Bowers & Wilkins and London Symphony Orchestra

Bowers & Wilkins and the London Symphony Orchestra is a relationship built on a passion for great sound and performance.

Bowers & Wilkins is extremely proud of its relationship with the renowned London Symphony Orchestra, regarded as one of the very best orchestras in the world. Over a century after it was formed, the LSO still attracts the best players, many of whom also have flourishing solo and chamber music careers. The LSO also draws on an enviable roster of soloists and conductors, and performs not only in its home at the London’s Barbican, but around the world and at the more intimate St Lukes, where on Friday 30th October in partnership with Bowers & Wilkins, members of the LSO will perform a very special evening of dynamic percussion pieces by the great American composer Steve Reich.

This is the latest in a series of activities the Bowers & Wilkins and the LSO have worked on, and since 2010 the pair have offered subscribers to Bowers & Wilkins Society of Sound the opportunity to download a high-resolution LSO recording each month.

It’s a fitting partnership too, considering that John Bowers was driven to start his loudspeaker company 50 years ago because of his love of classical music, and because he didn’t believe that the speakers available in the mid 1960s were good enough to do justice to the live experience. John Bowers later developed the original 800 Series as a tool for recording studios, and in 2015 the latest incarnation of this highly regarded series has just launched, the new 800 Series Diamond. Once again pushing the boundaries of loudspeaker technology, providing the home music aficionado and recording studios alike with even more insight into recordings, bringing them close to the experience the artist intended.

LSO Live is also dedicated to bringing something of that live experience to the home, by making exciting recordings that have the power to reach and inspire new audiences. Since its launch in 2000, it has become one of the world’s most talked-about classical labels and the leader among the new breed of orchestra-own-labels. Its recordings have received praise from around the world, collecting Grammy, Gramophone and Classical Brit Awards among many others.

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  • David J Kaye says:

    I own a pair of B&W 802 matrix S2 with North Creek external crossovers….amazing sound. It makes me laugh when someone who has never heard what’s possible with a home system and is hearing your speakers for the first time. AMAZED!!!!

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