ve experimented with different bit depth and sample rates with live recordings and the switch to 24 bit makes the most impact. That’s not to say that 88/96 wouldn’t be much appreciated and I’m sure that these will be the audiophile standard for downloading. But all these “hi rez” downloads aren’t created equal (literally) and it all starts in the studio.
    So my hat’s off to the unsung heroes who pick and place the mic’s and twist the knobs.


    I tried to day to download twice, the new album Portico quartet, with the flac version but it does not work i cant read it and as I tried two times, I can’t do it any more with the normal lossless version.
    Will it be possible to tell me how can i download the album

  • Susanna says:


    Will it be possible to tell me how can i download the album?

    Are you still having problems downloading this and do you need your download counter re-set?
    Let me know:


  • Kenny McHardy says:

    I have Safari 3.2.1 and I downloaded the Apple Lossless version with no problems.

    However I would like to have the 24 bit FLAC version going forward but I cannot find a way of changing my preference.

    As soon as I go to the album download section it automatically starts the download.

    Can someone please advise, many thanks!

  • Steve Waller says:

    Absolutely no problems with downloads here…in fact love the fact that I can do Apple lossless and Flac. In fact, I use Toast Titanium on my iMac to burn 24 bit FLACS to CD despite being advised to the contrary. They sound fantastic on my main hifi system

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