Classic Recordings: Stone Roses – Stone Roses

Stone Roses – Stone Roses

Silvertone (Vinyl)

Stone Roses is this month’s Classic Album Sunday featured album and will be played at 5pm, Sunday 4th December. We’d like as many people as possible to join in, have their own listening sessions and let us know their thoughts.

By Paul Rigby

I remember clearly, it was the Spring of 1996 and the shock news emblazoned across the front page of the music newspaper, the NME, declaring that John Squire, lead guitarist for the band, Stone Roses, had left. It was the beginning of the end for the Madchester outfit. Chaos. Wailing. The gnashing of teeth. No other band of the time would have triggered such passion or received such alarmist media coverage. It provided an indicator of just how important they were to the 90s music scene.

Playing indie rock but infusing it with a dance beat that bordered on the psychedelic, along with their almost detached, cool behaviour, the Stone Roses had a laid back, devil may care, attitude that was symbolised by lead singer, Ian Brown’s, vocals. Like another Manchester band from another Manchester decade, The Smiths, the Stone Roses depended on their lead guitarist to give them soul. Squire provided hooks a go-go along with a musicality that embedded the music into your psyche.

As producer of this first album, John Leckie, explained, “You can hear from the demos that the Roses had the songs; all the lyrics were written, they seemed to have had experience, they were very well rehearsed and they wanted to try lots of things. But they weren’t frightened. What you hear is the band, that’s the way I work, really. They play and I record them and we enhance everything with overdubs and double-tracking — any number of different things. You have to do a degree of arranging but that’s part of the creative process. They didn’t seem to feel any pressure other than that they were a band making their first album and didn’t want to lose the opportunity to make it good. So there wasn’t any pressure to prove themselves — they knew they were good.”
An album of magnificence, it influenced umpteen bands in the 90s bringing us the Happy Mondays, Inspiral Carpets and the Charlatans while merging the indie rock and dance genres. A landmark album.

Stand-out track: Don’t Stop

An effects-laden track with backwards guitars and potentially hard upper midrange heavy instrumentation which will require a system of balanced frequencies and low distortion ancillaries. This track can easily degrade into mush, if your hi-fi chain isn’t working as a complete team. Clarity is paramount to promote successful detail retrieval.

Stone Roses – A Recorded History

1989 LP Silvertone Records ORE LP 502
1989 Cass Silvertone Records ORE C 502
1991 CD Silvertone Records ORE ZCD 502
2009 Mixed Media Box Set Silvertone Records 88697430302

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