Hollie Stephenson wears P3 Series 2 headphones

We are very proud to announce that Hollie Stephenson is the face of our P3 Series 2 headphones. The lightweight, foldable headphones provide size defying bass and musical dynamics making them the perfect fit.

From a very young age, Hollie Stephenson has been obsessed with jazz, blues and soul. She describes hearing Billie Holiday as “my key to everything.” That passion goes some way to explaining the sheer quality of her singing skills. Dave Stewart heard her stunning voice when she was twelve and, under his guidance, she recorded her classic soul-soaked debut album at the age of sixteen and made it available via Society of Sound this year.


We asked her about her headphone-wearing habits:

When and where do you generally use headphones day to day?
I tend to use headphones mostly in the early hours of the morning or on public transport.

What’s your ideal listening environment?
I like it when I’ve got my headphones on and I’m sat somewhere really busy – like Piccadilly Circus – and I can see all these people rushing about but only I can hear the music I’m listening to – it distorts everything a bit and gives me a different perspective on reality.

What is your perfect headphone record?
I don’t have one; if the headphones are good whatever music I’m wanting to listen to at that time is the perfect track.

What are the most important things you consider when choosing a pair of headphones?
The sound quality is the most important factor when it comes to headphones for me, what I consider the second most important factor is the comfort and fit of the headphones. After that it’s preferred aesthetics.

Do you consider what kind of headphones people might be listening to your music through?
I think about what sound system they might be listening to it on definitely. A good set of headphones will produce a good quality of music. If the headphones are of bad quality, then for me, it’s not enjoyable to listen to my favourite records – so yeah, that does play on my mind quite a bit.
Do you factor in your fan’s usual day-to-day headphone listening routine when you make music?
I’m aware of the different mediums through which people are listening to music through nowadays, and I realise with the rise of the digital age, the importance that is being attached to the use of headphones. I definitely always want to deliver the audio in the best possible way I can. I’ll listen to my music on different sounds systems as well to get an idea of how I could improve it for the listener. 

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